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ID 137011

Drew Houston


Founder & CEO, @dropbox

ID 135668

Gregory Smirin


COO at @the-climate-corporation . Previously @eharmony, @proofpoint, @quinstreet, @verisign, (all pre-IPO), @harvard Business School

ID 112113

Chad Hurley


Co-Founder & Former CEO of @youtube; Founder & CEO of @MixBitApp.

ID 111055

Erik Blachford


ex-CEO of @expedia, @terrapass, @butterfield-robinson. Exec Chairman at @couchsurfing. Venture Partner @tcv. Angel since 2005.

ID 160549

David Chao


@cisco Systems, @webex, Silicon Energy now @itron Inc, i2 Technologies now JDA Software, Cybersource now VISA, @morgan Stanley

ID 109314

Hooman Radfar


EIR @expa. Co-Founder @addthis. Looking for companies that think in billions. @upenn and @carnegie-mellon-university grad.

ID 152962

James Lin


Founder @crunchyroll • Investor @beautylish, @lob • Studied EECS at @university-of-california-berkeley, @UIUC

ID 137880

Sami Inkinen


Founder @trulia • Past @microsoft, @mckinsey-company • MBA @stanford-university, Physics Helsinki Univ of Tech. Coder until 1999. Mentor @founder-institute, 500Startups

ID 169245

John Wolthuis



ID 212894

Brent Goldman


Co-Founder @standard-treasury • Worked at @facebook • Investor in @doordash, @instacart • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology

ID 168478

Kevin Hale


Partner at @y-combinator. Founded @wufoo (Acquired by @surveymonkey).

ID 107844

Brett Jackson


Entrepreneur & Investor. Founder @startup-studio-ventures. Board @avx-aircraft. Former @crocs

ID 125222

Kevin Colleran


Partner at General Catalyst VC Firm. Managing Director @ Slow Ventures Seed Fund. First 10 employees at Facebook. Wall Street Journal Columnist.

ID 211439

Peter Kellner


Investor in early and growth stage technology companies across 5 continents. Cofounder of Entrepreneurship lecturer at Princeton.

ID 157186

Stephanie Tilenius


Investor @nextdoor @citrus Lane, @mixbook, @myfitnesspal, @gemshare, experience at KPCB, Google, eBay/PayPal

ID 396225

Alex Vikati


Founded CastTV (acquired by Tribune) and FileFish (acquired by Oracle). Now VP Growth @ Tribune

ID 225452

Drew Patterson


Veteran Travel Exec, Hungry Entrepreneur. Formerly CEO @jetsetter. Also @starwood-hotels-and-resorts and @kayak.

ID 240951

Jonathan Boutelle


Co-founder and CTO of SlideShare. Now Director of Engineering at Linkedin.

ID 213565

Ding Zhou


[email protected]

ID 150767

Saran Chari


Founder, CTO @flixster and RottenTomatoes

ID 364521

Michael Kalkowski


Entrepreneur and angel investor. Founder and CCO @gameduell. Managed 2 European Internet startups (>200 employees, >100 mio users, profitable, VC funded).

ID 88937

Gina Bianchini

Founder of @mightybell. Co-founder and CEO of @ning. Director at Scripps Networks Interactive.

ID 80116

Naveen Selvadurai


@expa , @foursquare, @sony , @sun, and @lucent-bell-labs.

ID 104960

Steve Schoettler


CEO @junyo, Co-founder @zynga, Angel Investor

ID 78291

Chris Wanstrath

Co-Founder and CEO of @github.

ID 87178

Janis Zech


Founder @fyber

ID 85850

David Spector


@thirdlove-1 Cofounder and working with other great founders in bod & advisor roles; <3 giving back. Former investment partner @sequoia-capital.

ID 67016

Ryan Allis


CEO @connect in San Francisco, Investor @ Connect Ventures, Previously CEO / Co-Founder @icontact (2003-2012) and @harvard-business-school

ID 102143

David Zhao


Founder @voxel @ZumoDrive (acquired by Motorola) • Investor @boatbound @sendhub @sinolending @freak-n-genius @cashbet

ID 68974

Dave Eisenberg


Currently: CEO @floored . investor at Employee: @bain-company, @bonobos, @tellapart, @accel-partners Education: @harvard-university

ID 67163

Jason Citron


Founded @openfeint. Programmed the first version myself. Grew the company as CEO to 7,000 games and 120,000,000 users. Sold it for $104 million after 3 years.

ID 92278

Roy Bahat


Head of Bloomberg Beta, a new thing. Chairman of OUYA, also new :)

ID 69186

Aaron Batalion


Cofounder/1st CTO, @livingsocial. Investor: @betable, Bevel, @mediaspike, @retargeter, @shyp, @altschool... Advisor: @everlane, @brilliant, @bountysource...

ID 67724

Fran Maier


Founder and Chair of TRUSTe; Co-Founder of; Other startups include,

ID 94631

Jesse Robbins


Founder of @onbeep a wearable startup in SF. Founded @chef-2, & VelocityConf • Investor @pagerduty, @fastly • Advisor @circleci • Firefighter/EMT

ID 72803

Greg Kidd


Founder @3taps-com, @message-me. First Round Investor @twitter, adviser at @square. Senior Analyst Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve. @promontory-financial Group

ID 92475

Yves Behar


Founder Chief Designer fuseproject, CCO @jawbone, Co-Founder Kease, Creative Co-Founder OUYA

ID 93628

Ryan Petersen


Founder and CEO of, Former Founder and President

ID 98638

Brian Sugar


Director Everlane Founder/CEO POPSUGAR VP/GM @2wire (sold AT&T) Founder/CEO @SugarMedia (sold 2Wire) Chief Web Officer @bluelight-com VP eCommerce at @j-crew

ID 78302

Chung-Man Tam


Mobile Products

ID 94653

Mika Salmi


CEO creativeLIVE; ex-President Global Digital Media Viacom; Founder/CEO Atom Entertainment (AtomFilms, Shockwave, AddictingGames); Board of INSEAD, Elisa, Fuzz

ID 99041

Bram Cohen

@bittorrent inventor. Founder of @bittorrent Inc. Veteran of many startups.

ID 38571

Geoffrey Lewis


Partner at @founders-fund.

ID 56084

Alan Braverman


Entrepreneur, Angel Investor, Programmer * Co-founder of @the-giant-pixel-corporation @xoom-corporation @geni @yammer @mollyguard * Godfather of @eventbrite

ID 41329

Woody Levin


Founder/CEO-BringIt (Cross Platform Engagement as a Service Through Games), Founder-InStadium, Founder-Riverbank Capital. JD-Chicago Kent, BA-Wisconsin

ID 66107

Sanjay Raman


Entrepreneur and Product Guy. Currently: VC at @greylock-partners. Co-founded Formerly a PM on @google Apps and @google Video. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology EECS grad.

ID 41090

Edwin Ong


Co-Founder & CEO of @casttv (acquired by Tribune) and @filefish (acquired by Oracle).

ID 52725

Eric Wu



ID 45132

Prakash Janakiraman


Co-founder at @nextdoor. Former Engineering Manager for @google Maps.

ID 57311

David Friedberg


CEO at @the-climate-corporation Chairman at @metromile Worked at Google

ID 46690

Jared Kopf


Founder @adroll, @homerun • Worked at @paypal, @clarium, @ideo

ID 53953

Harj Taggar


Founder @auctomatic • Worked at @y-combinator • Studied at @oxford-university

ID 63082

Biz Stone


I'm an Internet guy who believes in the triumph of humanity with a little help from technology. My current job is CEO of Jelly

ID 42640

Jonathan Matus


CEO @zendrive. Making Driving A Rewarding Experience. Marketing, Product & Strategy @android, @facebook @boston-consulting-group

ID 46924

Millie Tadewaldt


Venture Hacker @angellist. Founded @cakestyle, @doggyloot. Previously at @sandboxind, @bcg, @harvard-law-school.

ID 46584

Alex Fishman


Founder of @delectable. Built the financial regulation business at Palantir and more =). Prior was at Goldman. Carnegie Mellon Computer Science + Economics.

ID 59218

Matt Huang


Sequoia Capital. Twitter, YCombinator and MIT alum. I no longer make personal investments.

ID 56025

Amos Elliston


Founder @pocket-change. CTO @geni. Engineering @yammer.

ID 64660

Brian Balfour


VP Growth @hubspot Growth & Customer Acquisition specialist. Former EIR @trinity Ventures, Co-Founder of @boundless, @viximo.

ID 38866

Nils Johnson

Co-founder of @beautylish.

ID 48668

Neil Patel


Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg and @kissmetrics. He has helped corporations such as @amazon, AOL, GM, HP and Viacom make more money from the web.

ID 63462

Jeff Seibert


Director, Mobile Platform @twitter. Founder/CEO @crashlytics - acquired by Twitter. Founder/COO of Increo - acquired by @box. @stanford '08 grad

ID 54672

Jeff Tannenbaum


Investor @ @bluerun-ventures. also: developer, product designer, founder and investor in mobile & consumer web start-ups.

ID 34628

Justin Kan


Founded @exec and @justin-tv. Part time partner at Y Combinator.

ID 26793

Dan Martell


Canadian. CEO/Founder of @clarity. Co-Founder of @flowtown (Acquired '11), Founder of Spheric Tech (Acquired '08), Mentor @500startups. Investor in many.

ID 34935

Adam Pisoni


Co-Founder, CTO and Board Member at • Team member of @geni, @shopzilla

ID 25206

Janice Fraser

Founder, @luxr-co. Leader in the Lean Startup world. Entrepreneur. Co-founder and former CEO of @adaptive-path.

ID 24786

Lane Becker


Co-founded @get-satisfaction & @adaptive-path. Advise @freestyle-capital. Wrote a NYTimes bestseller, “Get Lucky.” I love kayaks, cocktails, & the Internet.

ID 33856

Jim Patterson


Founder/CEO @cotap. Formerly Chief Product Officer @yammer.

ID 35461

Brit Morin


Founder & CEO of @brit-co-2; Worked at @google & @apple; Investor and advisor to various tech startups

ID 35527

Nathaniel Whittemore


CMO @partnered. Investor in edu startups (@learn-capital), writer (@change, @incmagazine + more), Live in the Mission, SF.

ID 25121

Darius Cheung


Founder @99-co • Founder/CEO @tencube (Exit: McAfee)

ID 28513

Kevin Laws


COO, @angellist. Founder/Chairman, @vast. Advisor, @dulance (acq by @google). Investor: LiveCapital (sold to D&B), @krillion (sold to, @powergetics

ID 29410

Eric Marcoullier

Parter @ Cloudspace. Frequent startup advisor. Occasional investor. Previously: Cofounder OneTrueFan, Gnip, MyBlogLog, IGN.

ID 30765

Pascal Levy-Garboua


Founder @sixdoors, Investor in marketplaces, on-demand services and platforms, ex-eBay, MS Stanford

ID 36939

Waikit Lau


Founded ScanScout and, both acquired. Helped take NYSE:TRMR public. Past investor at Bessemer Venture Partners. MIT geek.

ID 24737

Steve Jang


Co-Founder @schematic-labs-makers-of-soundtracking • Product Builder, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Board Member.

ID 36516

Max Ventilla


Started & sold 2 venture backed startups prior to founding @altschool; part of Google+ founding team and ran personalization @google post @aardvark acquisition.

ID 29549

Josh Williams


Designer / Entrepreneur; Co-founder @gowalla; Former PM @facebook; Maker of the finest margarita in Noe Valley.

ID 35279

Jyri Engestrom


Founder Ditto (sold to @groupon) & @jaiku (sold to @google)

ID 37008

Ben Huh


Founder @cheezburger, @circa • Studied at @northwestern-university. Allergic to cats.

ID 33415

Matt Galligan

Co-Founder & CEO of @circa. Co-Founded 1% of Nothing, @simplegeo & @socialthing.

ID 26331

Kevin Chou


CEO and co-founder of @kabam the $200M+ profitable leader in core freemium games.

ID 27399

Gagan Biyani


CEO @sprig. Co-Founder, @udemy. Co-founder Growth Hackers Conference. Ran demand marketing at @lyft, wrote Lyft's original "expansion playbook".

ID 9505

Jude Gomila


Founder @heyzap, YC/Cantab Alum. Portfolio: @zenpayroll @transcriptic @indinero @bugsnag @angellist @videopixie @zesty-1 @benchling @Ginkgo @matterfab @bloc

ID 24594

Hugh Olliphant


Co-founder, gMoney (sold IP to @paypal); Ran Enterprise Product and later Labs for @paypal

ID 9861

Jason A. Hoffman


Head of Digital Strategy @ericsson. Founder and former CTO at @joyent. I specialize in revenue generation, and all activities required to make it happen.

ID 24314

Cameron Chell


CEO, @business-instincts-group:Strategic Planning system. Chairman, @podium-ventures:Builds Startups from A-Z. Author, that last.

ID 18047

Nabeel Hyatt


Entrepreneur. Investor. Product Guy. Founder/CEO @conduit-labs. GM @zynga. Now a Venture Partner @spark-capital

ID 21785

Gianni Martire


Founder @nextcaller. Investor @zenefits, @ambition-1, @kimono-labs, @truevault, @casetext, @apptimize, @goldbely-1 @regalii @mixrank... Advisor @coursehorse.

ID 9183

Barney Pell


Founder @moon-express, @powerset (sold to @microsoft). Bing local, mobile, semantics . Assoc. Founder and Trustee, Singularity U. Active angel/advisor.

ID 10379

Fred Hsu


Founded (Oak Hill bought a minority stake for $150mn in 2008), still largest individual shareholder, Founded, startup investor, @university-of-california-los-angeles CS

ID 13716

Leah Culver

Founder and CEO of @grove ( Former technical co-founder of @pownce (sold to @six-apart). Co-author of OAuth and OEmbed.

ID 10890

Ted Rheingold


FinTech & Alt-Lending as COO @inventure. Previous: VP, @saymedia. Built, led & sold @dogster. Engineer turned entrepreneur. Seed investor and advisor

ID 21422

Sheeroy Desai


Co-Founder and CEO @gild • Formerly COO at @sapient

ID 19040

Allan Grant


Co-Founder & CTO at @hired-1. Co-Founder & CEO at @curebit. Founded @webmasters-international (bootstrapped & profitable 50 employee). @georgia-institute-of-technology CS

ID 13970

Gregg Brockway


co-founder of @chairish, @tripit, @hotwire, daddy to 3, travel nerd, tech dabbler, occasional investor

ID 11054

Jeff Bonforte


CEO at @xobni; Vice President, Social Search at @yahoo; Vice President, Real Time Communications at Yahoo, Inc.; Founder at @i-drive and others.

ID 20480

Mark Ghermezian


Co founder CEO @appboy / Managing Director @t5-capital-2

ID 10452

Tod Sacerdoti


CEO and founder of @brightroll, the industry’s most advanced video ad platform

ID 21533

Adam Marchick


Founder @kahuna, @glow-foundation • Worked at @facebook, @oracle-corporation • Studied at @stanford-university, @stanford-university Graduate School of Business

ID 24675

Andy McLoughlin


Co-founder @huddle. Investor @postmates, @bugsnag, @intercom, @apiary-1 , @pipedrive, @buffer, @thread + more. Product, brand, go-to-market. MRR excites me.

ID 12773

Kristen Koh Goldstein


CEO @backops; Founding CFO @loyalty-lab (Tibco); Director Finance @epinions (eBay); Investment Analyst @goldman-sachs and @credit-suisse

ID 22676

Danielle Morrill


CEO and Cofounder of @mattermark

ID 7487

Joel Poloney


Founder of @redhotlabs . Co-Creator of FarmVille. Investor in @momentum-machines, @heyday, @pixelapse, and @showvine. Sold @myminilife to @zynga in 2009.

ID 2810

Raj Sandhu


Angel/VC/PE,founder. Prev Soros Fund affil, @modulus-video. @yale-university CS, @harvard-business-school. Inv in @invite-media, iTriage, FTNT, SLTC. Acq by GOOG, GRPN, AET, CSCO, MOT, AMCC, SCMR

ID 5773

Garry Tan


Partner at @y-combinator. Cofounder, Posthaven. Co-founder of @posterous (Acquired by @twitter). Early designer / engineering lead at Palantir.

ID 2866

Craig Walker


Founder @grandcentral, @firespotter-labs • Worked at @yahoo, @google

ID 3376

Arjun Dev Arora


Chairman & Founder @retargeter. BizDev @yahoo. IBanking experience. Passionate about leadership, growth, startups & marketing. Life rule: Pay it forward.

ID 5276

Ron Palmeri


serial company starter - founder & CEO @layer

ID 6897

Suleman Ali


Founder @tinyco • Worked at @microsoft • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 4171

Ryan Junee


Founder at @wearable-intelligence . Formerly Founder @inporia, @omnisio (sold to @google), Mentor at @500startups, partner at @startmate. Stanford MS EE.

ID 3420

George Kassabgi


Co-Founder of @keas Investor: @zapprx, @rationalwave-analytics, @stackdriver, @docphin, @keas, @bit9, @kiodex Board of Directors: @mendix Explorer...

ID 3124

Joshua Reeves


CEO/Co-Founder of @zenpayroll. [We're Hiring!] BS & MS Electrical Engineering from @stanford. Investor in @tilt-3 , @lendup, @clever, and others.

ID 6181

James Joaquin


Investor in mission-driven startups. Former CEO of @ofoto, @xoom, and Xmarks. Co-founder of @when-com. Seed investor in @postini. CS @ Brown U.

ID 3861

Eric Kim


Entrepreneur, Advisor and Investor. @quinstreet, @affinity-labs, @twylah, @monitor-group. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 4933

Dalton Caldwell


Partner @y-combinator Previously founder/CEO of @imeem and @stanford-university SymSys '03.

ID 4549

Andrew McCollum


Part of founding team at @facebook. EIR at @flybridge-capital-partners and @new-enterprise-associates.

ID 4550

Darian Shirazi


CEO of @radius-4, formerly at @facebook and @ebay. Investor in @homejoy, @sprig, @udemy

ID 4130

Jay Adelson


Founder of @equinix, @revision3, @opsmatic. CEO of @digg, @revision3, @simplegeo. Board member at, @newaer, etc.

ID 7159

Stephan Paternot


Co-founder, CEO and Chairman of @slated . General Partner of @actarus-funds. Co-founder and Chairman of PalmStar Entertainment. Co-founder of @theglobe-com

ID 4313

Julian Green


CEO @jetpac. CoFounder @houzz - #1 home design iPad app. Former @stubhub, @ebay, @ironplanet, @fatbrain. Swam English Channel.

ID 3882

Ashwin Navin


Entrepreneur, Investor, Operator and Deal Maker. Founder @io, @samba-tv @bittorrent • Worked at @yahoo

ID 5774

Jared Friedman


Scribd co-founder and angel investor in numerous YCombinator companies. I have particularly followed the space of local food ordering and services, as an early investor in Instacart and Rickshaw.

ID 1760

Michael Tanne


Entrepreneur, investor. Founder, @adforce, @wink. Worked @ Verity, @apple. Investor/Advisor: @linkedin, @cloudmark, @wikia, ICONAircraft, @brightroll, @fundly, GAINFitness

ID 1047

Lee Linden


Commerce at @facebook Founder of @karma-1 Founder of @tapjoy @stanford-university MBA U of Michigan Computer Engineering

ID 997

John Pettitt


CEO Free Range Content Inc. Ex: VP of Engr. @bittorrent. CTO/Founder @cybersource (IPO $2bn exit) & @beyond-com (IPO)

ID 1510

Walter Lee


Product at @leanplum. Former @google product manager and software engineer. @princeton-university BSE computer science.

ID 1219

Mike Greenfield


Entrepreneur + a little advising/investing. Founded @circle-of-moms, @team-rankings. First data scientist at both @linkedin and @paypal.

ID 1793

Justin Waldron


Founder @zynga

ID 986

Jason Johnson


CEO and Co-founder of @august-2, Co-Founder of @foundersden @bluesprig and @rethink-books. Former VP of marketing for DOLBY and @global-ip-solutions

ID 1862

Aaron Iba


Founder of Etherpad, Partner in YCombinator, programming enthusiast.

ID 2683

Kevin Stephens


Co-Founder & CEO, @blink; Formerly Sr Director Device Partnerships, @boxee; Formerly @google, @youtube, @apple; BS Computer Science @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 2206

Kirill Makharinsky


Sweat: Ostrovok, Quid, YouNoodle, Slide. Equity: AngelList, Robotex, Fab, OkPanda, Sharepractice, Tokbox, Oxford graduate.

ID 1864

Steve Newcomb


Founder/CEO and front end developer/designer at @famo-us , also co-founded @powerset (now Bing)

ID 2387

Zal Bilimoria


Partner at a16z. PM vet from @google, @youtube, @netflix, & @linkedin. Co-founder of @sniply. Mentor at Code for America.

ID 2130

Sundeep Ahuja


AL Syndicator; CoFounder @blissmo @richrelevance; helped launch @kiva; Investor @goodreads @counsyl; Advisor @indiegogo @change-org; BS in CS from Stanford.

ID 1983

David Beyer


Principal @amplify Partners • Founder @chartio • Founding Team @patients-know-best • Studied at @brown-university

ID 2058

David Bill


Founding advisor for @freestyle-capital. CTO & co-founder @cotweet (acquired by @exacttarget) , CTO @spinner-com-1 (acquired by @aol).

ID 1373

Yan-David Erlich


Founder / CEO @wearable-intelligence , Partner @mucker-lab . Founded @choicevendor (LNKD). Worked @google , @microsoft. Invested @thumbtack , @mixer-labs .

ID 1505

Kamal Ravikant


Partner at Evolve VC

ID 950

Daniel R. Odio


I make things happen. Need to close partner deals? Need a COO or other CXO? Need to build a sales team for your startup? I've done it + much more. #Growth

ID 1546

Justin Yoshimura


Founder/CEO of @500friends (YC, Crosslink, @intel). Investor in @zencoder, @ifeelgoods, @hipmunk, @homejoy, @boostctr, @torbit, @firebase, @ownlocal, etc.

ID 994

Scott Becker


Co-Founder of @invite-media

ID 879

Christina A. Brodbeck


Founding team member of @youtube, @youtube's first UI designer, Design Lead of @youtube Mobile, Co-Founder/CEO of @theicebreak, mentor/advisor, and angel investor.

ID 306

Maneesh Arora


CEO+Cofounder @mightytext. @google (PM on Consumer, Ads), @zynga (PM). @google Founders Award: AdSense.b4:Enterprise software. CS degree @university-of-california-los-angeles. #PRODUCTBUILDER

ID 148

Auren Hoffman


CEO, @liveramp. Board member: @brightroll and @retargeter .

ID 58

Michael Parekh


Goldman Sachs (1982-03). Former Partner. Founded GS Internet Research team in 1994. Investor/Entrepreneur. >30k Hours evaluating/helping Startups over 20 yrs.

ID 603

Ryan Merket

Investor (acquired by InMobi), (acquired by @seesmic),Partner Engineer at @facebook, Product guy with UI/UX and coding chops.

ID 339

Dave Morin


Founder @path • Investor @slow • Time @facebook, @apple • Boards @eventbrite, @sfmoma, @ussa • Studied Economics @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 85

Paige Craig


Angel investor 80+ deals, 21 exits. Backing great people w huge ideas. Early angel and advisor to AngelList. Drove into Iraq alone in 2003 to start first company. US Marine & Intelligence dude.

ID 549

Sizhao Yang


Co-Creator of Farmville. Founder of @myminilife (sold to @zynga). Advisor to SV Angel, AngelList.

ID 361

Prerna Gupta and Parag Chordia


We start companies & invest together. Working on stealth project. Write for NYT, Forbes, Recode. Formerly CPO and Chief Scientist @smule. 500 Startups Mentor.

ID 90

David King


Wrangler at @camino-real, Founder/CEO at @green-patch -> The Walt Disney Company, Product at @google

ID 87

Arjun Sethi


Founder @messageme, @lolapps • Worked at @the-social-capital-partnership, @tapjoy • Studied at @university-of-maryland-college-park

ID 664

Andrew S. Reis


Serial entrepreneur turned investor always looking for passionate entrepreneurs and amazing teams!

ID 51

Seth Goldstein


Founder. CEO. Angel. VC. LP. Coach @crossfader @turntable-fm @flatiron-partners @majestic-research @delicious-part-of-avos @appjet @gumroad @betaworks @sitespecific

ID 532

Rick Marini


Co-Founder @tickle ($100M exit). Founder of (Acq'd by Hearst). Founder @branchout Investor & Advisor to 40+ start-ups.

ID 91

Othman Laraki


Entrepreneur, startup helper, previously VP of Growth, Revenue & International at Twitter. Co-founded MixerLabs, early PM at Google, and BASES board member.

ID 155

Naval Ravikant


Sweat: @angellist , @venture-hacks @vast @epinions ; Money: @twitter @heyzap @snaplogic

ID 127

Rob Lord


Internet innovation serial entrepreneur including Winamp, Songbird, Mediacode. $100M+ in exits from AOL and Yahoo! acquisitions.

ID 586

Amitt Mahajan


Founder of MyMiniLife/FarmVille; Was CTO of @zynga Japan; Created @zynga's core game framework; Investor in @heyday, @pixelapse, @hipmunk

ID 529

Gautam Gupta


CEO of NatureBox. Ex-early stage VC at General Catalyst

ID 73

Tony Conrad


Founder @about-me, Sphere; @true-ventures Automattic (WordPress), MakerBot, Typekit, Blue Bottle Coffee; Serious Parking @karma & Drip Coffee Skills

ID 258440

Alex Chang


Co-founded $250MM company. World traveler, marathoner, and cyclist. Angel investor.

ID 9459

Chris Hutchins


Partner at @googleventures, formerly co-founder of @milk, founder of LaidOffCamp, and BizDev at @simplegeo.

ID 87239

Martin Tantow


Managing Director @scaler. Growth Strategist. Dealmaker. Founded @3scale @cloudtimes. Worked @booz-company @oliver-wyman. Mentor @techstars @sbootcamp

ID 27494

Jonathan Bruck


@pocket Juggler. Early Stage Product Discovery for @xoopit, @indextank, Billshrink, @trialpay

ID 1121

Bong Koh


Founder, Investor or Advisor in companies including @lifecrowd, @shift-3, RetentionScience, @muckerlab, GradientX, Eventup, TheReceivablesExchange & @zynga (via Prism)

ID 25616

Vinnie Lauria


World explorer and founding partner @golden-gate-ventures. My motivation is Southeast Asia's startup scene.

ID 34433

Sumit Gupta


Founder CEO @bash Gaming #social #mobile @bitrhymes #saas @business-signatures #Investor @narvar @birdi @mixerbox @leadgenius #mentor @myactivitypal

ID 2

Babak Nivi


Founder @angellist @venture-hacks · Worked at @bessemer-venture-partners @songbird @grockit · Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology · Published in Science · 2 Patents

ID 39564

Kirk Ouimet


Founder at @scan, grew web traffic from 0 to 2.5+ million monthly uniques. Helped take our app to over 80 million installs on iOS, Android, and Windows.

ID 2980

Andrew Ferenci


CEO/Founder at Synced. Co-Founder/CEO at @spinback-1 (acquired by Buddy Media) Director of Product @buddy-media (acquired by Salesforce, $800M).

ID 66938

Ilya Sukhar


CEO of @parse

ID 46

Sam Pullara


MD at SHV, Early WebLogic eng, EIR at Accel & Benchmark, Founder of @gauntlet-systems (acq), Chief Technologist at @yahoo, Founder of @bagcheck (@twitter acq)

ID 398882

Jon Nathanson


Tech columnist @Slate. Content. Marketing. Growth. Led branded content @walmart, launched mobile @20th-century-fox, founded @mixblendr, made TV @nbc Universal

ID 51848

David Wieland


50+ investments: @ginkgotree @noredink @schoola @datanyze Founder: @rivs, @innflux , @iestates , @irishangels edu: @NotreDame @Kellogg

ID 111485

Zaw Thet


Veteran Entrepreneur & Investor: @signiavc @plyfe @haulerdeals @4info etc | Philanthropist: @palindromeadv climateX @asasafterschool @unfoundation @sfspca

ID 7168

Jessica Jackley


CEO, cofounder of @profounder. Cofounder of @kiva. @stanford-university MBA. Educator (@university-of-southern-california, @stanford-university). Social enterprise expertise. Extensive int'l experience.

ID 99411

Matt Humphrey


co-founder @homerun (acquired by @rearden-commerce), active angel investor and advisor

ID 6625

Justin Shaffer


Product @facebook (Groups, Location & Events, Photos Composer, Video/Brand Advertising) • CEO/Founder @hot-potato • SVP, New Media @mlb-advanced-media (, Gameday, PitchF/X, Infrastructure) Interests: Building Teams & Products, Social Science, Aerona

ID 36308

Rahul Vohra


CEO of @rapportive. Computer Scientist, Gamer, Entrepreneur.

ID 188857

Jeff Arnold


Formerly CEO of Ksplice (acquired by Oracle) and Zulip (acquired by Dropbox).

ID 15140

Mark Schulze


Former VP, Customer Experience & Product Marketing, IAC/, Channel Development & Publisher Development at

ID 142889

Keith Lee


Former Founder/CEO of @booyah, Programmer, Lead Producer for @Diablo at Blizzard, Lead Engineer @InsomniacGames

ID 74940

Lee Jacobs


Partner @havoc VC (@silicon-valley + @earth ). Founder & fmr. CEO @colingo. Advisor @angellist Mentor @500startups. Before BD @comcast / @plaxo. Grad @upenn.

ID 62191

Rich Schmelzer


Founder @geopalz, @jibbitz-for-crocs • Investor @precog, @simple-energy, Fellow @nike-accelerator, Founder @iparchive,

ID 728

Bo Fishback


Founder and CEO @ Zaarly.

ID 142095

David Vivero


Cofounder/CEO of Paré Labs. Previously VP of Rentals at @zillow, the largest rental network on web/mobile, and cofounder of @rentjuice (acquired by ZIllow).

ID 30964

Andy Yang


COO @500px | Formerly at @extremestartups @relay-ventures @chegg. @netflix. @thomas-weisel-partners. @goldman-sachs. @accenture. | @ChicagoBooth @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 211938

Brad Stroh


Founder and CEO @bills-com, @freedom-financial-network • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @amherst-college

ID 119399

Jesse Engle


Entrepreneur. Advisor. Investor. Co-founder @seesaw. Co-founder and CEO of @cotweet.

ID 66984

Scott J. Kleper


Founded @context-optional, Inc. (acquired by Adobe), early employee at several startups, @stanford-university BSCS/MSCS. Mayfield Fellow. Author. Guest Lecturer.

ID 42899

Ephraim Luft


CEO, Founder of @circle-of-moms (acquired by @popsugar Inc). Led prod dev at @massive Inc (acquired by MSFT). @stanford-university CS. Harvard MBA.

ID 1523

Tom Montgomery


Founder of @chubbies-shorts-1, the most radical shorts company on planet Earth - potentially even the universe.

ID 79520

Paul Arnold


Investor and Executive. Founder @arnold-capital. Former @appdirect and @McKinsey

ID 96623

Samir Adams Ghosh


Cloud, SaaS, Social, B2B, Enterprise. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], CEO/[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]&G. [email protected], BS/[email protected], [email protected]

ID 2119

Sean Rad


Founder & CEO of Tinder. Previously Founder of @adly (largest celebrity endorsement platform for social media).

ID 42138

Prosper Nwankpa


Founder and CTO. First company out of college (Peanut Labs) scaled to 200+ million users and sold to largest competitor. Builder. Investor. Entrepreneur.

ID 39188

Manish Shah


Co-Founder @mpact, Co-Founder @rapleaf • Advisor @code-for-america • Studied Computer Science @university-of-california-berkeley • Advisor to tech founders & engineers

ID 106994

Ash Fontana


Make fundraising happen here on @angellist! Co-founder of @topguest (exited Dec 2011) & more. Startup utility player: BD, JD, VC & PM.

ID 35404

George Ishii

Current Co-founder and Head of Design of @betterworks. Co-founder of and @yammer. Pre-IPO @paypal, software engineer Adobe, @kiva Fellow.

ID 413069

David Blado


Founder @vendop • Worked at @redhat-1, @decarta, @ebay, @cadence-design-systems, @nortel • Studied at @clarkson-university

ID 9509

Harish Abbott

Founder and CEO @symphony-1 • Founder @ugenie Acquired by @lulu-2 @amazon Stanford/UIUC/IIT - Building AWS for Commerce

ID 264949

Richard Chan


Managing Partner @ironfire-angel-fund . Founder @Vintners Group. Worked @microsoft , @altavista, @pwc . Berkeley Haas MBA

ID 9947

Jonathan Aizen


Founder and CEO at @amitree; Previously founder and COO at @dapper (acquired by @yahoo)

ID 166133

Kendall Saville


Internet Marketer. Investments: @simple @sprig

ID 35566

John Stockdale


Electrical Engineering @stanford-university-1 Systems Engineering @videosurf Software Engineering @facebook I build things.

ID 37218

Jonah Lupton

Founder: Lupton Media Group, Parabolic Ventures, The Greatest Pitch,,, The Lupton Group, InterCapital Group, and

ID 97618

Miles Beckett


Founder @eqal • Investor @chromatik, @tradesy • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 89571

Sumon Sadhu


Early Investor/Advisor @urx @benchling @zesty-1 @abacus etc. Started @quid (backed by Founders Fund, Atomico, Peter Thiel, SV Angel) YC, Oxford, Imperial Alum

ID 16636

Mike Stachowiak


Entrepreneur, Technologist, Investor. Co-founder/CTO of @myvr; Co-founder/CTO of @lift-media (acquired); Co-founder @4info. @y-combinator

ID 96340

Prashant Shukla


Sr. Product Manager @metromile • Worked @bain-company, @obama-for-america • Econ, Env Econ, Business @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 18771

Jim Payne


CEO and co-founder of @mopub-1. Product Team at @google and @admob. Degree in Computer Science from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 221126

Tyson Daugherty


parallel entrepreneur. I make shit and make shit happen.

ID 25203

Ethan Anderson

Founder @red-beacon, @mytime • Worked at @google, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @duke-university, @harvard-business-school

ID 34881

Austin Chang


Founder of Fridge, acquired by @google. Previous life in digital media and gaming @viacom. @y-combinator alum. Currently product management @google

ID 18206

Walt Doyle


Technology operator and exec. Advisor/investor. Ran @where until the sale to @paypal. Previously @zdnet and @mapquest.

ID 466562

Jeff Weiner


Founded two tech start-ups. One was sold to a large competitor.

ID 58749

Gordon Rubenstein


Technology/Digital Media Entrepreneur Managing Partner of Raine Ventures A founder of Astro Gaming (acquired by Skullcandy) and Rave Digital Media (acquired by AMC Entertainment)

ID 119615

Jay Webster

Co-founder of Choose Energy. 20 yr Silicon Valley veteran with a focus on ad tech and performance marketing.

ID 42530

John Houston


Think 'Hand of the King' but with more operations/sales/hugs and less intrigue/violence. Head of Sales Operations & Strategy @sunrun.

ID 54019

Jonathan Swanson


Co-Founder & President at @thumbtack

ID 108738

Nathan Schmidt


Facebook Engineering, Cofounder and CTO of Gaston Labs, founding CTO of @pbworks. Depth in web backend, mobile, and geo technologies.

ID 43744

Albert Lai


Serial Entrepreneur. Recently: Big Viking Games/co-founder/ceo, Kontagent/co-founder (Analytics). Sold: @bubbleshare (Disney), MyDesktop (WebMediaBrands).

ID 10780

Mike Davidson


Currently VP of Design @twitter. Formerly Founder & CEO of @newsvine (acquired by @nbc-universal), and Art Director of @espn.

ID 1103

Shawn Bercuson


Currently working on a new consumer healthcare platform. Was founder @prescreen; Principal @lightbank; Founding Member & VP of BD @groupon; Founder @capally.

ID 121619

Jonathan Downey


CEO at @airware, @y-combinator alum, extensive experience with @unmanned-air-systems, UAS flight controls @boeing, commercial pilot, studied EECS @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 23146

Vivek Sodera

Founder: @airseed @Rapleaf/LiveRamp (acq by Acxiom for $310M) | Advisor: @womply @CloseCo @500 Startups | Hiring: backend engineers (

ID 25640

Oren Jacob

Cofounder, CEO ToyTalk. "Lean Launchpad" instructor @stanford-university, @university-of-california-berkeley. Mentor 500 Startups. EIR AugustCapital. CTO @pixar. Supervising Tech Dir "Finding Nemo".

ID 26495

Robert Zeches


Founder @trubric • Investor @pinterest, @facebook, @nanoholdings, @AlphabetEnergy, @MomentumMachines , @simplestar • Ph.D. Nanoscale Science & Engineering, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 154701

Jonathan Yaffe


CEO @anyroad • Cognitive Neuroscience at @berkeley • Founded KAIS in Tokyo. Founder of the Mirai Institute and

ID 10362

Sohail Prasad


Founder, CEO at @equidate. @y-combinator alum. Formerly at @zynga, @hiptype, @google, @chartboost, @carnegie-mellon-university-2. Investor at @coin-2, @zenefits.

ID 189017

Waseem Daher


Founded @ksplice (acquired by Oracle), @zulip (acquired by Dropbox) • Loves product and marketing strategy • Still knows how to use git • MIT

ID 236502

Steffen Hoellinger



ID 115476

Jason Tan


CEO & Co-founder at @sift-science

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 58407

Michael Staton


Partner at Learn Capital. Founder of Uversity. Advisor to Dev Bootcamp, Gap Year

ID 1889

Waynn Lue


Co-founder, President Coliloquy; Co-founder, President unwrap (Sold to @context-optional); built @google's backend billing system; @stanford-university

ID 413032

Stephane B.


Founder @innovastreams, Entrepreneur, Investor, Bitcoin

ID 51417

Adam Gries

Hustler • Founder OKpanda • Founder @social-expeditions: Sold to Kama Games '11 • Founder, Nicknames: Sold to @sgn '08 • Founder NishNash: Sold to DiningIn '07

ID 588

Micah Baldwin


Founder @graphicly, @current-wisdom • Worked at @lijit-networks, @kozmo-com • Investor @graphicly, @pocketfuzz • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 9527

Jeff Lu


Early stage investor at Battery Ventures. Former entrepreneur.

ID 1714

Kerim Baran


Co-founder @civicsolar, Former Founder & CEO @Yonja. Angel Investor.

ID 26750

Phil Gordon


Founder Chatbox, @jawfish-games, @netsys-technologies • Investor @skillshare, @jawfish-games • Former Pro Poker Player/Author/TV Host

ID 6738

Sam Zaid

Founder and CEO of @getaround; Advisor and investor in @gazaro; Founder and advisor to Apption; Occasional angel investor.

ID 123825

David Lyman


Entrepreneur and Angel. Co-Founder of @nutshellmail which sold to @constant-contact where I now build new products and businesses internally.

ID 809

Sean Conway


Entrepreneur, Angel. Co-founder & CEO @airenvy Co-founder & CEO @Notehall sold to @chegg

ID 104629

Jon Dahl


Co-founder/CEO of @zencoder - video infrastructure in the cloud. Sold to Brightcove in 2012. Founder, developer, investor, philosophy nerd. YC 2010.

ID 6890

Farbood Nivi


I'm an entrepreneur working on the problems of education, geeking out on tech and practicing agile software and customer development.

ID 139413

Will Harbin


CEO of @kixeye. Co-founder of @affinity-labs.

ID 98458

Rick Natsch


Founder @potrero-media, @presidio-interactive • Worked at @quinstreet, @insweb • Investor @marin-software, @twylah

ID 78013

Dave Johnson


Co-founder/CTO @nitobi-software (acq'd by @adobe). Worked on @phonegap-1 and @robotreplay (acq'd by @foresee-results). PhD, investor, father, and lover of beer.

ID 10239

Scot Chisholm


Founder/CEO of @stayclassy. Board of @team-rubicon. Partner at @mixture-ventures

ID 71322

Storm Duncan


2nd Startup, Angel, Advisor & Entrepreneur (Founder & CEO, @dwellaware; CEO @essess); Value Maximization Expert (M&A - CS/Google), Disciplined Strategic Leader

ID 66437

Rahim Fazal


Co-Founder/CEO @involver (acq by Oracle); Executive @oracle-corporation Social Cloud; I like to help founders build great companies.

ID 23853

Ohad Samet


Chief Risk Officer at @klarna. Co-founder @signifyd and @Analyzd (acq by @klarna). @paypal New Ventures. Head of Analytics at FraudSciences (acq by @paypal).

ID 60389

Simon Ru


Founder @lessthan6percent, Founder & CTO @spare-change-payments (sold to PlaySpan/Visa) • Investor @500startups @skycatch @happy-inspector

ID 19094

Eric Koester


Co-founder/COO of @main-street-genome; Co-founder of @zaarly; Exec @appature; @startupweekend board; and Startup lawyer @cooley, CPA, Morgan Stanley.

ID 14444

Carl Fritjofsson


Founder @wrapp, @adprofit • Worked at @creandum, @bearingpoint • Investor @leap-transit, @onbeep • Studied at @uppsala-university, @university-of-melbourne

ID 64782

Ian Brady


Entrepreneur in Residence at Redstar Ventures. Focused on financial services and technology for the aging population.

ID 106358

John Smart

Cofounder of @prescreen and, Chief Software Architect

ID 56338

Wayne Chan

Co-Founder @kabam • Ex- @aol • @carnegie-mellon-university Alumni

ID 64760

Jonathan Strauss


CEO and Founder of @awe-sm • former CorpDev, BizOps, and PM at @yahoo ('04-'08) • entertainment industry refugee • UPenn undergrad

ID 352201

Dominic Rubas


Serial Entrepreneur & Angel Investor from Switzerland

ID 1534

James Kelm


Engineer turned product guy. Producer at @funzio, Product Manager at @google. Product Planner at @apple.

ID 6645

Chris Hulls


Founder & CEO @life360, the first venture-backed app ever to launch on Android, and also the largest family network on the market

ID 3300

Kent Lindstrom


COO of @nuzzel . Previous CEO of @friendster, and Founder/CEO of @placepop. Co-founder, President of @netread Software and Services

ID 11142

Damian Manning


Hacker, investor & serial entrepreneur. Founder & CEO, @hifi. Venture Partner, @dev. Co-founder & CEO, @echospin (acquired '10). VP, Digital, MTV. 6 patents.

ID 7851

Brent Hurley


doer at AVOS Systems | @youtube founding team | bbq lover | distance runner | altruistic capitalist | startup dude

ID 22985

Scott Lake

CEO/Founder of @swix. Co-Founder of Experience in leading consumer and enterprise web-app companies. 10 years of startup experience.

ID 29903

Mike Sego


CEO of Gaia Interactive. Previously Founder of (fluff)Friends (acquired by SGN) and Tech Lead on Gmail at Google. BS/MS Computer Science/HCI from Stanford.

ID 16829

Gustaf Alstromer


Product & Growth @airbnb

ID 97460

Amish Shah


Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor @sierramaya360 @full-color-games @igenapps @paradine @ecampus-ventures @kydaemos @matchpoint-2 @skycatch @fnd

ID 408248

Pete Sheinbaum


4x Startup guy and Angel. E! Online's Commerce Biz, (COO), (CEO), (Founder and CEO). Dozen or so invests.

ID 3422

Richard D. Titus


Founder @prompt-ly @razorfish (LA), @schematic, Digital business unit leader @bbc & @DailyMail Pre-IPO investor: @facebook, @tesla-motors @razorfish Entrepreneur, coach, angel, Chairman, Board member, CEO, adventurer, documentary filmmaker, & raconteur.

ID 39712

Tom Patterson


Chair/Found @tinker, CEO/Found @wize, Pres. @nextag, EIR Mayfield, SVP @markettools, P&G, PeopleSoft,HBS , Board Dale Carnegie, Angel/Advisor Kixeye,IDG....

ID 30783

Keith Cox


CEO of Vacatia, an online timeshare marketplace. Serial entrepreneur and investor, focused on consumer businesses.

ID 34464

Evan Reiser

Product at TellApart. CEO/Co-Founder @adstack-acquired-by-tellapart. Co-Founder @bloomspot-acquired-by-jpm-chase. Expert in ad optimization+personalization

ID 9242

Armando Biondi


Co-founder @adespresso & before @pick1 + 4 more non-tech companies. Resilient mind, team leader, fast learner, execution focused. Also, former Radio Speaker.

ID 50055

Louis Borders

Founder - @borders-books, @synergy-software, @webvan and @mercury-startups.

ID 13718

Ryan Block


VP Product at @aol, co-founder, @gdgt, @engadget

ID 2562

Russell Cook


Founder & CEO @alltrails, CTO @berecruited, Microsoft

ID 151520

Leah Busque

Founder @taskrabbit • Worked at @ibm • Studied at @sweet-briar-college

ID 246582

Philip Fung


CTO @operator-inc , Early Engineer @facebook

ID 48589

Sheel Mohnot


Co-Founder @thistle-1. Built @feefighters, sold to @groupon then ran BD there. Early @kiva. Prev: @bcg, @carnegie-mellon-university, @university-of-michigan.

ID 9033

Ramana Rao


Founder OwnTown. CEO/Founder, @icurrent (Washington Post), CTO/Founder, @inxight (Business Objects/SAP). Researcher at @xerox-parc. BS/MS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 2419

Carlos Whitt


CEO / Founder at @leo-me. Engineer at @square. CTO / Founder at @adku, acquired by @groupon. Staff Software Engineer at @google. CS / EE at Duke University.

ID 82106

Jinal Jhaveri


Founder at SchoolMint, Founder at Log(n), Employee #4 at The Climate Corporation (WeatherBill)

ID 34393

Ian Spivey


Co-founder of Simpler. Co-founder of @tinyco. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology EECS '05. Macquarie. @ibm Extreme Blue. Engineer & product designer.

ID 44891

Kevin Cheng

Current: Co-Founder and President, @incredible-labs. Past: Product lead for redesign; Dir Product @raptr; Designed @yahoo Pipes.

ID 40424

Dillon McDonald


Founding Partner @greenstart, a seed fund for digital innovations that improve the world. Former: CEO @JumpstartAuto

ID 8356

Francis Pedraza

CEO @everest

ID 39578

Jason Monberg


Product Founder/Exec/Advisor/Investor Founder: @carbon-five Exec: @mark-logic @composite-software Investor: @good-eggs @javelin Advisor: @balsamiq-1

ID 135427

Thor Muller

Co-founder & former CTO @get-satisfaction. NYTimes best selling author of Get Lucky. Serial tech entrepreneur since 1995. Above all, dad to Quinn & Tesla.

ID 2795

Michael Blum


Founder @Hedgeye @firefly_space • Worked at @paypal, @ebay • Studied at @yale-university • Astronaut in Waiting @Xcor

ID 4562

Antony Brydon


CEO of Directly. CEO of Visible Path (funded by Kleiner, acquired by Hoovers). VP @emusic (IPO). CEO of IUMA (acquired by EMusic). BOD at ShopWell (IDEO). Yale.

ID 7395

Rob Leathern


Founder and CEO of @optimal, Inc.; early at @linkedin, @nextag, Jupiter, CFA holder.

ID 155436

Krishna Mehra


Founder @capillary-technologies-1 • Worked at @microsoft-research. Love Tech, Biz, News, Coffee, Conversations

ID 24102

Andres Barreto


Entrepreneur and seed investor. Founder of @onswipe @grooveshark @pulsosocial @socialatom-ventures

ID 94

Ramesh Haridas


Serial entrepreneur with a couple of exits. Early investor in AVG, @mashery, @8tracks, @refinery29, @rapportive, 500Startups. UIUC Computer Science.

ID 38472

Jonathan Lowenhar

COO at @taulia; first VP Loyalty Marketing for Harrah's Entertainment. Former ceo/co-founder of @trooval.

ID 7771

Josh Breinlinger


Venture Partner @sigma-west , 4th @odesk, cofounder / board @rev, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 118181

Raffael Marty

Founder of @pixlcloud. Done data analytics for 12 years, mostly in cyber security space. Previously founded @loggly and worked at @splunk. Visualization buff.

ID 1501

Oliver Roup


Co-Founder / CEO of @viglink, the easiest way to monetize your links.

ID 8736

Anurag (Anu) Nigam


CEO @fetchmobile. Invested>50 companies(@modcloth,@xgraph,@3tera). Mentor @500 Startups. Member @sand Hill Angels. Past founder @hi5,@cerent,@siara.

ID 105798

Pat Kinsel


Venture Partner at @polaris-partners-1. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at @spindle (acquired by @twitter) & @microsoft

ID 19260

Nabil Kassam


Managing Director at Zynik Capital Corp. • Founder & Executive Chairman at @noble-iron & Texada Software Inc. • Studied at @harvard-university University & @stanford-graduate-school-of-business

ID 57639

Tamer Hassanein


President & CEO @timeline, VC @newbury-ventures-1 , Mentor @wearable-world-labs and @techwadi-org. Global nomad with endless appreciation and respect for people and technologies that change the world. Entrepreneur, investor, & loyal human.

ID 42758

Nurzhas Makishev


Investor, Entrepreneur, Developer, @StartupChile Judge, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS Econ Math, @wharton-school MBA, @harvard MPA

ID 29939

Avichal Garg


PM - Facebook; CEO - @spool (acquired by Facebook); CTO - @prepme (acquired by Daily Mail Group (LON:DMGT); PM - @google; MS/BS - @stanford-university

ID 4623

Mitali Pattnaik


Co-founder at Workalytics. Strong product background (Twitter, Google, EA, Yahoo and Microsoft) - built products used by 500mm+ users.

ID 29879

Zak Holdsworth


Co-founder & CEO @hint-health | Investor in @relateiq-2 @aptible @amour-vert @aloha @wellnessfx @zesty-1 | Stanford MBA

ID 13286

Andrew Hoag

Founded & sold @urbantag. Secured banks at @verisign, networked supercomputers at NASA.

ID 264883

Dave Helmreich


Founder & GM, Advertising Solutions at Neustar (NYSE: NSR) - VP, Digital, TARGUSinfo - Former Naval Aviator - MBA @SmithSchool - BS, CS @NavalAcademy

ID 40872

Ajay Prakash

Co-Founder/Co-CEO of Rinse.; Past experience at humble Brands, @bonobos, Berkshire Partners, NBA, and Bain & Co; Stanford MBA

ID 46328

Kurt Wilms


Product at @google, Founder & CEO of @fflick, Engineering at @digg, Research at Grouplens.

ID 21072

McKay Thomas

Founder of @first-opinion-text-a-doctor (backed by @greylock-partners) and @baby-com-br (backed by @Accel).

ID 53110

Christopher Morton


Co-Founder and President of @blockscore. Angel investor and tech entrepreneur with a focus on sales and marketing execution.

ID 76661

Frederik Hermann

Accomplished, results-driven marketing executive with extensive experience in technology companies. Focus on marketing strategy, user acquisition and growth.

ID 163544

PJ Hyett


Co-Founder, COO of @github.

ID 51097

Brian Bowman

Founder / CEO / Growth Hacker. Facebook & Google Advertising., @consumeracquisition-com • Worked at @match-com, @yahoo @likeit • Studied at @purdue-university

ID 2592

Johnny Hwin

Co-founder & CEO of @damntheradio (acq'd by @fanbridge). Consultant @asana and @dreamworks-animation-skg. BA Psychology & MS Tech Entrepreneurship @stanford-university.

ID 22976

Max Mullen


Founder @instacart • Worked at @location-labs, @volly, @schematic

ID 19057

Neal Hansch


Founder @webassist • Worked at @meltwater-foundation-mest @rustic-canyon-partners, @webmethods • Studied at @duke-university

ID 96459

Kyle Sollenberger


Co-founder, VP Design @seesaw-decisions-corp. Previously of @cotweet. Entrepreneuring, Advising, and generally working on things.

ID 54255

Harlan Crystal


Founded @pocket-gems, a Sequoia backed mobile social gaming startup

ID 26763

Ade Olonoh

Founder @formspring, @formstack

ID 92562

Andrew Paradise


3x Tech company founder/ceo/entrepreneur, angel investor in several startups.

ID 52036

Nadir Hyder

Previously Co-Founder of @12society and @junglecents . @carnegie-mellon-university - Chemical Engineering. Product/Design guy. Currently, adventuring!

ID 8309

Deena Varshavskaya

Grew up in Siberia. Love fruit. Founder and CEO of

ID 2026

Anthony Nicalo


CEO | co-founder @donde. University of Michigan Debate. Former Michelin experienced Chef.

ID 99774

Adam Spector


Founder @virtrue • Worked at @symantec, @clearwell • Studied at @vanderbilt-university, @university-of-miami

ID 54237

Jeff Tangney


Founder/CEO @ @doximity. Previously Founder @ @epocrates (EPOC).

ID 55884

John Dunham



ID 170995

Ryan King


Technology Executive & Entrepeneur. Co-founder/CTO of a stealth startup. Early employee / VP Eng of @plaxo, MSCS @stanford, Angel Investor

ID 3910

Alexander Chang


Co-founder of @boostable. Co-founded and sold @social-amp. Worked previously at @daylife which was acquired by @newscred. Studied CS at @columbia-university

ID 29353

Vlad Stan


Founder and CEO @startupkit. Strong entrepreneurial background: 12yrs/30prjs. Building the marketplace for startup tools.

ID 32715

Adam Breckler


Co-Founder, @visually Founder, Web Developer

ID 1

Brandon Leonardo


Founder @instacart. Early @angellist engineer. Hack of all trades, master of awesome.

ID 46092

Victor Belfor


B2B SaaS GTM Strategy (marketing, BD, sales). Former head of BD @ringcentral. Investor and head of BD @influitive Mentor @500startups Studied at Wharton

ID 68670

Rob LaFave


CEO & Co-Founder @forage. Co-Founder @foodzie (Acquired '12). Mentor @500startups.

ID 18834

Gregory Miller


Co-founder, Former investments, grants & legal lead and corporate partner, Gunderson Dettmer law firm.

ID 233675

Aneesh Reddy

Founder and CEO @capillary-technologies-1, Angel @tynker @studypad-inc @antfarm @verious-inc

ID 270659

Samvit Ramadurgam


Founder @equidate. @y-combinator alum. Previously Co-Founder @streem (Acquired by Box), Engineering @asana, @livemagic. Studied @berkeley EECS

ID 114331

Evan Cooke


CTO and co-founder of @twilio. Recently a post-doc in network security and distributed systems at the University of Michigan.

ID 67331

Ela Madej


I dream big and I laugh a lot.

ID 139265

Ted Grubb

ID 71277

Scott Raymond

Mobile @ Airbnb. Co-founder / CTO of @gowalla; acqui-hired by @facebook. Mobile product guy. iOS developer, early Rails hacker, O'Reilly author.

ID 51740

Sameer Mehta

Co-Founder of @12society. Previous CEO of @junglecents.

ID 258079

Mike Koran


Focussed on early stage companies in social, video, mobile and all cutting edge tech.

ID 33537

Tom Robinson


Founder of @280-north, acquired by @motorola Mobility in 2010, @y-combinator W08 alum.

ID 43858

Andrew Romans


General Partner Rubicon Venture Capital (formerly Georgetown Angels) Author (McGraw Hill July 2013) The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital @romansventures

ID 2400

Vivek Patel


Co-founder @sosh • Worked at @the-climate-corporation, @slide, @google • Investor @redhotlabs

ID 178179

Dhawal Mujumdar

Founder @adsnative • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley • Worked on mobile apps at SAP • Taught web programming @university-of-california-berkeley • Built anti-spam software that is used by 1000's of websites

ID 118461

Bryan Kennedy


Head of UX @ Dropcam. Founded Sincerely, AppNinjas, Likebetter. YC Alum 2006.

ID 211213

Matt MacInnis


Founder and CEO of @inkling

ID 67812

Victor Young


@uwaterloo Alum. CEO & Founder @flinja. General Partner @X-Fund, Engineer by trade, built largest insurance eApp and CRM, hired over 500 people, Grew ARR to 50M

ID 100873

Brian Armstrong

CEO of @coinbase • Software engineer at @airbnb and @carwoo-1 • Masters in CS and BA in Economics at @rice-university University

ID 209994

Chris Wetherell

Founder @avocado • Worked at @google, @twitter • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 158956

Terry (Qing) Li

@crunchyroll Product Exec, Co-Founder of @bread-acquired-by-yahoo ; @google Alumni; Worked in Consulting, Eng, PM; NYU Stern MBA + UC Berkeley Engineering

ID 12431

Brenden Mulligan


Entrepreneur, designer, & developer. Co-founder of Cluster. Creator of @onesheet (acquired), TipList, MorningPics, PhotoPile, @artistdata (acquired).

ID 829

Rey Flemings

Founder, CEO @stipple. Entrepreneur, advisor, investor.

ID 23411

Sylvain Carle


Managing Partner @founderfuel & @real-ventures. Was: Senior Developer Advocate @twitter, CTO & co-founder at @needium , @praized, @interstructure , @messagia.

ID 119952

Joseph Ansanelli


Partner at Greylock. Former Entrepreneur.

ID 123857

Leo Tenenblat


Co-founder at @appmesh. Former Product Manager at Expedition cyclist. Operations Research PhD.

ID 18180

Alan Chung


Serial entrepreneur - Perka, @zenbe, @iamaze & @lighthouse-design. I'm also an angel with over a dozen investments, 5 YC companies. EE & CE @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 5743

David J Rodriguez

Ops and finance at @livefyre; Venture Associate at @greycroftvc; former strategy consultant and engineer; @dukeu alum; lover of the interwebs

ID 20121

Brian Frank

VP Product @timeful. Mentor @500startups. Product @twitter. CPO @posterous. Co-Founder @live-colony. Product @adobe-systems, @palm. CS from Cornell.

ID 123927

Matt Paul

Co-Founder/CTO, @schematic-labs-makers-of-soundtracking Advisor to @threadflip; Angel to @changecoin

ID 4516

Daniel Brusilovsky

Digital Initiatives Lead at @golden-state-warriors. Former VC at @highland-capital-partners. Previously ran BD at @ribbon. Founded @teens-in-tech-labs.

ID 111690

Vijay Karunamurthy


Seen in coffeshops in the Mission, @university-of-california-berkeley, and lands to the south (co-founder @ AVOS, previously Confluent, @stanford-university, @youtube, @google)

ID 8322

Andrew Mager

Developer Evangelist at @smartthings in San Francisco, CA. Formerly at @spotify, @simplegeo, @ning, @cbs-interactive, and @espn.

ID 46771

Emi Gal


Founder @brainient • Investor @stylitics, @blend-1, @digital-catalyst-fund, @kahla-1

ID 4344

Bubs / Darius A Monsef IV


Founder CreativeMarket + COLOURlovers Founder & Board of MSFT / YC Alum. Advisor + Investor.

ID 17313

Gordon Tucker


3x CEO (2 public, IPO Egreetings) Mint, Deliv, Perfect Coffee, Curebit, Ark, SlidePay, Campanja, Excite, Netcentives, LoJack, SkyTel, P&G. Photographer, Ironman

ID 401140

Eric Anschutz


Founder @uphealth at Angel investor in 12x startups since 2006. Exits as founder and investor.

ID 154198

Phin Upham


ID 6383

Galen Buckwalter


Founder of TidePool, academic, entrepreneur. Original CSO at eHarmony. Advisor to @triptrotting, @payoff, @beachmint, @rexter @codalytics

ID 64891

David Coallier


Founder, Angel Investor, Startup Advisor, Data Scientist, Co-Founder of now acquired by Engine Yard. Evolutionary Game Theorist.

ID 201

Alexander Muse


Co-Founder at ViewMarket

ID 156809

Jake Dacey


Founder @waterfield

ID 365276

Jordan Mendell


Founder @ando-media • SVP @draftkings • problem solver, thinker, gamer, angel, terrible chef.

ID 15007

Jason Beckerman


Current Co-Founder of @unified. Co-Founder of Social Suitcase sold to Traffic Marketplace,

ID 104476

Joe Hellerstein

Founder and CEO @trifacta. Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science at @university-of-california-berkeley. Tech advisor.

ID 66809

Andrew D'Souza


President @bionym • Former COO @top-hat • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @top-prospect • Investor @tulip-retail • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 249062

Michael Agustin

i build expressive products. co-founder & ceo of @weaver-labs. co-founder of @gamesalad, responsible for 21% of app store monthly game uploads. masters from @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 2094

Tyler Jewell


CEO of Codenvy. VC at Toba Capital. 2 profitable exits. Board at WSO2, Exo Platform. Investor at InfoQ, ZeroTurnaround, Cloudant.

ID 2902

Vamsi Sistla


CEO @telvetto CTO @offerboard, Angel @TIESV @arcfund @eniac-ventures Mentor @microsoft-ventures-accelerator-seattle @the Unreasonable Institute @springboard

ID 45553

Kevin Weatherman


@PubKevin Born in SF. Raised in SD. College at Berkeley. Worked at @adbrite. Worked at @pubmatic. Lived in SF. Live in NYC. VP at @mopub

ID 122409

Jared Kim

Founder & CEO at Forge. Previously founded @wegame (acquired by @tagged). Led Sidewalk, Labs, and Growth teams at Tagged.

ID 74

Nova Spivack


Serial entrepreneur / angel; 20 ventures, 2 IPOs. 1st investor in @klout. Founder: @bottlenose, @live-matrix, Daily Dot, @streamglider, Twine, @earthweb & Dice.

ID 95517

Shantanu Talapatra


Founder @showvine • Worked at @zynga • Studied at GaTech

ID 393270

Curtis Lee


CEO & Founder @luxe-valet • VP Product @groupon, Product @zynga, @google, @youtube • Studied @university-of-pennsylvania, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 1828

Mathew Spolin


Founder @sproutling, Noosh, @doubledutch. VP Eng at @one-medical-group, CTO @rateitall

ID 2416

Jesse Shieh


@square Engineer. @adku Co-Founder: sold to @groupon. @google Engineering Manager in Web Search, iGoogle Tech Lead, EMG Award Winner. @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 5198

Peter Rosberg


CEO @findtrusted, Mentor 500 startups. Prior:CTO @the-realreal, Dir New Ventures, @paypal. CTO (sold), Advisor/CTO esurance, bigwords.

ID 18193

David Soloff


Co-founder of Premise Data Corporation. Founding CEO of Metamarkets. Agoniste.

ID 160599

Steven Dupree


VP Marketing @sofi-1, Co-Founder @TheCatch, former GP @richmond-global, VP Online Mktg and Ops @logmein , MBA @stanford-graduate-school-of-business-1, BA @ Brandeis

ID 26844

Richard Price

Founder of @academia-edu. PhD at @oxford-university. Won @oxford-university's most competitive scholarship.

ID 65278

Ilya Lichtenstein

Currently working on @mixrank. @y-combinator alum. Previously built a performance marketing company. The one thing I know best is how to get traffic fast.

ID 271230

Stewart Allen


Founding CTO at webMethods, Investor/Founding CTO at Clearspring/AddThis, Investor/Founder/Board at XRDi. Hold patents in XML/B2B Integration, Data Processing.

ID 1841

Sahil Lavingia


Founder @gumroad. Early @pinterest.

ID 283458

Christopher Wendel


Partner and CFO

ID 33823

Higinio O. Maycotte


CEO at @umbel. Founder at @flightlock (acquired by Control Risks), Finetooth (now Mumboe), & most recently founding CTO of @the-texas-tribune.

ID 73499

Bhanu Sharma

CEO of @maker. Made products at @adobe-systems, @macromedia , @sony, @latitude-communications and @skyfire. Co-founded and successfully exited @wanadu.

ID 363948

Guillermo Rauch

Cloudup CTO

ID 15130

Jesse Sandoval


Co-President @stanfordangels1 CEO in Healthcare 2.0. Experience in Life Science. Gov 2.0. Stanford Grad. Seed Investor.

ID 46256

Brad Bowers


Founder, Managing Director of BlackInc Ventures. Former VP of Business Development for @cnet-networks (employee from 1996 - 2003). Advisor and Angel Investor.

ID 25433

Lluis Faus


CEO and Founder of @vlex, Gobal Legal Research Platform

ID 30265

Suzanne Xie

Founder @hullabalu and @weardrobe (now part of @google) • Worked at @goldman-sachs and @like-com • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 9337

Thomas Cornelius


Creator of @cashtie , SVP InComm, Founder @adility-acquired-by-incomm, Founder @addashop-com, focused on online to offline commerce.

ID 1000

Melody McCloskey


Founder @styleseat • @thiel-fellowship-mentor • Ran Digital Distribution at @current-tv

ID 65742

Kayvon Bina


Cofounder @metric-collective @addressreport @franchisehelp @smallbusinesspost • Prev @goldman-sachs, @lazard, @deloitte-consulting • B.S. @stanford-university

ID 82589

Omar Seyal


entrepreneur. current cofounder of @status. @stanford-university cs '03, @wharton-school mba '11, ycombinator s'11.

ID 1207

Dietrich von Behren


VP, Digital Media and Investments for A+E Networks. Prior, founder/CEO of @parentsclick-network, Inc., acquired by @Lifetime Entertainment in 2008.

ID 221

Michael Blend


co-founder OpenMail, former President/COO of @demand-media (NYSE: DMD), founder Hotkeys, Investor in @rssgraffiti, @scopely, @jawbone,

ID 16832

Tom Katis


Founder and CEO of @voxer, Founder and Co-Chairman of @triple-canopy

ID 106913

Steen Andersson


CEO/Founder @sensedoc, 3 exits, one to @microsoft. Founder @5thFinger and @multiplay. Mentor/Investor @startmate-exploration-fund. Dad & Electrical Engineer.

ID 98648

Aditya Bali


Co-founder BufferBox (Acquired by Google 2012, YCombinator S'12), University of Waterloo - Mechatronics Engineer. Start-up adviser, investor.

ID 159045

Ryan Tu


@tablerunner @Valley Fine Foods @summit-partners @stanford @berkeley Investor in @virool, @icharts @mozio @5a5-steaklounge

ID 29782

Gregarious Narain

Co-Founder of @chute. Previously first employee at @klout (VP Product) where I helped grow the team from 1 to 20. Fourth startup.

ID 10002

Josh Fraser


Co-founder & CTO at Forage. Previously founded @torbit (acquired by Walmart) and @eventvue. Computer Science @clemson-university.

ID 36009

Collin Jackson

Founder @apportable • Worked at @google, @betable • Studied at @stanford-university, @yale-university

ID 8920

Vijay Chattha

Investor and marketing partner through my brands VSC and

ID 191049

Lior Gavish

Worked at @paypal • Studied at @stanford-university, @tel-aviv-university

ID 19867

Paul Bohm


Game Theory Enthusiast

ID 42706

Rajesh Chandran

CEO/Founder, @tinker; CTO/Founder, (Nextag); Lead, pre-IPO NetSuite; Architect, Closedloop (Lawson). Team/Product/Tech Assembler.

ID 51707

Dan Rosen

CEO of Mosaic. Solar obsessed geek since I was a kid. 2x 30-under-30 by Forbes for Energy.

ID 118470

Chris Pelt

CTO of CrowdFlower. Loves the internets. Hipster

ID 22910

Brian Zisk


Founder @sf-musictech-summit , Future of Money & Technology Summit, SF MusicTech Fund, Future of Music Coalition, San FranZiskGo!, Green Witch (sold to CMGI) ++

ID 117231

Jesse Farmer

Co-founder of CodeUnion, formerly Dev Bootcamp & Everlane

ID 183974

Ken MacInnis

Co-founder Distill. Formerly Lead Architect Search and Infrastructure @stumbleupon, Sr. Tech Lead Webmap and Search at @yahoo • CE at @university-of-michigan, @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 57501

Ush Patel


Founder of @brightstart. Searching for investments for a small angel fund. Worked at @merrill-lynch. Brit.

ID 8789

Chris Smoak


Founder Volume11 Media. @y-combinator W06. Worked at @amazon, @nvidia , @microsoft. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 284722

John S. Kim


CEO @smile-mom. CEO @paprika-lab (acq. by GREE). Product guy. Korea #1 all-time Unreal Tournament champ, world #3 @WCGC2000. CS @seoul-national-university-1

ID 143030

Tina Fitch

Founding CEO @switchfly.Lead Mentor @BlueStartups. Adviser @SKAI Ventures. Startups in Asia, brand building and asset turnarounds in early career.

ID 4540

Doug Camplejohn


CEO and Founder. Carnegie-Mellon Engineer.

ID 110263

Tomer London


Co-founder/CPO, @zenpayroll. Co-founder/CEO, Vizmo. Worked at @bump, @intel. PhD leave at @stanford-university-1 EE (SGF) and @y-combinator alum

ID 9718

Jevon MacDonald


Early. Enterprise. Platforms.

ID 50089

John Shahidi

CEO and Co-Founder of Shots. Join Shots today!

ID 82355

Anson Tsai

Founder/CEO of and @anywhere-fm

ID 34278

Rene Reinsberg


GM/VP Product at @godaddy, previously Founder/CEO of @locu (acquired by @godaddy), formerly Goodplates, @morgan-stanley, @mckinsey-company. MIT alum.

ID 538

Gerard Cunningham


Founder @koolbit, @betfair-usa • Investor @kabam, @trigo-technologies-ibm, DemandTec

ID 114716

Andrew Eye


CEO/Founder - Boxer, COO/Founder @ciphent (Acq @accuvant), 2010 Inc. 500 16th Fastest Growing Company In America

ID 8009

Francisco Diaz-Mitoma Jr.


CEO & Co-Founder @revenue-com . Founder & Former CEO Titan Gaming (now @playsino and @xfire). Forbes 30 under 30 in Media. Graduated from McGill

ID 170128

Roger Wagner


Software designer, programmer, former owner of rare book auction house, private pilot, active in K-12 educational technology.

ID 11498

Chris Alden


Founder @red-herring, @rojo-networks • Worked at @six-apart, @tpg-capital • Investor @zozi

ID 343343

Lucas Duplan

Founder and CEO, Clinkle. B.S., Computer Science, Stanford University. Avid water polo player and reader.

ID 53078

Vladimir Giverts

CTO at @identified-3. Team builder and scalability expert.

ID 172204

Justin McCarthy


CEO/Co-founder @SmartShootinc, Bar Owner, Dogwalker, SF. Past: @google, @doubleclick, @NYTimes, BK.

ID 111712

Robert Fan

Founder & CTO of @sharethrough

ID 149125

Nadim Hossain


CEO @brightfunnel CMO @powerreviews (@bazaarvoice). 13+ yrs Products, Mktg & Sales: @salesforce @amazon @mcafee-inc. Cornell BA, @stanford-university-1 MBA

ID 255859

Nitin Gupta


Co-founder at Relcy • [email protected] Research Scientist • Advisor at @tushky-com • PhD from @cornell-university

ID 10294

John Benediktsson


Founder of Silfur Capital. Engineer, entrepreneur, trader, technologist, and angel investor.

ID 756

Christopher Golda


Founder of @backtype ( @y-combinator S08, acquired by @twitter). Ex @twitter Ads PM.

ID 53734

Tom Serres

Tom is the Founder and CEO of, an online fundraising platform. He is a leading thinker on social giving, the cause economy, & online fundraising.

ID 138547

Russ d'Sa


Worked at @twitter, @23andme • YC Summer 2007

ID 109070

Vaughan Rowsell

CEO of Principal of Voom Studio CTO of sold to Trade Me

ID 11547

Maria Alegre


Co-founder and CEO @chartboost

ID 53917

Jason Traff


Investor @bisonwood . Founded @leaky (Acq 2013). @y-combinator alum, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology dropout . Former pro gamer, ultramarathon runner.

ID 83460

Tim Csontos


VP Biz Dev @GoCurb Prior to - Cliqbook Travel sold to @concur. Investor in @gateguru @jetpac @boatbound @bulldog-gin . Ping Pong advocate.

ID 2198

Ben Finkel

Co-founder and CTO of Jelly. Previously, @fluther (acquired by Twitter), @twitter (Growth).

ID 19275

Steve Hoffman


Angel Investor & Captain of Founders Space - San Francisco's #1 Accelerator + Incubator

ID 34227

Randy Breen

Software publishing exec/game industry veteran most recently focussed on social media and mobile games. Former CEO of @sgn, CPO Emotiv, VP PD @lucasarts, EP at EA

ID 2076

Zachary Rosen

Co-founder and CEO of @pantheon, Owner of @mission-bicycle, Partner at @chapter-three.

ID 44568

Robert Bell

@stanford-university, YC S2013; Founded @klickex UN and SWIFT funded; Hi-Tech Young NZr of the year twice. Top new fintech business of 2013- SWIFT. Also founded @passport

ID 13917

Daniel Undurraga


Entrepreneur, Software engineer and seed investor. Co-founder @seahorse. Previously founded @needish and sold to @groupon in 2010.

ID 63484

Kevin Gibbon


Co-founder, CEO of @shyp . Canadian.

ID 64141

Jerry Jao


Founder @retention-science • Blogger @forbes • Worked at @morgan-stanley, @kpmg, @clear-channel-radio • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @yale-university

ID 31532

Itamar Lesuisse


I build and grow great products and amazing teams. Founder (@peak-1, @scoville, @kukunu) • Product (@amazon, @visa) • Strategy (@boston-consulting-group)

ID 4376

Tim Jones

Investor in @buzzient. Founder and CEO of @buzzient. Founder and Managing Principal of @tbj-investments, LLC. Early investor in mobile and social innovation.

ID 42169

Drew Olanoff

That Guy.

ID 10288

Dan Greenberg


Founder & CEO, @sharethrough: the Native Advertising company. We distribute brand content through native ads. @stanford-university + Forbes 30 Under 30 + AdAge Media Maven.

ID 37676

Aaron Krane


EIR at Khosla Ventures. CEO & Designer at Hitpost (acquired by Yahoo).

ID 17510

James Yu


Founder of @parse. Worked at @scribd and Dolby Laboratories. @stanford-university and @cornell-university Alum.

ID 15821

Tim Chae


EIR at @500startups. Founded @postrocket. Tech Entrepreneurship and Design at @babson-college College. Lifetime student in building companies.

ID 9260

Nick Frost

Business Development Manager at @mattermark Founder of @startuplist, Former VP of BizDev & Sales at @advsor. US Navy Veteran

ID 42319

Joel E. Resnicow

Mobile Product Lead @live-nation. CEO / Co-Founder of @rexly (acquired by LN). Digital media veteran. ABC Digital, @hulu, @twitter. @stanford-graduate-school-of-business / Yale grad.

ID 84294

Katherine Krug

Co-Founder at @everest, Founder & CEO at @fundrah, President at JB Christopher II, Entrepreneur, Doer, Dreamer.

ID 113779

Jean Bredeche

co-founder, CTO at @quantopian

ID 182422

Ian Shakil

Founder @augmedix • Worked at @intuitive-surgical, @mc10, @edwards-lifesciences • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @duke-university

ID 58760

Uli Mittermaier


Co-Founder of docTrackr (Techstars 2012) and Brainloop. Worked at Netscape.

ID 32849

Joel Andren

CEO of PressFriendly, intent on fixing PR. Previously co-founded Bitcasa; first marketing hire at 4 venture funded startups.

ID 4059

Jody Sherman

CEO & Co-Founder of @ecomom. Sold last startup to Richard Branson's Virgin Group. Worked at @lycos, NBCi, PTC, @sgi. Several exits (Buydirect for $140M)

ID 140353

Scott Snibbe

Founder @eyegroove , @snibbe-studio • Worked at @adobe-systems, @interval-research • Studied at @brown-university, @rhode-island-school-of-design

ID 1475

Andy Chung


Europe @angellist, Co-founder @what-s-in-my-handbag, Team member of @eden-ventures. Team member @m-pesa

ID 7067

Allen Nance


Investor @springbot, @whatcounts • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 72341

Sean Safahi

Founder @bold-4 • Co-Founder @zipzap. Likes coffee.

ID 78695

Roger Lee


Co-Founder of @paperg. B.A. from @harvard-university.

ID 6238

Kyle Wild


Wisdom seeker. Student of social, cognitive, and computer systems. Co-founder & CEO of @keen-io

ID 111798

Jacob Jaber


Founder & CEO @ Philz Coffee

ID 167285

Victor Wong


CEO of @paperg. Built leading ad creative platform used by 100+ media companies, 10,000+ advertisers, and 100,000+ ads.

ID 1260

Jonathan Pines

Founder @giftrocket • Worked at @facebook Investor @comprehend, @splitwise Studied at @stanford-university, @harvard-university

ID 119325

Wesley Barrow


Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer at @nomi • Worked at @buddy-media, @william-morris-agency @comcast • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 47341

David Emanuel

CEO and CoFounder of Medlert. Born in South Africa and now living in the US full time.

ID 71910

Chris Fenster

Serial startup CFO, husband, daddy, armchair cyclist.

ID 75419

Paul Biggar


CEO of @circleci ( @y-combinator alumnus, former @mozilla senior engineer, former @lookout principal engineer, PhD in Computer Science (compilers, @trinity-college College Dublin)

ID 4906

Niraj Shah

Product @apple Former Product @beats-music Product @monsoon. Co-Founder @jixee.

ID 53737

Ryan Buckley

Co-founder of We do writing services for businesses. Also worked biz dev at @rapleaf. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management, MBA 2009 Harvard Kennedy School, MPP 2009

ID 26893

Gagan Palrecha


CEO @chirply CEO @the-first-time-records CEO @peekok VP Bus Dev @zattoo Director Product Management @sennari Engineer @vontu Infrastructure @loudcloud

ID 163916

Leore Avidar

Co-founder @lob. Worked at @aws, @citigroup, @google , @motorola • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne


Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now used to share 500K posts/day, with $4.3m ARR. Blogger, speaker, advisor. @angelpad alum.

ID 143473

Derek Ball

Startup Fanatic & music lover, Founder @atVenu, @tynt, @sonic-mobility • Experienced startup CEO with multiple successful exits • Problem solver!

ID 4641

Jeremy Howard


Now: Singularity University; Previous: President / Chief Scientist @kaggle; Founder @FastMail (sold to Opera) and @ODG (sold to Choicepoint). Worked @McKinsey.

ID 76234

Brian Martinez

Founder/COO at @madesolid (@y-combinator W14) Previously Founder/CEO at @tioki. B.A. Business/Entrepreneurship - UC Santa Barbara. Worked at @adroll and @cbiz

ID 2645

Jon Crawford

Founder & CEO of @storenvy. Technical, design, and product-savvy. Former small biz e-commerce engineer and consultant. Loves a good API and a good IPA.

ID 55048

Eneko Knorr


Founder and CEO at @ludei. Founder at @hostalia (acquired by Telefonica). Investor in @ticketbis, @chicisimo, @couchcommerce, @notorious, @foundum-s-l ...

ID 423387

Laurent Gil

Former CEO and Co-founder of Viewdle - Sold to Google. Advisor WeHeartIt and Nextivity Inc.

ID 146371

Victor Ghitescu


Venture Hacker at @angellist. Previous startup experience with @topguest. Worked at @goldman-sachs and @ubs. @university-of-sydney-1 Finance & Law

ID 98538

David Langer

Founder & CEO, @zesty-1. Co-Founder & former CEO, @groupspaces. Oxford mathematician. CrossFit athlete.

ID 5987

Mikko Alasaarela


Creative Entrepreneur. Founder and investor in numerous startups.

ID 1929

Jonas Brandon


Cofounder of StartupNorth (@startupnorth), Captual (acq by @desire2learn). Seed investor in GoInstant (acq by @salesforce) and more!

ID 30608

Larry Halff


Founder @gnolia-systems-llc, @Contrast LLC • Investor @apptimize, @zuli • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia, @earlham-college

ID 61882

BJ Heinley

Founder / Inventor - Investor at STAG - Provisions for Men Founder - @base-fine-art-gallery Founder - @verde-camp Board Member - Texas Sculpture Group

ID 2827

Yu-kai Chou

Rated #1 Gamification Guru ( Gamification Consultant and International Speaker at TEDx, Stanford, Accenture, SxSW, Google, etc.

ID 2695

Shane Walker


Consumer growth hacker: web, social and mobile.

ID 77471

Mik Naayem


Founder @fuel-2 • Investor @twenty20-1 • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 1299

Dan Kurani


Founder & CEO of @photodrop. Previously, founded @thumb - 3 billion opinions & a Top 100 interactive agency that built products for Nike, etc.

ID 74677

Ryan King


Worked at @twitter, @technorati.

ID 36361

Stephanie Hay

Founder, co-founder @fastcustomer +; mentor @500startups + @fortifyvc + Lean Startup Machine; content, UX, operations.

ID 144930

Chris Herndon


Founder @apartment-list • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @gtcr • Studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business, @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 59426

Jonas Lamis


CEO & Co-founder of @sensai-corporation. Co-founded @rally and @Techranch. MBA + Engineer.

ID 116779

Jennifer 8. Lee

CEO of @plympton. Launch team at @upworthy. Reporter at The @New York Times. Bestselling author. Survived Colbert. Applied math at @harvard-university.

ID 21733

Eric Bieller

Co-founder of @sqwiggle. Previously Lead UI Designer at @tapjoy and Head of Product at @urthecast. I make web things.

ID 61485

Nicholas Eisenberger

Founder, @pure-energy-partners, a cleantech special forces outfit. 20yr+ cleantech investor & entrepreneur. Fmr advisor to Immelt on ecomagination. Harvard Law

ID 5705

Dan Meader


Allowance Manager @inplace NetVisits Ex-Apple Ex-Adobe UCB Economics

ID 112156

Niko Ralf Cunningham

Founder @caarbon • Founder @quilt, @nerd-swagger-inc • @koemei Fellow at @kauffman-foundation-1 • @harvard-university, @yale-university @columbia-university

ID 6350

Jeff Patterson

Co-founder IUMA (sold to EMusic), Co-Founder VisiblePath (sold to Dun & Bradstreet), Co-Founder Directly.

ID 452644

Alex Banh


Partner @ IPV Capital. Past: Founder/CEO @ SW-Linux, Co-Founder of, SWP.

ID 115952

Christopher Gooley

Making @preact the industry leader in predictive customer behavior. Previously: @earbits-yc-w11, @foliohd, @humantelligence

ID 90042

Marcus Whitney


CMO and Co-Founder at @jumpstart-foundry

ID 12091

Jeff Smith


Founder & CEO, Healthcare Entrepreneur

ID 7941

Apoorva Mehta

CEO @ Instacart Previously @ @amazon, RIM & Qualcomm, UWaterloo Engineering Grad

ID 150201

Winston Ibrahim

Founder & CEO @hydros-bottle. Director/Investor at @thinkimpact. Investor in @runa-2, Investor in @ribbon , Nurture Inc aka HappyFamily Brands, and American Halal.

ID 20032

Bobby Maylack

CMO at @prizeo • Founded @virtual-chapter-1 • Worked at @everest • Studied at @miami-university University

ID 17653

Eran Eyal


CEO / Founder @springleap; CoFounder evly (acquired); Designed 16 mobile phones (acquired); M&G Top 200 South Africans; Old Mutual top 36 Entrepreneurs

ID 107416

Shadiah Sigala

Cofounder & Head of Customer @honeybook. Previous @activehours. Studied public leadership @harvard-university, @pomona-college.

ID 159460

Alan Chan

Founder & CEO at Bread (acquired by Yahoo) • Worked at @summit-partners • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 61981

Jessica Alter


Founder/CEO @founderdating • Led Platforms and BD at @bebo (acquired by @AOL Time Warner ); mentor @500 Startups and @Extreme Startups

ID 18872

Priyank Chodisetti

Founder, CTO @mulu. Founder, CTO @give and Take. Software Engineer of @google, @microsoft, @aardvark. MSCS @stanford-university .

ID 57730

Matt Swanson

Cofounder and CTO at SpeakerText

ID 10565

Josh Buckley


Founder @edeo-minomonsters • Investor @dailybooth, @beyond-games

ID 230299

Bruce McCormack, M.D.


Neurosurgeon & Healthcare Entrepreneur

ID 10888

Joseph Cohen


Founder @lore-1 • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 221460

Dave Llorens

3X entrepreneur into disruptive opportunities that are, at least on the outside, boring. First was an online gambling software business that printed money but was killed by the Internet Gambling Act of 2006. Next was One Block off the Grid, hailed the “Gr

ID 61049

Jae Kwon

Built the @yelp iPhone app. Web services at Alexa. Computer science B.S. from Cornell.

ID 230491

Adam Derewecki

Founder of CameraLends. Former Director of Engineering at ApartmentList, technical lead at Yelp and Causes.

ID 162632

Tyler Bosmeny


Founder @clever • Forbes 30 Under 30 • Previously employee #1 @paperg • BA in Applied Math @harvard-university & MA in Statistics @harvard-university

ID 6754

Aaron Hall


Founder of @boatbound & avid boater. @university of Arizona. 3 previous exits.

ID 15995

Dan Parham


Co-founder @neighborland. Product Designer. Former Director of User Experience @yahoo.

ID 39003

Chris Petrovic


Senior digital exec, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor. Over 15 years of industry experience; Strong business and strategy acumen - all about growing revenue.

ID 64190

Andrew Waage

CTO @ @retention-science. @university-of-california-berkeley EECS, E&Y Entrepreneur of the Year, machine learning, data mining, prediction technology, hadoop, eCommerce, Ruby on Rails

ID 2159

Mircea Pasoi

Growth Hacker @twitter, Co-founder @summify, @balaurro

ID 197119

Jin Koh


Founder Original Stitch, @startforce • Worked at @splashtop • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 228065

Rupert Ralston


Founder, Developer, Angel investor

ID 38186

Stephen Svajian


CEO @fresh, CEO @ybuy, CEO @audiocasefiles. JD, @college-of-william-and-mary, BA @tufts-university.

ID 2306

Jesse Pickard

Co-Founder and CEO of @mindsnacks

ID 4158

Brett Welch

Cofounder @switchcam (500S F11). Cofounder @goodbarry (sold to Adobe). Software engineer. Fun fact: speaks Chinese.

ID 129821

Craig Harper

Founder @irisnote, @apisphere, @avasta exec team as CTO/VP Eng • Worked at @interactyx • Studied at @babson-college, University of California, San Diego

ID 57571

Blake Pierson

Founder of @lovely; @citigroup M&A; @university-of-pennsylvania '05 (Wharton); grew up in Real Estate space.

ID 24316

Bastian Lehmann

Posmtates Co-Founder & CEO - I'm addicted to customer feedback. I have no respect for the status quo.

ID 20974

Reuven Cohen


Chief Technology Advocate @citrix-systems | xFounder Enomaly & @CloudCamp | co-host @DigitalNibbles by @intel | Mentor @techstars @alchemist-accelerator

ID 1912

Chris McCann

Community @greylock-partners. Founded @startupdigest @grouptie. Mentor @thiel-fellowship-20-under-20

ID 35179

Stephen Hood

Co-Founder of @blockboard, formerly head of product for @del-icio-us, PM for @yahoo Search and @bea-systems.

ID 63094

Adam Broadway


Founder, DesksNear.Me, PeerAnalytics, Founder/CTO and Trainer @business-catalyst (acquired by Adobe);

ID 26881

Selcuk Atli

Co-founder and CEO of @boostable. Previously founded @socialwire. Endeavor entrepreneur, Fulbright scholar and singer-songwriter.

ID 328548

Charles Armstrong

CEO at Sphere. MICA design grad (Magna Cum Laude). Pano industry speaker. co-founder. TourWrist founder.

ID 138556

Chris Hohman

Founder Connect6, Seasoned product leader & entrepreneur • Worked at Yahoo, Adobe, Autodesk,, Cisco • Studied at Stanford, Santa Clara, Cal Poly

ID 224903

Ti Chang

Founder @crave , @incoqnito • Worked at @trek-bicycle-corp @zeo • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @Royal College of Art

ID 5357

Sahil Jain

Co-founder & CEO of @adstage. Past: Co-founder & CMO of YC & @sv-angel @trigger-io-1 at 20, @yahoo at 17, AOL Corp Devt at 19, UC @university-of-california-berkeley Philosophy & Econ.

ID 18616

Saumil Mehta

CEO at @locbox, Director of Product at @kosmix (responsible for a product line generating $30M top line), Software Engineer at Ning/Voltage, Masters CS @stanford-university.

ID 48574

Sean Ahrens

Product CEO of Crohnology • @y-combinator Alum (2x) • @votizen, @1000memories, @messageparty • @uc-berkeley Business, Comp Sci

ID 92511

Rakesh Tondon


Founder and CEO @ LE TOTE • Fashion Enthusiast

ID 107562

Andrew Dowling

Founder and CEO of @stitch & @tapestry-5 • 2x Entrepreneur • @startmate-exploration-fund mentor • @fishburners director • Director of Technology at @honeywell • @insead-1 MBA • @500startups

ID 74415

Jason Culbertson


I design products and create brands. Creative Director @ Rewarder. Former Creative Director @yammer. Mentor @ Startup Monthly. Advisor @ Soldsie and @ringadoc.

ID 60722

David Recordon


Builder at @facebook • Investor @onbeep, @upverter, @spark, @viacycle • Advisor @superfeedr • Ex- @six-apart, @verisign and OAuth/OpenID

ID 18258

Jakub Krzych

CEO & Co-Founder of Estimote, Inc. (YC S13). Product-oriented. Sold previous company to the largest CEE media group.

ID 59207

Alexander Torrenegra

Founder and CEO of Torrenegra Labs and Bunny Inc. (VoiceBunny, Voice123, etc.). Investor.

ID 42517

Brian Backus

Founder @kidlandia, Signal • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @the-walt-disney-company • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @harvard-university

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 502755

Monica Zent


CEO @ Foxwordy. Founder @ ZentLaw (reps Apple, Facebook, SAP, Intuit, MS, Y!, etc.). Pioneer of Alt+Law model. Former Athlete. Investor. Advisor. Author.

ID 249918

mac hofeditz


Nearly a quarter century of working with institutional investors to discover outstanding investment opportunities. Private investor, wine collector, UCLA sports fanatic, traveler, husband, and father to 2 amazing kids.

ID 146565

Kakul Srivastava

Awesome at product strategy, execution, team building. Worked at @yahoo, @flickr • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, University of California, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 162066

George Su


Founder @whathavei • Worked at @salesforce, @infoseek • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 8019

Paolo Privitera


@pick1 CEO "Know Your Customers" part of @startupchile @500startups - Polyhedric Human Network Router & Serendipity Innovator believing in Exponential Growth

ID 206983

Russ Heddleston


Co-founder and CEO at DocSend

ID 210273

Frank Stratton

Founder Runscope • Former API Tech-Lead @twilio • Worked at @Pelago, @amazon • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 110199

Nisheeth Ranjan

Co-Founder/CTO at @brightfunnel, @introrocket. Built @zamanzar-com tech/business, Worked at @trulia, @liveops, Netscape. @stanford-university MSCS in AI, @cornell-university BSCS.

ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 128905

Jonathan Haswell


Owner Simraceway Performance Driving Center and Audi sportscar experience, Sonoma Raceway • Creator of Simraceway Online Racing World • 2 Patents •

ID 402202

Paul Midgen

CEO of Message Bus. Founder @angry-man-eats. Worked at @hotmail, @microsoft.

ID 24357

Sean Plaice

Second time entrepreneur, Ex-Yelp, Engineer

ID 54636

Rob Phillips

Former iOS Lead at @everest. Created and sold a hunting app company. Created @brevidy, an open source video social network.

ID 83835

Matt Pakes

Product at @facebook • Founder @miso (sold to @dijit-media)

ID 100233

Martin Ringlein


Veteran creative director and entrepreneur, holding extensive experience building and managing creative teams within start-ups, in-house and agency cultures.

ID 77493

Ken Arnold


Founder @cyberarts, @datalogix-int-l • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @pace-university

ID 119981

Stefan Jørgensen

CEO @itembase • formerly founded @meetyourmessenger, @shopman, @valueshop, @zapry @quenture • Studied at @aarhus-university University

ID 34055

Steve Goodman


Technology entrepreneur and investor. Founded @plum-district, @lasso-logic, and @PacketTrap. CEO at ( Investor at TobaCapital (

ID 40749

Roy Vella


Entrepreneur & @stanford-university JD/MBA. Simply put, my passion is growing business in mobile/web industries, the convergence of online and offline activities.

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 36773

Adam Rodnitzky

Founder @completecar-com (acquired by, 11/00); Founder @tacitlogic ; Founder @retel-technologies (acquired by ShopperTrak, 09/12).

ID 42794

Steven Noels

Founder @outerthought, @ngdata - Big Data Beef.

ID 152119

William Hockey

Founder @plaid • Worked at @bain-company • Studied at @emory-university

ID 329174

Zavain Dar


Investor @lux-capital Stanford Philosophy & CS, Adjunct Lecturer Cofounder, Fountainhop Data Scientist, Discovery Engine Data Driven Nihilist

ID 133717

Steve Felter

CEO at @gamesalad

ID 7130

Dean Fankhauser

Founder of @nuji. Previously worked at @yahoo, @havas and various digital agencies in @london and abroad in @strategy and @user Experience Design

ID 4463

Sean Byrnes


Founder of @flurry, currently a Free Agent. Active angel and startup advisor. Masters from Cornell, BA from Dartmouth.

ID 10665

Anton Bernstein


Building Virtual Worlds @pocketz. Founder @smeeters @lookingo @aussiecommerce. Former VC @redpoint-ventures and @insight-venture-partners.

ID 60295

Colin Barceloux


Founder at

ID 22911

Jack Smith


Jack of all trades, master of some. Advisor to @coin-2 , @addy , @survios Previously Co-Founded @shyp & @vungle.

ID 30840

Davy Kestens


Founder and CEO at Sparkcentral. Developer since age 13. Public speaker. Enjoying life.

ID 144345

Alexander Debelov

CEO @virool. Previously, started 2 companies & int'l non-profit. Entrepreneur Magazine's Top 5 Emerging Entrepreneurs '13. YC S'12, BS @babson-college College '10.

ID 125745

Jared Graf

Head of Marketing @hipcamp • Cofounder @betabrand • Digital Marketer

ID 11030

Dave Mathews


Created print/UPC-to-web scanning w/ CueCat. Won an Emmy w/ Slingbox, #1 startup at CEA iStage w/ @boxee & Best Technology at @launch w/ @newaer Proximity Platform

ID 418193

Gernot Zacke


Investor at Atomico. Angel.

ID 2879

Jared Goralnick

Founder & CEO, @awayfind. Co-Founded Inbox Love. Mentor at 500 Startups & FI. Sold previous co. Deep business, engineering, content & UX experience.

ID 7277

Peter Boctor


CTO & Co-founder @skedadel

ID 152114

Kristoph Matthews

Former scientist, now revolutionizing the storage industry. Founder @boxbee, PhD, Electrical & Computer Engineering @cornell-university.

ID 26828

Anand Chandrasekaran


CPO at Bharti Airtel. Earlier Sr. Director (@yahoo), Advisor (@storm-ventures). @world-economic-forum YGL. Founder, @aeroprise (acq. BMC Software), @openwave.

ID 5869

Alex Bangash


Rumson Group. Helped invest in over 50 funds spanning private equity, Growth, VC and Real Estate. Invested globally in US, India, Europe, and China.

ID 35252

Yann Lechelle


Co-founder, CTO & COO @appsfire, pioneer in app reco and app promotion services. Startup angel, mentor. Paris based. Basketball player. @insead-mba

ID 56022

Ari Mir

CEO at @pocket-change

ID 61658

Brett Kopf

Founder @remind101

ID 4193

Chris Schultz


Founder @voodoo-ventures, @launchpad • Investor @disruption-corporation, @neighborland • Studied at @university-of-virginia, @university-of-southern-california

ID 35017

Alexa Andrzejewski

Cofounder of @foodspotting-part-of-opentable. Formerly a UX consultant at @adaptive-path & Lextant.

ID 61649

Vu Nguyen

Co-founder of @beautylish

ID 120409

Sameer Iyengar

Co-founder @beautylish. Previously: data @google, monetization @youtube, medical devices @uc-berkeley, missile interceptors @lockheed-martin.

ID 35822

Josh Whiting

Technical Co-Founder at @blockboard. Formerly: senior engineer at @craigslist, ran engineering team at @delicious-part-of-avos. Technical background but always product-focused

ID 35787

Sunil Rajaraman

CEO/Co-Founder Numbers guy. Former @navigant-consulting data/stats group. I love marketplace businesses.

ID 110258

Edward Kim


Co-founder/CTO, @zenpayroll. Co-founder/CEO, @picwing (Acquired in 2011). Award-winning Android developer ($1MM/year in app sales). BS/MS EE at @stanford.

ID 14970

Nilay Patel

Co-Founder & CEO at @selligy • Worked at @mailfrontier, @backblaze • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 172154

Don MacLennan

Co-founder @bluenose-analytics • Worked at @avg-technologies , @rsa-security, @sap • Studied at @acadia-university. Specialties: Big Data analytics, Freemium, SaaS

ID 5830

Markus Ament

Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at @taulia. Co-founder of @ebydos (sold to ReadSoft).

ID 42124

Kyle Lui


Entrepreneurial Investor @dcm Ex-PM @salesforce, Co-Founder/CEO @choicepass (acquired by, Harvard MBA

ID 327682

Adam Foroughi



ID 96532

Gino Zahnd

Co-founder & CEO of Cozy. Previously founded Seabright Studios, led UX at @flickr, @splunk, and @kosmix.

ID 38510

Erik Smith

Partner at @shuffle-interactive; Co-founder / Director of Product; Consultant at the Council for Economic Education; Advisor at Class Badges

ID 25074

Stew Langille


CEO and Co-Founder of @visual-ly VP Marketing CMO and Co-Founder of (Sold to Synovus), 500 Startups Mentor Adviser to @dailyburn (Sold)

ID 23836

Garrett Wilson

Entrepreneur. Interested in working together? Let's chat.

ID 38782

Jake Fuentes

Founder/CEO at Level. Former Emerging Products @visa. Data nerd. @stanford grad.

ID 4795

Amir Nathoo


Founder @trigger-io-2, @webmynd-corp • Worked at @ibm • Investor @exec

ID 117784

Anda Gansca

Co-Founder and CEO of @knotch. Former Co-founder & President @ 3 non-profits. Data Nerd ( Economics/International Relations, @stanford-university).

ID 108678

Vinay Ramani

Lead product teams at Adobe, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Openwave. Mobile, Web, Developer Platforms guru. 3 jobs in 1: CEO, UI Designer, Front End Engineer

ID 212537

Suresh Venkateswaran

VP of Product & Tech - StaffRanker, multichannel commerce, retail & Internet Media. Strong product background(PayPal/eBay, Yahoo!), MBA Pepperdine

ID 696

Ricky Kin Wong


VC @ Innovation Works: US/China 5 yrs Software Engineer @ Google Ads: US 3 yrs in Publishing MS/BS in CS @ UCSB: Graduated at 21 MBA @ INSEAD: France/Singapore

ID 57325

Arun Thampi

Co-founder at @nitrous-io. Previously: Early Engineer wego (2.5M+ MUV), Palm & Motorola. EE @ NUS with Entrepreneurship Minor from @stanford-university. Started Addressgate.

ID 243554

John McGuire

CEO. Background in Big Data and various behavioral psychologies as applied to sports. Worked at @nortel-networks. Went to @university-of-limerick.

ID 1559

Greg Isenberg


CEO of 5by (Acquired by StumbleUpon) & Venture Partner @indicator Ventures

ID 77975

Dan Carroll


Co-Founder/Product at @clever • Former science teacher/school tech director • BA Biology from @harvard-university University

ID 23431

Rob Chaplinsky


Investor in @imvu, @proofpoint, @xactly, @cortina-systems, @rypple, @dayforce.

ID 50411

Jonathan Woolf

@500Startups Mentor, Founder at @assistant-to, Marketing Machine, Product Enthusiast, User Experience Designer

ID 82089

Rod Begbie

Co-founder & CTO at @sosh • • Seeking super-smart engineers, passionate about products • Previous Lives: @slide, @bose-corporation, @sapient

ID 182554

Kevin Bong

Founded @auditfile ; studied @ucla; worked @deloitte

ID 37980

Ramin G. Far

Entrepreneur/Angel, CEO Versus, Ex-MTV/Viacom/Daimler/KPN

ID 60342

Tomaz Stolfa

Founder at @layer. Previously @vox-io

ID 190213

Ty Amell

Founder @stackmob, the original Backend-As-A-Service. Now at @paypal and a former engineer at @imeem

ID 4366

Jason Skowronski

Founder @keona-health • Worked at @loggly, @amazon • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 98695

Daniel Goldfarb


Partner at Greenstart

ID 38643

Charles Oppenheimer


@twilio now. Software for life. Repeat offender entrepreneur. @angelpad alum.

ID 45465

Zach Perret


Co-Founder of @plaid

ID 36820

Dave Fowler

Founder @chartio (YC s10) and previously SocialBrowse (YC w08). One of IBM's most patented interns ever. Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012 and 2013.

ID 9416

Jim Patterson


Product team leader at @google, @youtube, @stanford-university CS, @intel-capital, CPO, 3 kleiner/2 sequoia firms, acquired by @microsoft + @yahoo. Summitted Everest.

ID 126775

Lukasz Kostka

Co-Founder & CTO of @estimote, Inc.

ID 82916

John Vars


Chief Product Officer @taskrabbit , previously VP Product @saymedia, Co-founder @dogster (sold to SAY Media), @preview-travel, and @travelocity.

ID 29334

Kevin Halter

Cofounder and VP of Business Development @getable • Worked at @pfizer • Studied at @tufts-university

ID 30188

Brian Wilhite

[email protected] [email protected] Boutique Investment Bank(Acquired by Stern Agee). [email protected] Kasper&Co(Acquired by WellsFargo).Board of [email protected]

ID 4999

Bjoern Lasse Herrmann

Founder & CEO at @compass-4 / Math, Front-End, Marketing guy / founded 2 previous software startups w/customers: @google, @intuit, EADS, etc.

ID 1905

Matt Mireles


Serial entrepreneur.

ID 39191

Pierre-Olivier Latour

Founded @everpix. Sold motion graphics tech to @apple. Founded game company @french-touch-sarl. Built award-winning #1 ranking free iPad app for @cooliris.

ID 263356

Andrew Look

Co-Founder and CTO @URX_tech. Vancouver-born, SF Bay Area-raised, UCLA alumni. Obsessed with BigData and Machine Learning

ID 32747

Steven Willmott

CEO and co-founder of @3scale ( Mission to put APIs everywhere.

ID 12401

Cooper Marcus


Growth Hacker & App Marketplace expert - I make product + marketing = ultra-efficient customer acquisition. Founded 5 startups. Kellogg MBA, Angel Pad alum.

ID 9515

Geoffrey Shmigelsky


CEO at Think Exponential

ID 36605

Buster Benson

Co-founder/CTO at Habit Labs/Health Month. Co-founder Robot Co-op (sold to @amazon). Creator of Locavore (sold to Local Dirt/Hevva). Creator of

ID 82877

Tom Williams


Learned Product Management & Marketing @ @apple starting at 15. VC Associate at 19. Mid twenties: Pioneered crowdfunding.

ID 24843

Jason Crawford

Co-founder & CEO, @fieldbook. Previously: Co-founder & CTO, @kima-labs (sold to @groupon); team lead @amazon; built supercomputers @d-e-shaw; CS @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 32492

Kenneth Shaw


CEO of Tawkify, Top 30 FB Developers in 2007 with over 6M users, Principal Imagineer at @one-kings-lane, Product Planner for Office Labs at @microsoft

ID 3195

David Spinks

CEO of Feast. CoFounder at @thecommunitymanager-com. Previously founded @blogdash. Ran community at @zaarly @udemy @seatgeek and @leweb

ID 35891

Gaurav Sharma

Co-Founder and Engineer

ID 40814

Ernest W. Semerda


a^2 + b^2 = c^2

ID 5474

Daniel Blake Saltman


Serial Entrepreneur with focus on consumer web. Founded several companies (3 acquired, 1 VC backed). Been working on startups for over a decade

ID 196570

Oz Alon

Co-founder & CEO @honeybook. 1st venture at the age of 5, with seed round led by the kindergarten teacher :)

ID 2212

Sina Khanifar


Currently a tech activist. Co-Founder at @opensignal and @repeaterstore.

ID 114266

Sean Lane


Chairman of the Board of @bts Corporation, @betamore, Digital Harbor Foundation, Lane Capital, @crosschx, and @ostp-ventures.

ID 164603

Audrey Tsang

Co-founder of @waddle. Worked at @yelp, @yahoo • BS/MS in CS - @stanford-university.

ID 1587

Bertram Meyer

CEO at @taulia Inc., San Francisco

ID 91846

Brett Northart

Founder @le-tote (YC S13). Designer. Burrito connoisseur.

ID 9634

Geoffrey Clapp

Entrepreneur. Advisor @Rock_Health. Former COO/CTO of @health-hero-network, leading company from funding through major M&A exit. Worked at @apple, Kodak

ID 11179

David Blake

Founder of Degreed. Stanford EdTech Entrepreneurs. Founding product manager at @zinch, successfully acquired by @chegg.

ID 77356

Kemal El Moujahid

Founder and CEO of ex-Bain & Co, Stanford MBA.

ID 47551

Joe Ariel

CEO/Founder at

ID 279550

Ryan Bowermaster

Founder the HiVE™ • Worked at @yahoo, @glam-media

ID 129921

Voja Lalich


Entrepreneur focusing on early-stage technology companies.

ID 31590

Eoghan McCabe

CEO of @intercom

ID 174033

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski


Founder of @upshiftpartners Growth Stage Sales Accelerator Co- Founder @calfinder bootstrapped to 20m • Investor and Advisor. Sales Geek

ID 152841

Justin Rosenthal

Founder @messageme • Worked at @lolapps • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 169098

Paul Rivera

Founder & CEO of Kalibrr. Co-founded major Philippines BPO serving top Valley startups '07 - '11. Experience with @google & @mercantila. Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 72852

Steven Ou

Founder @touchofmodern • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 18488

Ville Miettinen


Founder & CEO at @microtask. Founder & CTO of @hybrid-graphics (@nvidia Finland). HackFwd referrer. Coach at Startup Sauna.

ID 151332

Jesse Proudman

Founder and CEO of @blue-box. Graduated from the Business Leadership Program at @university-of-puget-sound. Building tomorrow's technology today.

ID 142466

mahmoud abdelkader

@balanced Cofounder & CTO. Former @milo, @ebay, @wachovia-securities. Hackerpreneur.

ID 22253

Jason Novek

Founder at @ownlocal, Y-Combinator Winter 2010.

ID 32581

Adil Lalani

Founder at SurfYourWork; @university-of-waterloo Software Engineering;

ID 45954

Tom Whipple

Software engineer & entrepreneur.

ID 182073

Scott Jacobs


ID 316748

Julien Bellanger

Co-founder/CEO @prevoty. Previously founded PRN in LATAM @technicolor and Personagraph @intertrust. BtoB fan during the day, French cook at night.

ID 160133

Allen Rohner

Founder, CTO, @circle-4. Machine Learning background. Clojure contributor. 2nd time entrepreneur. Tech Lead of 4 products and 30 engineers @crossroads-systems .

ID 152844

Vivek Tatineni

Founder @messageme • Worked at @lolapps • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 99956

Thomas Arend, Ph.D.

Creative Thinker, Entrepreneur, Ex-Google, Twitter, Airbnb and Mozilla, Innovator, User Advocate, AI Researcher, Electronic Musician, Swiss Chocolate Addict.

ID 4261

Christopher MacGown

Founder and CTO of @piston-cloud-computing-inc Computing (@pistoncc). I like pez.

ID 72742

Dennis Liu


Founder & CEO at @touchofmodern • Worked at @ernst-young, @jpmorgan-chase • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 264908

James Lawrence Turner

Founder @urx • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 45227

Leo Widrich

Co-Founder of @buffer, Marketing Geek. Blogger for Mashable, TNW, IncMag. Hustler. How can I help you? :)

ID 1330

Paul Veugen

Co-founder @human. Founded @usabilla. Product guy, designer, and data junky. Avid cyclist.

ID 83952

Dave Maestri


Invented Mob Wars. Co-founded @metamoki. Angel investor here and there.

ID 149230

Amit Sasturkar

Founder/CEO of stealth startup, CTO of Twurler. 2nd Engineer @lexity. Web Search @google and @Yahoo. Strong background in large-scale systems, algorithms, and data mining.

ID 8787

Jeff J. Lin

Co-founder of @captricity. Previously: @microsoft (MSN, Bing Maps). Eclectic background incl: gold record with a rock band and running a small newspaper

ID 789

Kurt Collins

Co-Founder: @enole. Engineer: @sgi, @cnet, @razorfish. Business Development: @photobucket, @clearspring.

ID 141144

Nadeem Kassam


Founder at Basis, Director at Zynik Capital, serial entrepreneur and angel investor, need to find a cure for that.

ID 237893

Michael Sharkey

CEO & Co-founder of All-in-One Intelligent Marketing Platform for Professional Marketers.

ID 184872

Jonathan Wu

COO at @touchofmodern • Worked at @oliver-wyman • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 59958

Stephen Ufford

3 startups, 3 exits, every 3 years since I was a kid.

ID 116445



Founder CEO @brandid. Experienced entrepreneur with focus on retail & ecommerce. Built last retail chain to 10 stores in London, 60+ employees & $3m+ revenue

ID 101990

Diane Loviglio


CEO & Founder @ShareSomeStyle Mentor @500startups Founder @failcon, @wattbot • Worked at @mozilla • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 68027

Sharam Fouladgar-Mercer


Entrepreneur/Co-Founder @airpr • EIR @shasta-ventures, VC @sierra-ventures • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @princeton-university

ID 35003

Mark Cheshire

COO at @3scale. Previously VP Products at SaaS company, @ntrglobal, and Head of Prod Mgmt at HP Software. MIT Sloan. Driving [R]evolution through APIs.

ID 57699

Doug Wormhoudt

Founder and President of @lovely, 2nd startup • Started developing professionally before I could vote • Worked at @tyco-international, @sogeti-usa

ID 117654

Dr. Andrew Brandeis

Founder @sharepractice, @medfinds-com • Worked at @care-practice

ID 42118

Bradley Greenwood

Founder at @scal-io and @shotlist. Ex-Yahoo. Hacker, Designer, Bootstrapper.

ID 159710

Doug Marinaro

co-founder of @liquidspace, entrepreneur, software/internet/mobile/SaaS dude. Cal BS/MS Engineering

ID 94998

Khalid Itum


Active Angel, Entrepreneur & Advisor Top VP @ $110mm Company Brand, Marketing, Biz & Partner Dev Strategy Star Mountain Capital, Alliance for Veteran Support

ID 26861

Mike Sigal


CEO of Agile Credit. Exec Producer of #InnotribeStartupChallenge. NSF Grantee. 1st startup out of college. Strategist, BD advisor and pitch coach to hundreds.

ID 110942

Spencer Richardson

co-founder and CEO of @fanbridge. explorer. tinkerer. husband. @first-growth-venture-network-1 mentor. @forbes 30 under 30. life is short, build something...

ID 166365

Morgan Missen

ID 6497

Renato Valdés Olmos

Co-founder at @human. Previously Co-founder at @cardcloud (acquired 2012). MA Interaction Design. Runner. Ex-fat kid.

ID 3419

Elias Bizannes


Founder @startupbus, @startuphouse • Worked at @crv-1, @vast, @pwc-1

ID 46144

Rob Emrich


Serial Entrepreneur. CEO + Founder @paedae. Bootstrapped 2 companies to exit, scaled 1 nonprofit to $70M in distribution. Travel, Entrepreneurship, Happiness.

ID 114202

Jeremy Toeman

SVP of @viggle . Former: Dijit (acq 01/14), Legacy Locker, NudgeMail, Slingbox, Boxee, Mediabolic. Product/mktg background. @carnegie-mellon-university alum.

ID 16846

Jessica Mah


Co-Founder/CEO, Y Combinator Alum, member of Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). Making selective angel investments.

ID 3003

Marc Held

CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu (a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner); Dir. Mobile @boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt

ID 2822

Nader Ghaffari

Co-Founder and CEO @venture-scanner , Partner @nsv, Co-Founder and Founding CEO @shortform, BS IEOR @university-of-california-berkeley MBA @haas-school-of-business

ID 35001

Josep M. Pujol

CTO at 3scale ( 10+ years of experience on several world class industrial research labs on systems, networks and API's.

ID 99335

Andy Scott


4X Entrepreneur. Startup Investor/Advisor. Co-founder 140 Proof. Founding team and Tellme. Sponsored Adventure Athlete. Health and Wellness.

ID 184421

Jeffrey Weitzman


Co-founder & CEO of @go-factory. Exec from early startup at @coupons-com , @buysight , Counsel Connect. Early at @yahoo. Investor in @go-factory, @the-mother-company, Empire the Musical.

ID 5471

Jussi Laakkonen

Founder & CEO of @applifier (cross-promo for games, >150 million users). Main organizer of ASSEMBLY festival. Console games, steering group at @f-secure.

ID 69851

Alexander Borodich


Investor, Founder of VentureClub, FutureLabs and @mywishboard. Serial entrepreneur. 2 startups w/exits. Strong business background (@acronis, @mail-ru-group). MBA 2008

ID 375

Neil Young

Founder @ngmoco, CEO of ngmoco 2008-2012, working on Next. Investing with best friend & ngmoco founding partner Bob Stevenson, through LLL Capital

ID 212165

Divya Bhat


Founder and CEO @rickshaw • Director of Rentals @trulia • Founder @jamglue (YC '06) • PM @expedia • Studied Math/CS at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology • Start-ups, Product, Monetization, Biz Dev

ID 34763

Mike Lee

Cofounder @edshelf. Ex-mobile product director @tripit (acquired by Concur in 2011). Ex-technical manager & software engineer @yahoo.

ID 150578

Nick Edwards

Founder @boomtrain • Founder @internationalist • consultant @microsoft • Worked at @ooyala • Harvard

ID 56287

Kyan Pardiwalla


ID 470028

Pavandeep Bagga


Principal @ CCAMG @ PBMD; Chief @ Medical Missions For Children, Healthcare consulting; Healthcare policy; Real Estate; MD, MBA, MS

ID 9506

James Smith

Co-founder at @bugsnag, former CTO at @heyzap, track record of creating social apps and sites, previous startup @wegot-tv was acquired in 2009.

ID 9152

Jon Bischke

Co-founder of Entelo. Founded four previous companies, three acquisitions (two by publicly traded co's) and a fourth which is profitable. Former EIR at Battery.

ID 400467

Brian Grey


CEO Bleacher Report, SF based @ intersection of digital media and sports biz, fitness, wellness and education minded

ID 25220

James Tamplin


Co-Founder & CEO @firebase

ID 69268

Ben Way


Founder @ignite-wellness, @multiple-companies

ID 57513

Trey Reasonover

Product guy and @stanford-graduate-school-of-business grad

ID 185542

Prabhdeep Gill

Co-Founder Umano • Worked at @google, @yahoo, @tagged @socialdeck (acquired by @google) • @university-of-waterloo @software-engineering Grad

ID 76351

Peter Jihoon Kim

Co-Founder & CTO at @nitrous-io. Previously: Lead Engineer at @viki (10M+ MUV), @decisivebits, GameVentures, and @apple. CS @ @national-university-of-singapore

ID 5273

Camilo Acosta

Co-Founder & CEO @paybygroup, 2x entrepreneur • BA @princeton-university University

ID 278794

John Gonzalez

President & CEO of Strong Entrepreneurial and Product Management skills. Passionate about UX and Front-end Development.

ID 25009

George Favvas

CEO @perkhub Coded @ age 8, empl TotalNet (Acq BCE), Radialpoint ($300M exit). Fndr Reflexity (0-$2M in 2yrs), SmartHippo (acq RateZip), @founderfuel mentor

ID 4552

Jesse Middleton


Director of Biz Dev at @wework, co-founded @backstory and @weworklabs. I also advise @benny-3, @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation & @symple-health.

ID 12238

Brandon Goldman


Co-Founder at @freshpay. Worked at @miso-media, @box-com.

ID 231532

Cat Perez

Founder @healthcarelove , @doctory • Worked at @the-climate-corporation, @paypal • Strong design and product background

ID 106334

Dan Rummel

CTO @shyp Prev: Dir. Eng. @live-nation-labs, CoFndr @pundit-rally, CoFndr of @prescreen, CoFndr @Seero, Flight Dynamics Manuver Specialist @nasa for THEMIS

ID 50372

Matt Howland


Looking to start something new. Successes as both CTO and CEO, a geek with business sense who loves to build.

ID 48247

Ari Tulla


CEO & Co-founder @betterdoctor • Advisor @ovelin @appgyver • Head of app & game studios @nokia • 100M mobile app downloads

ID 96996

Anthony Longo

Co-Founder/CEO @coeverywhere

ID 162950

Ryan Graves


Head of Operations @uber Board of Miami University Institute for Entrepreneurship Biz Dev @foursquare

ID 46351

Ben Standefer

Product Manager at @urban-airship. Co-founded @fantasybook (acquired by Citizen Sports/Yahoo! Sports). Early engineer at @eventbrite, @digg, and @simplegeo.

ID 46941

Jonathan Meiri

CEO of @superfly. Strong product / travel background (@ebay, @paypal, ReardenCommerce, @worldmate). B.Sc. Comp Sci / Psychology, MBA INSEAD

ID 28282

Howard Marks


co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @acclaim-games (sold to @playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.

ID 62237

Brian Woods


Co-founder/CTO Hellobit. 20+ years product dev. Founded 3 startups, involved in 8. 9 patents. Four11 alum (sold to Yahoo), head of viral Bebo (sold to AOL)

ID 18584

Steve Katz


CEO, Stealth @Samsungaccel; Founder @shoptouch. GM at @HatchLabs ; Alum of @apple, @sony; Serial entrepreneur - eShop -> @microsoft; PowerMarket -> @Oracle

ID 48203

Kiyo Kobayashi


Founder / CEO @remotus, Previously Founder @nobot (Acquired)

ID 119611

Nicholas (Nick) Thomas


Founder @finicity-1 , @nordmark-group • Worked at @3com, @USRobotics, @Megahertz • Investor @visually, @circa, @myrooms • Studied at @BYU, @UofU

ID 107491

Deng-Kai Chen

Co-founder @distill-1, PM Director, Head of Ads Platform @tapjoy, PMM of Ads and Mobile at @google • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 76957

Alex Yancher


Co-Founder @pantry Business Operations @facebook Investment Banking @morgan-stanley Founder @novelposter Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 21763

Kavin Stewart


Co-founder, VP of Product @lolapps

ID 89689

Thomas Foley


Founder @venovate @caprally, @xpert-financial • Worked at @moblyng, @fliptrack • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 26499

Vincent Guerrieri


Former VP of Marketing & Partnerships for @altius-education. Strong digital marketing background. Worked at Affinity Labs and

ID 7192

Patrick Dugan


Founder @bloodhound • Worked at @practice-fusion, @palantir-technologies • Investor @bloodhound • Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 244590

Henrik Berggren

tech-music-biz-nerd that loves the web. Product at @dropbox

ID 356224

Chrys Bader


Co-founder of Secret. Formerly Google. YCombinator alumni.

ID 3468

Nathan Beckord


Founder of Foundersuite, VentureArchetypes, and and; Consultant / Advisor / Investor in 13 funded startups with 5 exits.

ID 2893

Andrew Crump


CEO - @mitoo - Serial entrepreneur and UX Designer. Loosely a Mentor at Tech Stars London, 500, Seecamp and others.

ID 78968

Mark Thomas

Currently: Co-Founder & CEO @reesio Past: Co-Founded SayHired, which pivoted into @saygent; Founded WorkYourCareer; Founded @thomas-executive-resources (sold in 2008)

ID 196436

Skylar Woodward

CEO of Puddle. Founding member of Kiva & Y! Brickhouse. Founded the Mac Messenger & BrowserPlus projects at Yahoo!

ID 148376

Tejas Kotecha

Co-Founder @shopquick • Architect at @paypal • Engineer at @zuora, @wepay, @kreditfly • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 6899

James Yoder


CEO at @chat-sports. Gained product and mobile expertise at @verizon-wireless. Previously in sports media with @rivals-com

ID 6304

Jan Senderek


Founder @loom, Product OCD

ID 1407

Damon Grow

Co-founder & CEO at @social-mobile-sports Co-founder & Chairman at @crowdmob Inc.

ID 2778

Bryan Jowers

Product at AppDirect. Previously, co-founder of Giftiki

ID 105221

Nate Mihalovich

VP of Biz Dev @buildingconnected, Founder of @vektr-io, Studied at @berkeley, started @rock-to-relief at 16 that generated $100K for non-profits.

ID 357351

Alex Modon

CoFounder and COO of SilverPush, Passionate about changing the AdTech Lumascape

ID 50749

Brett Seyler


Invest: mobile gaming, cloud services, big data, drones. Work: computational finance before @garagegames (sold to IAC in 2007) and @unity-technologies.

ID 173536

Nikhil "Nik" Kundra

Founder/CEO of @partender • @quilt Alum BS in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology @emory-university and MS in Entrepreneurship @university-of-florida.

ID 43765

Andrea Barrett

Co-Founder/Product Lead of @urbansitter. Previously Director of Product, @tripit (sold to Concur in 2011). 10 yrs exp in corporate product development.

ID 2809

Peter Nixey

YC Alum - I sold previous company in 2010. Degree in Physics from Oxford, Rails engineer, UX and team obsessive, full stack engineer & writer at

ID 33468

Ling Xiao


Founder @playdom • Investor @kitchit • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 40563

Pete Warden

CTO at @jetpac. Sold a company to and worked at @apple, O'Reilly author, uncovered iPhone Tracking, wrote for NYT, ReadWriteWeb, created OpenHeatMap.

ID 42131

William Hsu


Director at HireVue, ex-founder @codeeval (Acquired 2012), @textbo (Acquired 2011)

ID 135612

Jennifer Lu

Co-founder @zowpow Previously: co-founder @thumper-studios, BD/marketing @tinyco, dev relations @openfeint. Bioengineering UC @university-of-california-berkeley.

ID 54469

David Kuchar

@angelpad Alumnus. Founded @lendfriend & @aspnetmedia. Full stack dev, marketer, product designer. Masters in Comp Eng & PHD candidate at @clarkson-university

ID 12452

Navish Jain


Founder of Cirtru and Remid, Worked at Cisco. mini-MBA Stanford 2011

ID 61186

Amit Bakshi

Product Marketer & Growth Hacker. Director Product Marketing @rocket Lawyer. VP Marketing @lawpivot. Led customer acquisition @odesk-1. Kellogg MBA. BS, EECS Cal

ID 150614

Tristan Pollock

Co-Founder @storefront • Past: Co-Founder @socialearth + Growth @best-buy

ID 115496

Bob Buch

Founded AimTV (Sold to NetZero), VP Business Development at @digg - invented DiggAds. I've also got a law degree around here somewhere.

ID 34758

Evan Prodromou

I build Open Source startups.

ID 165155

Brad Whitaker

Co-Founder @tugboat-yards • Worked at @six-apart, @livejournal

ID 53938

Darren Nix

Founder and engineer at @42floors. Founder of @silver-financial and @leaky.

ID 11534

Matt Hatoun

Founder @wholeshare, East Transit. Computer Scientist at @adobe-systems. Computer Science @brown-university University.

ID 30502

Sam Hickmann


I managed a successful exit for my Web Agency founded in 2001 in France. Now co-founder at Kwarter, a mobile gamification platform for live TV, based in SF.

ID 121583

Matt Boyd

Co-Founder of @sqwiggle. Past UI/UX Designer at @zillow, Co-founder of, Previously Head of Product @urthecast

ID 64956

Ravi Agarwal


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Angel Investor

ID 87987

Dan Bomze


Founder @mileiq @cleanwell, @scout-electromedia, Innovation Arbitrage • Investing @ideo • Rider @Freebord • PD @stanford-university • CEO + Dad + Advisor + Walnut Farmer

ID 17744

Simon Newstead


CEO at Frenzoo, Angel Investor

ID 121764

Tuhin Roy


Co-Founder of @fanzy. Founded @digital-rights-agency, a digital content distributor, and grew it to $10M revenue organically and $50M via combinations.

ID 3365

Ronald Mannak

Inventor of the #1 best selling music toys on Amazon UK, early Kickstarter success story and creator of several successful iPhone apps.

ID 5361

Frank Langston

Founder & COO @paybygroup. 2x Entrepreneur. BA @princeton-university

ID 71042

Nanxi Liu

CEO and Co-Founder of @enplug. Founded @nanoly Bioscience, named Top Social Innovation by @intel-capital. Worked at @goldman-sachs, @cisco-systems , @citigroup

ID 21655

Michael Hoydich

Firestarter @ Think Gaming - Y Combinator S2014 // Previous: co-founder, @squrl, @industrynext

ID 64002

Kavin Bharti Mittal


Head of Strategy & Product, BSB. Creator, hike

ID 68747

Yash Kumar


Founder of Worked at & Cisco Systems. Full stack hacker and engineer

ID 90776

Dan Flanegan

Co-founder @butter a place to make new friends! Former CEO @soapbox-mobile, acquired in 2007. Builds and manages mobile first products and teams.

ID 24159

Dustin Whittle

Developer Evangelist @ AppDynamics

ID 18213

Rob Nail


CEO & Associate Founder of Singularity University. Active investor in tech & consumer products. Active advisor and connector.

ID 53274

David Turner

Head of Technology at @unified | Former cofounder at @pagelever

ID 249129

Eddie Siegel


Co-Founder / CTO @tapfwd

ID 48358

Dana Loberg

Co-Founder at @movielala LA.NY.SF. Yale. Retired All-Ivy Vball Player

ID 89275

Stephen Jagger


Entrepreneur, Author and Co-founder of CombustionHosting (acquired '06) @Ubertor, & @payrollhero

ID 393634

Marko Gargenta


Founder of @marakana, acquired by @twitter • Investor in @spire, @accio-energy-inc, @matterfab • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 133209

Gil Silberman


Computer engineer (@princeton-university BSE), venture lawyer (@university-of-california-berkeley JD), operations guy. Early participant @ Craigslist, @opentable, and @linkedin.

ID 28298

Mark Gray

Founded @PeeData (CEO) Co-Founded @squrl (CEO) and @industrynext (Managing Partner)

ID 76668

Brian Rue

Co-founder/CEO @rollbar. Previously: Co-founder/CTO @lolapps, @stanford-university undergrad dropout.

ID 84615

John Ramey


Founder CEO of @isocket. Raised $17M top tier in my 20s. Awarded one of top US entrepreneurs under 30. 3x successful founder. Worldwide startup mentor / speaker

ID 6859

Kevin Mahaffey


CTO, Founder of Lookout. I do security, privacy, mobile, web, data, product, and patents.

ID 24505

Matthew Shampine


Currently: VP of Business Development and Marketing at WeWork.

ID 162659

Ryan Jackson

Founder @theorem. Developer @visible. Founded @microeval. Product Manager @ooyala. B.S. & M.Eng. from MIT.

ID 78015

Ritik Malhotra


Co-Founder & CEO at @streem (YC S12; acq. by @box) • 2012 Thiel Fellow • Previously at @twitter, @intel • UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS

ID 262897

Chad Keck

Founder & CEO @promoter-io, Advisor @remote-garage, Leader @appfog, launched @hp-cloud, helped build & launch cloud platforms @rackspace.

ID 177175

Robert Rabang

Worked at @yahoo, @airbnb • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 90116

Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski

Co-Founder Kira Talent • Worked at @minted, @nuance-communications • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Next36 Entrepreneur

ID 227094

Adam Prishtina

CEO and co-founder @wishcast. Product Management @netscape, @yahoo, @paypal. Computer Science @university-of-california-berkeley, MBA @haas-school-of-business

ID 16793

Eric Nakagawa

Co-founder of @simplehoney, shopping simplified. Founder of @icanhascheezburger. Millions of lols.

ID 150672

Anne Dorman

Serial Consulting CFO for venture backed startup companies.

ID 12957

Zack Liscio

Founder @naytev - YC (S14) - Former Googler - SF and DC - front-end developer, sales hustler

ID 81457

Tracy Lawrence

CEO/Founder @chewse, @500 Startups; Food Planner @tedx; @usc Entrepreneur of the Year

ID 53497

Adeel Ahmad

Founder @shopseen. Worked at @context-optional acq. by @efficient-frontier acq. by @adobe. @university-of-waterloo EE.

ID 205593

Samar Birwadker

CEO Good.Co • @akqa, @landor Associates @techstars Serial connector-of-dots. Innovation consultant. Motohead.

ID 10930

Kushal Chakrabarti

Founder, @vittana (Khosla, Google-backed). Advisor, @experiment, @benetech. Former @amazon, @university-of-california-berkeley. 2x Ironman, 2x TED speaker.

ID 28498

Eric Florenzano

Founded (YC, sold to Twitter in 2012), and Convore (YC, also sold in 2012). Developer (iOS, Android, Python, Go). B.S. Comp. Sci. (Iowa State, 2008).

ID 42276

Andy Jagoe


15 yrs founding, funding, leading venture backed startups. CEO/Founder of @3jam (sold to Skype); rebuilt product/eng team at @zvents and sold to eBay

ID 86732

Rob Mallery


VP of Talent @originate, Founder at LassenGroup

ID 35330

Dave Baggeroer

Co-Founder of @blockboard (acquired by Klout), Consulting Professor at @stanford-university dschool, mobile product designer

ID 128629

Jason Massey


Founder of @sustainable-industrial-solutions and recovering Internet Bubble VC

ID 108648

Cameron Gray


CTO at NeonMob

ID 27773

Fred McFerran

Co-Founder Knack. 6 years exp. helping small business succeed at @salesforce and @yammer

ID 5372

Jamie Wong

CEO & cofounder of @vayable, marketing, product, design, writing, seasoned traveler (@kickstarter, @GoodbySilverstein @TheDailyShow) MS Columbia University.

ID 45423

Jindou Lee


CEO of @happy-inspector. Designer/Entrepreneur/Hustler. Exited 2 tech startups. Things I ♥ include mobile, startups, technology, soccer and real estate.

ID 6432

Adam Benayoun

CEO & co-founder at @binpress, @500startups, Formerly @lionite, @octabox. Animation at Minshar School of Arts. Strong UI/UX & Design. Sales & Marketing drone.

ID 163632

Tim Fung

Founder and CEO @airtasker-1 • Worked at @amaysim, @macquarie-bank • Studied at @university-of-new-south-wales (B. Comm, marketing)

ID 461107

Victor Oliveros

CEO of @healthcarelove • Founded @flying-pixels, Worked at @hitpost, @taptera-1 (Head of product) • Strong developer and product management background.

ID 111375

Pavel Serbajlo

@m-dot, @powerybase-1 Co-Founder and CTO. Entrepreneur, investor and developer with focus on mobile-first solutions.

ID 1203

Brian Flynn

Founder of @relevad, @wheelhouse, @imsecure. Investor in @fotolog, @mixbook, @pixoart, @wheelhouse, @qpod, @acrodea, @infinity-venture-partners, @ultris.

ID 35890

Paul Ford

VP Product & Marketing @sendgrid-1 Entrepreneur, Technologist, Strategist, Startup Advisor, VC Whisperer, Connector of Dots, Marketer & Creator of Cool Stuff

ID 24762

Walter Chen

Founder of @idonethis. Corporate lawyer. Federal appellate law clerk. Math and computer science at @Cornell.

ID 1840

Burt Herman


Co-founder of @storify, founder of @hacks-hackers, former AP foreign correspondent who traveled the world, @stanford-university grad and Knight journalism fellow

ID 1159

Ram S. Ramanujam


Focused exclusively on launching/exponentially growing @oovida. Transformational entrepreneur. Passionate about social commerce for the right verticals.

ID 41670

David Thomson


Founder at @momentum-design-lab, @bynd, & Angel Investor at @boostctr, @docuthentic, @opposing-views, & @neoclarus.

ID 43854

Jim Ritchie

CEO Delicious Karma. 3rd startup as founder. Self funded last company, grew to $7M, sold to CCPU 2008. 10 yrs @wind-river in sales/strategy. BS Comp Sci/Math.

ID 170060

Simon Maynard

Co-founder @bugsnag, ex @heyzap. 10 years of product development experience.

ID 8162

Clay Loveless


Co-founded @mashery (acquired by Intel). Founded @jexy (failed). Learning in progress.

ID 225229

Chris Kline

Co-Founder @shelf-com • Engineering manager, DevOps at @liveramp, @rapleaf • @texas-a-m-university

ID 9990

Jarrett Streebin


Founder EasyPost • Worked at @raa-ventures • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 853

Byron Dumbrill

Founder & CEO of @tripline, VP Global Digital @Miramax, Director of Product at @jumpcut (acquired by @yahoo in 2006), Director of Product, @yahoo Video

ID 81940

Ryan Stevens


Currently Founder @ 36Labs LLC. Past Founder @ Social Hour Inc, Game Theory LLC. Investor @ Open Install,, PlayPhone Inc, Anagram Restaurant Group

ID 253561

Andrew Benton

Founder @bolt. Former Lead Software Engineer @twilio. Former DNS junkie @infoblox. Half of an Econ PhD from @princeton-university. Math BA from @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 3869

Montgomery Kosma


Innovator on business models, marketing & discovery in noisy long tail markets.

ID 239413

Alex Newman

ID 377235

Steve Mohebi


Co-founder, Smithfield Medical Director of Sales & B.D., BetaSphere Founder, Caspian Partners, LLC Studied @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 22208

Matt Ewing


Cofounder & Chief Community Officer at @scoot-networks. National Field Director at MoveOn, founding director of @new-media-ventures, co-founder of @rewire.

ID 12170

Jean Sini


CTO @fountain @onekingslane @twelvefold-media @blogrovr • VP Engineering @mint • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Investor @boxbee, @canva, @treasure-data

ID 91081

Natalia Burina

Co-Founder @parable 500 Startups mentor Previously Co-Founder at @flockish (sold to @stubhub!). Group Product Manager @ebay and PM @microsoft

ID 122180

Timothy Bentley

CEO of @giftly. 1st employee @aardvark (exited to Google '10). Former banker (Cowen, Goldman). Engineering, physics at Brown.

ID 62265

Philip Mikal


VP, Global Financial Services, @klarna AB.

ID 117713

Michelle Fitzgerald

Director of Marketing, @icharts. Founder of @GetScrappyMktng and @LetsEatSF. Passionate about food, and marketing as an art, not a tactic.

ID 11138

David Quiec


VP Marketing & Publishing @kabam. Formerly Customer Acquisition @intuit Small Business.

ID 37820

Jason Freedman


Co-Founder at @42floors, making it easy to search for commercial real estate. Co-Founder at @flightcaster. Blog: humbledMBA

ID 122423

Josh Brewer

Previously Principal Designer @twitter, Director of UX @socialcast. Advisor/mentor at The Designer Fund.

ID 58267

Rikk Carey

Eng/prod designer+leader+coder. Deep in consumer internet/mobile, social, u/x, 2d/3d, games. Founder @plaxo Worked @egroups-com @yahoo! @silicon-graphics

ID 127866

Matt Crumrine

Founder | CEO | Product Lead // @ Atmospheir

ID 44864

James Tan


Managing partner @questvc, venture fund for internet startups in China. Co-founder @55tuan-com, social e-commerce in China.

ID 42910

Seth Blank

Founder @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation. Former CEO @dbix, COO @simpli-hosting. Helped scale @gdgt, @songkick, @justin-tv. Advisor @pubnub and @indinero.

ID 102490

Hitesh Chawla

CEO @silverpush multiple hats (technology, analytics, strategy), Entrepreneur, Studied at IIT Delhi

ID 29616

Nat Criou

CEO and CoFounder of @ridepal. Ex-product manager @ @google, @admob. INSEAD MBA. Founded BeatSarcoma (nonprofit).

ID 31629

Nick ONeill

I founded Social Times Inc. in 2007 and sold it to WebMediaBrands (parent company behind in 2010. Now I'm building my next company...

ID 323990

Brian Truong


Currently @rothenberg-ventures. Previously @bessemer-venture-partners and @downtime. Studied Biology/CS @harvard-university.

ID 115264

Spenser Skates

Cofounder of @amplitude-1 (YC W12). Former Algorithmic Trader at DRW Trading. Two time winner of @massachusetts-institute-of-technology's biggest programming competition, Battlecode.

ID 105114

Zander Adell


CEO of Doorman. Worked at Pixar, Idle Games, Baboo. Wharton MBA

ID 31961

Pete Soderling


3x tech entrepreneur, hacker, geek. founder of & 500 startups mentor. living the bi-coastal dream.

ID 82706

Albert Wang



ID 181445

Marcus Daniels


Founder/CEO @highline ( @extremestartups + @growlab merged Accelerator ). Seed Investor. Digital Product Entrepreneur. Innovation Platform Architect

ID 908

Ra Roath


Investor, Founder/CEO of @kappboom, Founder/co-CEO of @adwhirl (Sold to @google via @admob), member of @stanford-graduate-school-of-business Leadership Circle. MSEE, MS Management Science.

ID 51836

J.J. O'Brien

@stanford-university MBA 2011; Worked with Troy Carter/Lady Gaga on building Social Media Data Analytics platform; Previously consultant and private equity analyst

ID 182524

Bradford Stephens

Founder and CEO of @drawn-to-scale, a distributed database company. Deep enterprise tech and open source love. Did SQL Server @microsoft, OSCON @o-reilly-media.

ID 66286

Gregory Lok

CEO + Co-Founder @ Joy & Revelry

ID 34765

Sarah Friedlander

"Jane"-of-all-trades marketing professional looking to help you rock your startup. Previously worked at @apple, @adobe-systems and @mozilla

ID 169679

Jason Aramburu


Founder @edyn. Founder re:char. Forbes 30 under 30. Ashoka Fellow. Echoing Green Fellow. Gates Foundation Grantee. Studied Ecology @princeton-university

ID 76626

Alison Johnston Rue

CEO and cofounder of @instaedu; cofounder of @cardinal-scholars (acquired by Course Hero) worked at @google, @aardvark and @box-com; BA from @stanford-university

ID 36574

Ash Kumar

Founder, @tapsense. Head of Smartphones at @inmobi. MS, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology; B.Tech IIT Kanpur, India!/ashwani

ID 172165

Justin Zhu


Co-founder & CEO of @iterable. Ex @twitter engineer on Growth & API. Stint at @google. CS @carnegie-mellon-university-2.

ID 107083

Dan Levine

Using technology to disrupt industries I love: early employee at @current-tv and @emi-music Digital, founded @styleseat to revolutionize personal beauty.

ID 74630

Drew Uher


Founded @homelight after buying first home. Worked at @pubmatic and @morgan-stanley. Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business.

ID 23545

Matt Wallington

Technical cofounder of @cargo. Previously cofounded @cpusage & @gridvid-me-1, launched distributed cloud compute platform at TechCrunch Disrupt. 10 yrs @intel.

ID 2082

Eric Chan


COO @ @embee-mobile. BS & MS @carnegie-mellon-university. Worked at @inktomi, Pixo, Sun. Financial services, mobile & internet background. Founded 3 startups, 2 acquired. Angel Investor.

ID 4290

Henry Liu

Co-Founder of @familyleaf (YC W12). Previously at @hunch. 18 years old and youngest Y Combinator alum. Currently on a leave of absence.

ID 130908

Ingrid Sanders

Founder & CEO popexpert • Managing Director Digital @targusinfo-1, General Manager Online @the-active-network • Top 10 MBA @sda-bocconi-school-of-management, BA & BJ @university-of-missouri

ID 42501

Matthew Cordasco


Father. Husband. Sailor. Founder @overstat (sold to @tealeaf ) VP Usability @ibm. One part business, one part tech, one part creative; shaken, not stirred.

ID 147013

Naveed Lalani

Founder & CEO @portable-boutique-inc, Advisor @thiel-fellowship. Formerly - CSO @donornation , Co-Founder @rally, Investor (Acquired by Facebook).

ID 3063

Garrett Dodge

Co-Founder of @rockbot and @massachusetts-institute-of-technology grad. Previously, founded @fido-factor. Working on loyalty and engagement for brands & local businesses.

ID 5589

Yazid Aksas


CEO of, building the "J.Crew" of custom clothing. Employee at @greystripe, sold to Valueclick, MBA Stanford

ID 8747

Abel Cuskelly

Founder @pogoseat (@angelpad S'13). Founder & CEO @yocal-music. Programmed early electronic medical record system in high school, honors @santa-clara-university

ID 124203

Aleem Mawani


Founder @, Engineer, ex-Google, Waterloo + HBS alumn

ID 24853

Piers Cooper


COO of @addvocate, Founder of @datavote, MD at @nanoholdings; Partner Point Bonita; GP Kalmund Capital, GP McKenna Capital; VP Corp Dev @oracle-corporation

ID 134572

Brian Norton

co-founder at @shoto. iOS and Rails Engineer and with an eye for immersive design. UC Berkeley CS grad. Previously @involver @salesforce @oracle-corporation

ID 55223

Joanna Riley Weidenmiller

CEO of 1-Page. Built and Sold Performance Advertising. Co-founder 360 Fashion Network - scaled to 10 million users. FBI, University of Virginia.

ID 58179

Zack Shapiro

Co-founder of @luna. Engineer. Worked at @taskrabbit, @path, @techstars, and @next-big-sound. Studied @university-of-colorado-boulder. Turned Colorado into a basketball school.

ID 160378

Dafeng Guo

Founder • Worked at @yahoo, @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley

ID 8585

Chris Bennett

Wharton UG 2007. CEO of @liquidbooks - Startup in College. Strong business background (Analyst / Private Equity - $17 Billion AUM).

ID 95336

Kate Kendall

Co-founder and CEO of @cloudpeeps. Founded @the-fetch. Led growth, dev and community teams. Former business journalist. BSc (Biotechnology), MB (Marketing).

ID 22009

Murad Sofizade


co-founder & COO, YGL @WEF Davos, ex-board member,, co-founder & CEO, @ipnet-jsc •, Harvard MBA/MPA, worked at @procter-gamble-2

ID 31767

Abheek Anand


ID 37724

Jeffrey Levy

@care-at-hand Founder. Prev @twitter & @google's CFO award recipient for $8B WW data center asset tracking & valuation system design & implementation.

ID 6962

Nitin Rao

Co-Founder at TED Fellow. MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA.

ID 1884

Greg Biggers

Product & Mktg @senselabs CEO @genomera. Xing $75M @experts-exchange $20M/yr @softec @iplanet @vantive $500M @responsys $700M Chordiant $200M @genetic-alliance

ID 159886

Alex Halliday

Entrepreneur, product manager, designer, front-end dev. Founder at @lawpal and @socialgo. 10 years experience in startups, SaaS, community, marketing.

ID 2241

Andy Bartley

Currently VP of New Market Development at One Medical Group. Previously Co-Founder and CEO of

ID 86352

Justin Kruger

Software Architect, Designer and Leader at heart. For a decade developed, games, frameworks and SDKs. A true polymath that loves to learn and solve problems.

ID 21478

Alex Wasserman


Co-Founder & CEO @tapfwd

ID 324111

David Byttow

Co-founder of Secret. Formerly Google, Square, Medium.

ID 59034

Toyna Chin

I'm a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of emphasis on women’s health and children’s education.

ID 115504

Curtis Liu

Cofounder of @amplitude-1 (YC W12). Former software engineer at @google.

ID 52264

Jason Evanish

Customer Driven Product Manager. Formerly Product at @kissmetrics & Co-Founder at @greenhorn-connect

ID 184998

Sachin Dev Duggal


Founder @shoto @nivio • Prev at @deutsche-bank • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @imperial-college-london-1 Love our foundation to education 100m kids in 50 years. @world-economic-forum TP'09

ID 150882

Gadi Shamia

Founder/CEO of Magneto. Founded TopManage (acquired by SAP) and Bizzy (RLOC company). Past inc. Sr. VP at SAP, EIR at Storm and advisory roles at EchoSIgn, Adobe and Intacct.

ID 108386

Nash Islam


Founder @man-goes-mobile, @green-and-red-technologies • Worked at @google, @admob • Investor @caplinked, @tigertrade • Studied at @columbia-university

ID 10064

Derek Shanahan

Director of Marketing @playerize. Co-Founder, Advisor at @foodtree & @donde . Advisor at 20 Something Bloggers. @stanford-university Soccer Captain.

ID 72323

Alan Safahi

CEO / Founder @zipzap, Inc. Serial entrepreneur. Creator of better payment options.

ID 57432

Tim Falls

Vice President of Community at Keen IO.

ID 28397

Roland Ligtenberg


Co-founder @housecall. Advisor @IceHouseCorp. Managing Partner @light-mountain-partners. Ex-Product/BD for Gimbal @qualcomm Labs.

ID 147292

Kostas Eleftheriou

Founder & CEO of @fleksy. Founder of @zulutrade ($ Billions in Forex trading), @greatapps (iSteam, #1 iPhone App worldwide), @blindtype (acquired by @google).

ID 42560

Rajeev Viswanathan

Founder and CEO at [email protected] Founding CEO @instore. Head of Enterprise Business Development @siber-systems.

ID 41987

Rob Sandie

co-founder at @vidiq

ID 30673

Carlos Diaz


Serial Entrepreneur, co-founder of Kwarter (2011), bluekiwi-software (sold to ATOS in 2012) & groupe-reflect (sold to Emakina in 2006).

ID 39930

Shon Burton

Founder @hiringsolved, hiring will never be the same. Also founded @wildcog, grew to $2M revenue hiring top engineers for AAPL, GOOG, @twitter, Box and more.

ID 362585

Jon McKay

Co-founder of Technical Machine, 1st startup out of school. Majored in computing at Olin College. Interned at Hangtime, Microsoft, and Pico-Digital.

ID 57483

Chris Bruce


Founder & CEO @sproutling • Worked at @rupture, @electronic-arts, @wellnessfx, @one-medical-group

ID 84153

Raymond Zhong


Engineer & Designer · Prev @angellist @dorm-room-fund @addepar · Princeton '15

ID 101599

Thomas Chung


Founder @verdigris-technologies • COO @the-playforge • Worked @digital-chocolate • BSCS @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 363819

Patrik Outericky


Founder and CTO @simplelegal YC S13. 10 years in litigation management and billing analytics through prior company. Second time founder.

ID 217327

Michel Alexander


Founder @blue-shell-games • Worked at @google, @slide

ID 12427

Ian Johnstone

co-founder @gunbygun, formerly co-founder @blissmo, strategy consultant @pwc, political campaigns. Startup Ops/Biz Dev/Product. Passionate about tech for good

ID 86457

Leslie Silverglide


Co-founder of Wello. Previously founded Mixt Greens; acquired by Nestle's investment arm. Stanford MBA, MSc Oxford University, BA Johns Hopkins University.

ID 5236

Steven Clarke-Martin

Technical CEO. Expert Software Architect. ATG Dynamo Java Application Server vet. Ad Tech vet at Goto, Overture -> @yahoo. Patents on media monetization. @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 5145

Jason Wang


Co-Founder and CEO of @caviar, formerly founded @munch-on-me (YC S11 and acquired 5/12). Worked at @google, @microsoft, and Merrill Lynch.

ID 11735

Navin Kumar

@weotta. Former Lead Eng. @mpact. Founder and Geek. Former CTO of @socialwok, former Venture Hacker @angellist

ID 25020

Shaun Porcar

Co-Founder & Head of BD/Product Marketing @FractalSciences, Owner eShaun Media Group. Early member Jumpstart Automotive Media, @adify, Cox Digital Solutions. CalPoly, San Luis Obispo Alumni

ID 47475

Rich Waldron

CEO @tray-io Product obsessive. @angelpad Alumni

ID 93161

Manolo Diaz

CEO & Co-founder 500 Startups Batch 4. Mexican Entrepreneur.

ID 279547

Derek Minter

Founder @honeybadgr • Bitcoin • Previously @google, @Coderwall, @appdynamics, @virool • Studied at @point-loma-nazarene-university

ID 2211

Brendan Gill


Co-Founder and CEO @opensignal. Investor at @techstars London. Founded e-commerce company @repeaterstore. Physics/Philosophy at @oxford-university.

ID 95508

Nick Punt

EdTech entrepreneur - @edsurge Founder & President, former VP Products at @uversity-1, Stanford MBA/MA Education.

ID 24815

Andrew Lee


Co-Founder of @firebase.

ID 79533

Austin Cooley

Co-Founder & CEO at Tripstr. CEO of Nerd Swagger Inc (@quilt). CEO of Youtorial, Ed Tech startup. Kauffman EVP Fellow. @university-of-florida Comp Eng 2008

ID 125593

Nicolas Voisin

Founder @the-assets the Business Assets Marketplace - Former Founder & CEO @tactilize, @owni, VP @CNNum, (...)

ID 52658

Thomson Nguyen


Founder/CEO at @framed-data, Visiting Scholar at @new-york-university.

ID 38584

Mark Quezada

Co-founder @minded. Previously co-founder/CTO of @fastcustomer and founding engineer at @peer-news.

ID 52959

Jonathan McNulty

Bringing products into focus

ID 4089

Vitaly M. Golomb

CEO @printmo-by-keen // CEO @europe Venture Summit // Mentor @500startups @happy-farm @innovation-nest // Award-winning designer // Speaker

ID 31269

Taro Fukuyama

CEO and Founder of @anyperk (YC W12).

ID 62030

James Hu

Founder @wodache, • Worked at @groupon, @microsoft • Studied at @university-of-washington

ID 10881

Juan-Luis Hortelano


Co-founder and director of @plug-and-play-tech-center in Spain, expert in internationalization ( spanish speaking markets). Investor in @touristeye @ducksboard

ID 145011

Edward Dowling

Co-Founder & engineer @app-io. Always creating awesome products and teams that are never boring and always exciting.

ID 53056

Sachin Agarwal


Director, Financials Product Management at Oracle. Formerly SAP, Google, Blueleaf, oneforty (acq. by HubSpot), and Dawdle (failed). Way back, VC and banker.

ID 56117

Mark Trang

SaaS company builder. CEO & Co-Founder @socialpandas. Launched & @liveperson API business. Ran's AppExchange ecosystem. @university-of-california-los-angeles MBA.

ID 68135

Scott Kennedy


CEO @openlabel , @axcelis (sold 2 Palisade) @Neuronics (sold 2 Neurix), @thezibit. Dev, first genetic algorithm (Evolver). Published writer. Public speaker.

ID 39691

Hany Rashwan

CEO - @ribbon; @angelpad alum.

ID 50069

Evan Owens

Founder @pogoseat (@angelpad S'13). Former sailboat captain and Wall Streeter @nyse. Philosophy major @university-of-san-diego-1, valedictorian.

ID 329368

Louay Eldada


Founder & CEO @Quanergy Systems. Started, grew & sold 3 businesses to Fortune 100 companies. Optoelectronics PhD @columbia, Business @MIT @harvard @stanford.

ID 139845

Mudit Seth

Founder @silverpush. Specialist in User acquisition, Marketing and PR, product launch in multiple locations, Building network and partnerships.

ID 20100

Ranah Edelin


CEO @weheartit , Co-founder/CEO at @singshot-media (acquired by EA). Founding team at Rhapsody (Listen), VP at EA. @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @brown-university U, and @nagoya-university U.

ID 30552

Royce Disini


ID 3105

Daniele Calabrese

Founder and Ceo at @soundtracker

ID 51670

Jay Shek

CEO of @locality-1. CFO, @betable and Finance & Analytics, Snapfish. @university-of-pennsylvania M&T program, Comp Sci & Wharton Business degrees.

ID 209068

Zach Hanna


ID 47184

Karan Singh

Co-founder of MIT Sloan (2011) / Harvard-MIT HST (on-hold). MIT Legatum Fellow. Strong health background (ZS Associates, Humedica, Signal Point).

ID 6619

Micha Benoliel


Entrepreneur,seeker,I love metaphysics and music.My ultimate challenge is to provide free wireless broadband access to the internet and advocate Net Neutrality.

ID 1618

Alex Baldwin

Designer @thoughtbot, co-creator @hack-design, alumni @500startups @techstars

ID 102975

AJ Solimine

Co-founder & CEO @nitrous-io. Economics, Computer Science at @harvard-university. HCI Research at @harvard-university Design School. Co-Founder @vidyou, @firefly-health.

ID 37842

J. Scott Zimmerman

CEO. Interests: Product. Data Vis. SaaS. Scalable Sales Ops. Data Analysis. Medical Doctor.

ID 267429

Garrett Goldberg


Founder @direct-local-food, @gsquare-companies • Works at @bee-partners, @boise-angel-alliance • Studied at @stanford-university, @university-of-washington

ID 41413

Hadar Wissotzky

technologist and serial entrepreneur with significant hands-on experience developing online products and teams. Hadar was most recently Founder/[email protected] sitter and [email protected] Social and Founder/[email protected]

ID 47640

Brian Leung

VP of Engineering at @circle-of-moms, Senior Information Retrieval Engineer at @spock, ex-MSFT, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology EECS graduate

ID 114798

Jim Tousignant

Serial entrepreneur; Founder @positivetalk, @multex (IPO and sold to Reuters for $200 mil) • Worked at @morgan Stanley, @Thomson Reuters • Studied at @rensselaer-polytechnic-institute

ID 270303

Ben Levi


Founder at @incloudcounsel, @tembo and @dashmob. Lawyered at @kirkland-ellis-llp. Schooled at @yale-university & @harvard-law-school. Mostly pleasant.

ID 226086

Jesper Andersen

I co-founded and do other projects at

ID 26236

Jeff Slobotski

Founder of @silicon-prairie-news, digital media company dedicated to the region's entrepreneurs & startups, in addition to the "Big Series" events.

ID 121152

Dane Hurtubise

Co-founder, @parklet Product Director at @rally Co-founder of @jobspice (YC S09)

ID 252154

Casey Hunter


Founder @cj-hunter-corporation • Investor @knightscope, @bia, @wingtip @atheer-labs @shareroot • Studied at @saint-mary-s-college-of-california

ID 169920

Jesper Noehr


I wrote @bitbucket-1. Now the lead architect for it. Travel a lot.

ID 11310

Matt Cutler

Founder & CEO of @collaborate. Formerly CMO of @visible-measures. Founder of @netgenesis. @techstars-1 Mentor.

ID 20211

Reuben Katz


Ceo, Founder & investor @geeklist. Built some things. Successful exits in internet & education

ID 75932

Gabriel Chan

Serial Entrepreneur • uWaterloo Engineer • Founder, Product CEO, @coursemodo • Tech Startups Advisor: web, mobile, education, gamification, bigdata

ID 129727

Shash Joshi

CTO who specializes in architecting web-based, high availability, scalable systems which incorporate lean-Agile practices. Big-data, simplifying complexity.

ID 77745

Erik Yao

Founder @playhaven • Worked at @the-playforge • Studied at @cornell-university

ID 133299

Abraham Williams

Gentle giant, pugnacious panda, and foundər of @addvocate. Built the most popular PHP library for the Twitter REST API.

ID 99404

Eric Simons

Cofounder of @songhop and @thinkster-1. Lived in Aol's headquarters for a few months.

ID 205057

Amit Gadhia

Founder of - SF based Ruby on Rails and Adobe Experience Manager / CQ / CQ5 Software Consulting

ID 2594

Nick Lane-Smith


Co-founder & CTO of @damntheradio (acquired by @fanbridge). ∞ Hustler. exHacker @apple. Past: math+compsci

ID 37465

Michael Keating

Founder and CEO of @scoot-networks. Formerly @openplans, @greenorder, @bcg. @harvard-university MBA, @harvard-university Master in Urban Planning. @Wesleyan Art & Design.

ID 106088

Lauren McLeod

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Desert Explorer. Crossed Mongolia's Gobi Desert entirely on foot.

ID 12116

Geoff McQueen

Founder @affinitylive, co-founder @omnidrive. Investor & Advisor @ @startmate-exploration-fund. Engineer, hacker & MBA with decade+ of SaaS & B2B experience. Aussie living in SF

ID 43631

Aston Motes


Employee #1 at @dropbox. B.S. Computer Science from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Drummer for They Fight Bears.

ID 74436

Colin Karpfinger

Founder at @punch-through-design. Created first iOS game controller that was sold in BestBuy. Also co-founded @yobble. I love the intersection of HW+SW+Web.

ID 117280

Mary E Lemmer

entrepreneur making a positive impact in the world

ID 191202

Eli Tucker

Co-Founder of @vizify and alumni of @techstars & @PDXSeedFund. Software developer, entrepreneur, and amateur photographer.

ID 107381

Brennen Byrne

Founder @clef, • Worked at @adobe-systems, @h-bloom • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 3974

Yann Ngongang

CEO, @virgo-travel. Startup-Software-Wireless guy. 2 exits: Sychip, Yurie. 1miss. MBA, Stanford. BSCS, U.Maryland.

ID 1984

Craig Davis


CEO of @relevvant-1 • Built/sold first advertising tech company in 2007 • Ex-Quant • CS and Econ from UC @university-of-california-berkeley • Creative • ADD

ID 262526

Omar Al-Agely


Strong startup background with an unmatched work eithic - Worked at @twitter, @expensify, started @tutormatching • Studied at @university-of-florida

ID 166369

Danny Espinoza

Founder @blush-messenger and @cardstar (acquired by Constant Contact)

ID 43385

Nori Yoshida

Cofounder @curebit Cofounded @crispynews (Acquired by Cofounded @devhood (Acquired by @microsoft). Masters in Eng, CS, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. Econ minor, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 16758

Kenneth Berger

Product Leader. Former Co-Founder & COO, YesGraph. Veteran product manager and M&A lead from Adobe: Typekit, PhoneGap, Omniture, Dreamweaver, etc.

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 186845

Karan Bhangui

Technology entrepreneur.

ID 98464

Phil Dillard

Entrepreneur and educator building healthy CleanTech companies through research, strategy, planning, business development and professional development.

ID 314985

Brendan Moorcroft

ID 37382

Michael West

Founder/CTO @socrative; Founder PreazyPrep. R&D team leader; BS/M.Eng @cornell-university

ID 4494

Mark Sorenson

Founder/CEO of @social-high-rise; Founder @karmakey; Sales junky

ID 115405

Andy Jorgensen


Entrepreneur and Investor

ID 71715

Johnny Lee

CEO Spotsetter. Wearing different hats from coding to product at corporate and startups. 19 tech patents. @insead-1 MBA, @stanford-university MSCS, @university-of-california-berkeley EECS

ID 151349

Dave Lu


Founder/CEO @fanpop • Worked at @apple, @ebay • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 123020

Peter Thomson

Tech Exec & BizDev... At 23, developed CaseTrack software for legal • Founded 2 Startups and worked in Finance w/ Merrill Lynch • @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 105795

Christian Monberg

Founder @boomtrain, @hax • VP of Digital @hornall-anderson Alumni @angelpad

ID 10778

Chris Hogg

Head of Data at Practice Fusion; was founder/CEO of @100plus; long time health 2.0 advocate; trying to change health one data point at a time; husband and dad

ID 363924

Dan Miller


ID 94563

Jennifer Gill Roberts


Founder of Grit Labs: advising and funding startups at intersection of hardware and software, Founder @rallyon, VC at Sevin Rosen and Maven, Hardware Engineer

ID 225723

Edwin Fu


Founder @placements Worked at @salesforce, • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 237793

Daniel Yaffe

Founder @anyroad, @drink-me-magazine • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 14190

Ching-Mei Chen

Co-founder (Product) of @piccollage. PhD (Econ) Cornell. Worked at the Pentagon and at startups in both the US and Asia.

ID 194262

Jeff McGregor

CEO @ Dash. 2nd start-up out of college. Strong development and business background. Studied at @rutgers-university-new-brunswick & @new-york-university-1

ID 118200

Stanley Tang

Co-founder of DoorDash. Stanford CS. Author of eMillions

ID 56703

Courtney Powell

Founder/CEO @publikdemand, @leedseed-2 Founder, @boundless-network Founding Team ($50M/yr Rev), Enterprise Lead Gen Expert (@rackspace, Polycom, Verizon, Cisco)

ID 83667

Joey Shurtleff


Cofounder, CTO at @instaedu (acquired by @chegg). Previously at @aerospike-1, getTalent (Cofounder), and Aggregate Knowledge. B.A. in Economics from Stanford.

ID 187944

Maggie Utgoff

VP of Operations @hackreactor • Founder @Louder • Led Social Media for Jerry Brown Campaign • Led Operations @rally • Helped @twitter grow from 20 to 250

ID 52793

Jeff Boudier

US Co-founder, @replay-by-stupeflix. Headed, founded Utilis. Engineer with business savvy (MS UCB / @haas-school-of-business / Centrale Paris).

ID 147289

Ioannis Verdelis


Founder & COO @fleksy. Operations guru, grew two businesses from startup to industry leaders. MSc, Manchester Business School

ID 35732

Vincent Turner


Founded Pisces as 21yo, lending platform processing $4bn/month via 90% of AU banks, new startup for consumers, @planwise - run & SF fintech meetup

ID 56095

Daniel Kim

Other labs, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology Media Lab, Squid labs, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology VDS, Local Motors, Goloco, Vanilla Bicycles, @rhode-island-school-of-design, UC @university-of-california-berkeley, @reed-college College

ID 39552

Brendan Marshall

Co-Founder & CEO @kitchit More details on LinkedIn

ID 238732

Stuart Landesberg


Founder/CEO @epantry; 1st employee: @toro-investment-partners & @vincraft-group; ex-investor @tpg-capital; behavioral psych/econ @amherst-college

ID 21312

Justin Jarman


Co-Founder @youbetme (Social Bet, Inc.), Advisor @keen-home, Advisor @kinvolved, Entrepreneur In Residence @nyupoly-incubators

ID 155770

Maia Bittner

Co-founder / CTO at @rocksbox

ID 159268

Michael Christopher


Entrepreneur, Tinkerer, Lover of all things tech. Currently @otoy. Formerly @appslingr @zencoder @brightcove @schooltube

ID 28025

Thor Fridriksson

CEO of Plain Vanilla. Published The Moogies with Chillingo in 2011. Now developing an awesome mobile game platform called QuizUp. @oxford-university University MBA 2009

ID 31951

Des Traynor

Co-Founder at @intercom-1. Co-founder of Exceptional (acquired). Director at Contrast (design consultancy). Popular writer & regular conference speaker.

ID 254621

Alex Selig

Founder & CEO SoundFocus, Studied at Stanford (BS & MS), strong mech eng. design, UI/UX, and entrepreneurship background (D2M, Microsoft, Mayfield Fellow)

ID 33704

Pius Uzamere

Lead Engineer at @the-information. @becouply co-founder. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS grad and student body president. Open source hacker. Featured on CNN's Black in America.

ID 64934

Cherian Thomas

@cucumbertown CEO; Early @zynga India Employee - multiple roles (Engineer, PM, Producer etc.); RedHat scholarship recipient; @support-com

ID 423356

Brian Ma


Founder @weave, @decide-2 • Worked at @zillow, @microsoft • Double majored CS/EE at @university-of-washington

ID 6437


Designer, Hacker, and Serial Entrepreneur

ID 66945

Kurt Ericson

Hacker & Craftsman

ID 39150

Elena Silenok Founder @clothia - fashion website & iPad app. MS in CS @university-of-california-san-diego, Network Security focus. Startups/CS research.

ID 84121

Tony Bako

Technology Leader. CTO at @mosaic-2, formerly VP of Engineering at @chegg, @cramster.

ID 27187

Peter Kaminski

CTO & Co-founder: @pingpad @socialtext @yipes @healthrally @bajobs @nanospace.

ID 98311

Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira

Founder & CEO @red-karaoke

ID 65137

Naithan Jones

Founder @aglocal • Worked at @gartner, @ewing-marion-kauffman-foundation

ID 42891

Eryc Branham

Chief Revenue Officer at @rocketspace | former exec at @salesforce @oracle-2 @appirio @acumen-solutions @ngenera-corporation | serial entrepreneur & advisor

ID 56276

Aigerim Shorman

Co-founder/CEO of @triptrotting. Strong business background (UBS, @teach-for-america). @university-of-southern-california Marshall School of Business

ID 58961

Mark Strehlow

Advisor. Creative thinker. Accomplished designer. Former head of UX @flip-video. Led teams at @cisco @yahoo, @vuze, @razorfish. Passion for all things simple.

ID 31770

Frank Mastronuzzi

Founder, CPA, MBA. 15+ years in the online dating space including CFO/COO/Business Development Expertise. Help grow business in a healthy way!

ID 148960

Simon Lenoir

CEO & Founder @rezdy (San Francisco, Sydney) @pretty-good-plan, IT manager @schneider-electric (France), SCUBA Dive centre manager (Thailand), MSc IT

ID 652

Greg Putnam


Founder @aktana, @bespoke • Worked at @starfish-ventures

ID 32866

Melinda Byerley

Founder, Vendorsi. Skilled in high growth, subscription and marketplace businesses. Formerly eBay, PayPal, CheckPoint, Linden Lab, Poll Everywhere. Cornell MBA

ID 69818

Idan Benaim

Heart: @FractalSciences, @olyfe, @apex-hydroponics. Mind: Strategy, self driven, creative thinking. Soul: A hopeful man.

ID 192889

Momchil Kyurkchiev

Co-founder/CEO at @leanplum . Previously worked at @google. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university-2.

ID 25573

Arrel Gray

Coder, designer, and co-founder of Soldsie, making tech for the people.

ID 300943

Frost Li

Connecting talented developers with best-matched jobs with top companies in tech!

ID 152567

Shaun Cooley


Distinguished Engineer, @cisco Collaboration • Investor

ID 502131

Sam Haffar


Investor @real-ventures, Canada's Largest Seed Fund. Former: Founding Team at @chegg, VP Sales & Marketing @eat-club, VP of Marketing @kno.

ID 70377

Matt MacNaughton

CEO/Co-Founder of @promojam-1, Digital Product Manager at Interscope Records, Artists Management at The Firm, SXSW Panelist, Econ at @claremont-mckenna-college College

ID 203196

Matt Tillman


Product @set (acq. NASDAQ:CNVR), @adchemy (acq. NYSE: WMT), Engineering @ CAI, Starbelly (acq. HALO)

ID 62045

Tom Balamaci

Co-Founder, Pop-Up Pantry. Entrepreneur. Online media business development.

ID 45410

Christine Lemke


Co-founder @the-activity-exchange, Co-founded @channeladvisor /Channel IQ and @sense-networks. Worked at @microsoft XBOX, led product at VC-backed Returns Online, Inc.

ID 78435

Yury Lifshits

Founder/CEO at @blended-labs. In the past: bootstrapped to profitability Russia's #1 coworking center @zonaspace, scientist at @yahoo Labs, Caltech postdoc.

ID 393673

Nuo Yan

Software Engineer at @pinterest • Worked at @chef-2 and @Livestar (acquired by Pinterest) • Studied at @UW

ID 66262

Jeff Schenck

Co-founder and CTO at @chewse. Formerly Senior Engineer at @adly.

ID 31690

Dylan Collins


CEO @superawesome-1 | Chairman @potato-2 | VC @hoxton-ventures | Board @BrownBagFilms | Founder Jolt (acq GameStop) + DemonWare (acq Activision Blizzard)

ID 39369

Ravi Srivatsav

CEO, Founder @elasticbox. @microsoft and @ibm Alum, Director of Platform at @myspace and VP product and strategy @sgn @mindjolt

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