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ID 10245

Scott Sage


VC at @dfj-esprit; Angel Investor & Startup Advisor

ID 359207

David Cooper


West Coast Clean Tech seeks venture investments in early stage clean technologies. WCCT acts as an Limited Partner and Direct Investor.

ID 94649

Wes Selke


Managing Director and Founder of @better-ventures

ID 228662

Derek Brown


Versatile leader, immersed in consumer / Marketplace / e-commerce Internet sectors for +15 years; I thrive on connecting dots that others don't see and finding meaningful opportunity / challenge where others see little -- all in the name of growth.

ID 374333

Cameron Newton, CFA


Co-founder Relevance Capital & 4Ignition Enterprises. Board member SIGNiX, Agilum, Cortac, Consensus Point, Opti-Logic.

ID 42530

John Houston


Think 'Hand of the King' but with more operations/sales/hugs and less intrigue/violence. Head of Sales Operations & Strategy @sunrun.

ID 71641

Roy Andrew Ng


COO Cloud @sap, BizOps @successfactors, Head of West Coast Software Investment Banking @goldman-sachs, Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 62293

Norman Rohr


Head APAC SMB Acquisition Mktg, @google PAST: Global Finance Lead b2b Mktg, @google Head Finance & Operations, @svox (acquired by Nuance)

ID 8048

Lukas Biewald


I'm the founder of CrowdFlower/Dolores Labs.

ID 21272

Rachel Pike


Physician Engagement @grand-rounds. Former Principal @dfj , helper bee @angellist. PhD in chemistry and computer modelling. Love building orgs for success.

ID 79310

Andry Haryanto


Founder @urbanindo • Worked at @hercules-technology-growth-capital

ID 20583

Paul Veradittakit


Venture Investor at @pantera-capital

ID 59243

Rob Wang


Worked at Finance, Biz Dev @microsoft. Project Management @nintendo. Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency Miner. Active Angel Investor.

ID 409117

Simon Yoo


Founder and Managing Partner of Green Visor Capital, a FinTech focused investment group.

ID 146371

Victor Ghitescu


Venture Hacker at @angellist. Previous startup experience with @topguest. Worked at @goldman-sachs and @ubs. @university-of-sydney-1 Finance & Law

ID 76234

Brian Martinez

Founder/COO at @madesolid (@y-combinator W14) Previously Founder/CEO at @tioki. B.A. Business/Entrepreneurship - UC Santa Barbara. Worked at @adroll and @cbiz

ID 101093

Zach Noorani


Associate @ Foundation Capital

ID 243283

Mana Aynechi


Insikt Ventures --> Square -- > Visa

ID 163916

Leore Avidar

Co-founder @lob. Worked at @aws, @citigroup, @google , @motorola • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 210937

Jonathan Tam


Investor @superfly, @locality-1, @crowdmob, @down-by-bang-with-friends , @netplenish, @vandal-games,

ID 644097

Guy Barbaro


Top-notch financial executive with broad experience - specializing in start-ups. CPA, MBA with 25+ years experience.

ID 185090

Dave Liu


Co-Founder, EVA Automation; Founder, Liucrative Endeavors • Advisor, Entrepreneur, Financier, Investor • @harvard-business-school, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 14444

Carl Fritjofsson


Founder @wrapp, @adprofit • Worked at @creandum, @bearingpoint • Investor @leap-transit, @onbeep • Studied at @uppsala-university, @university-of-melbourne

ID 159216

Roger Dean Huffstetler

Founder @zillabyte • Former sales at @twilio, former @usmc • Studied at @harvard-business-school School

ID 417573

Jeff Pinksa


MD Private Securities Group @sharespost; worked @wells-fargo, @stifel-nicolaus-weisel, @canaccord-adams; attended @university-of-colorado-boulder

ID 3869

Montgomery Kosma


Innovator on business models, marketing & discovery in noisy long tail markets.

ID 287283

Richard Won

My last three companies completed successful IPO's. Large and small public company experience and focused the last nine years in building strong accounting teams and accounting procedures at early to late-stage start-ups. I entered Yelp as the first accou

ID 270303

Ben Levi


Founder at @incloudcounsel, @tembo and @dashmob. Lawyered at @kirkland-ellis-llp. Schooled at @yale-university & @harvard-law-school. Mostly pleasant.

ID 398952

Nick Strachan


Originally from Georgia, transplanted to Chico to join

ID 31770

Frank Mastronuzzi

Founder, CPA, MBA. 15+ years in the online dating space including CFO/COO/Business Development Expertise. Help grow business in a healthy way!

ID 12024

Luis Arbulu


VC Director @samsung-electronics MD at @hattery. Prev head of investments; BoozAllen consultant. @wharton-school MBA; Fulbright and Kauffman fellow. Food (mostly cheese) and tech geek

ID 151349

Dave Lu


Founder/CEO @fanpop • Worked at @apple, @ebay • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 147121

Sze-jun Tsai


Angel & Real Estate Investor. Worked @google @healthnet. Dad. SF Bay Area native. Can often be found on the court in my beat up Kobes.

ID 75016

Crystal M. Allison

Business Operations Leader and handy-woman who helps startups get their sh*t organized, who manages acquisitions and supports growing pains for scalability.

ID 59052

Bart Myers


Founder and CEO @countable - Direct Democracy Sold @sidereel to Rovi Corp • Worked at @ibm • Angel Investor and startup Advisor

ID 323990

Brian Truong


Currently @rothenberg-ventures. Previously @bessemer-venture-partners and @downtime. Studied Biology/CS @harvard-university.

ID 1511

Shuja Keen


AL Syndicator; Angel Investor • Managing Director at @trg-holdings • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @mit-sloan-school-of-management

ID 123020

Peter Thomson

Tech Exec & BizDev... At 23, developed CaseTrack software for legal • Founded 2 Startups and worked in Finance w/ Merrill Lynch • @carnegie-mellon-university-2

ID 438324

David Smith


Investment Principal at @dg-incubation, ex- @gree-inc In Tokyo 6 years, on my way back to CA. Excited to help companies looking to change the world!

ID 35735

Konstantin Popov

Founder @biart-company, @cappasity-inc

ID 118136

Laurel Reitman

Currently VP of Business Operations at @joyent. Was VP of Product. Worked at Microsoft and Adobe.

ID 105221

Nate Mihalovich

VP of Biz Dev @buildingconnected, Founder of @vektr-io, Studied at @berkeley, started @rock-to-relief at 16 that generated $100K for non-profits.

ID 94209

Robert Parker


Renewable Energy @google, CFO at @nudgerx; previously SVP for Energy/Power late-stage private equity firm; @booth-school-of-business MBA.

ID 350451

Philip Moon


Currently an investment professional at Empyrean Capital Partners, a LA-based event driven hedge fund. Previously part of the investment team at TPG

ID 21312

Justin Jarman


Co-Founder @youbetme (Social Bet, Inc.), Advisor @keen-home, Advisor @kinvolved, Entrepreneur In Residence @nyupoly-incubators

ID 3468

Nathan Beckord


Founder of Foundersuite, VentureArchetypes, and and; Consultant / Advisor / Investor in 13 funded startups with 5 exits.

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