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ID 54538

Douglas Feirstein


Founder @usell-com. Founder of @liveops. Serial Entrepreneur and Angel investor. Strong entrepreneur with Senior management experience.

ID 64660

Brian Balfour


VP Growth @hubspot Growth & Customer Acquisition specialist. Former EIR @trinity Ventures, Co-Founder of @boundless, @viximo.

ID 102632

James Conlon


Poker professional turned venture capitalist. Likes card tables, tech start-ups, and inflection points. Partner @bullpencap. Founder @venture-scanner.

ID 29410

Eric Marcoullier

Parter @ Cloudspace. Frequent startup advisor. Occasional investor. Previously: Cofounder OneTrueFan, Gnip, MyBlogLog, IGN.

ID 33415

Matt Galligan

Co-Founder & CEO of @circa. Co-Founded 1% of Nothing, @simplegeo & @socialthing.

ID 33052

Tony L. Chen


Investor, Entrepreneur, Advisor. @yale-university MB&B & MIT @mit-sloan-school-of-management MBA.

ID 527523

Aaron Bertinetti


Investor @surprise-attack @real-estate-investar @abacus Exec @glass-lewis-co-llc Governance, investments, management, biz dev, digital entertainment b/gnd.

ID 54780

Jacob Brody


Co-Founder and CEO at Benny; former Partner at MESA+

ID 35279

Jyri Engestrom


Founder Ditto (sold to @groupon) & @jaiku (sold to @google)

ID 34628

Justin Kan


Founded @exec and @justin-tv. Part time partner at Y Combinator.

ID 144053

Balaji Srinivasan


General Partner Andreessen Horowitz, Counsyl Cofounder, Stanford Startup MOOC, Stanford Bitcoin Group, MIT TR35, F50, Stanford BS/MS/PhD EE & MS ChemE.

ID 198401

Tom Fallows


Founder @google-shopping-express • Founder @mercantila (acq @google) • 70+ startups investor & advisor.

ID 151324

Angela Zäh


International Growth & Product Management @facebook • Investor in Silicon Valley & Berlin

ID 78302

Chung-Man Tam


Mobile Products

ID 88937

Gina Bianchini

Founder of @mightybell. Co-founder and CEO of @ning. Director at Scripps Networks Interactive.

ID 39472

YuChiang Cheng


Internet Entrepreneur

ID 32302

Kintan Brahmbhatt


Entrepreneur, hacker and designer - Head of Products, Prime Music @amazon; previously - Head of Products, @imdb Everywhere

ID 34330

Osama Bedier


Worked at @google, @paypal, @ebay

ID 84878

Michael Liou


Angel Investor. Founded Anvil Capital (quality + income + lower volatility strategy). Ran 3 business units at Goldman. Strong investing skills. Former coder.

ID 163145

Shelley Zhuang


Founder of Eleven Two Capital • Worked at @dfj, @Ecoplast, @microsoft, @nasa • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @university-of-missouri

ID 25206

Janice Fraser

Founder, @luxr-co. Leader in the Lean Startup world. Entrepreneur. Co-founder and former CEO of @adaptive-path.

ID 16654

Tim O'Reilly


Founder and CEO, O'Reilly Media, founder Safari Books Online, co-founder and partner O'Reilly AlphaTech Ventures

ID 11062

Russ Holdstein

Invested in Ask, @jawbone, @stubhub, @trulia

ID 11041

Itamar Novick


Chief Business Officer @life360. Previously was an investor at @morgenthaler-ventures, Venture Partner at @upwest-labs. Startup advisor and investor

ID 10890

Ted Rheingold


FinTech & Alt-Lending as COO @inventure. Previous: VP, @saymedia. Built, led & sold @dogster. Engineer turned entrepreneur. Seed investor and advisor

ID 6120

Ed Roman


Entrepreneur, developer, angel, advisor. Founded 2 startups. Connector of good people. I try to pay-it-forward by advising and helping as much as possible.

ID 23933

Scott Crosby


co-founded @urchin-software Corp., which is now @google Analytics. ex-COO @euclid Inc.

ID 22251

John Zdanowski


Co-Founder at Sightly, Appstack TrustEgg. GP of Foresight Ventures

ID 20165

Patrick Breitenbach


Amex, pre-IPO at @paypal, Dir of Ops at @eventbrite, Founder of Pricetack

ID 26381

Andrew Trader


@zynga, Founding Team @maveron, Venture Partner @tribe-net , CEO (acq by Cisco) @coremetrics, Co-founder (acq byIBM)

ID 8048

Lukas Biewald


I'm the founder of CrowdFlower/Dolores Labs.

ID 24786

Lane Becker


Co-founded @get-satisfaction & @adaptive-path. Advise @freestyle-capital. Wrote a NYTimes bestseller, “Get Lucky.” I love kayaks, cocktails, & the Internet.

ID 19537

Jason Portnoy


Experienced operator and angel investor now investing through a fund, @subtraction-capital.

ID 7487

Joel Poloney


Founder of @redhotlabs . Co-Creator of FarmVille. Investor in @momentum-machines, @heyday, @pixelapse, and @showvine. Sold @myminilife to @zynga in 2009.

ID 12143

David Selinger


Co-founder & CEO, @richrelevance

ID 12132

Ed Baker


I like to grow things.

ID 16400

Roham Gharegozlou


Playmaker @axiom-zen (we're hiring!). Investor/advisor to awesome startups, ex-VC, relentless optimist. Developers: check out @zenhub and @routific

ID 19863

Martin Gedalin


Founder @lumia-capital • Worked at @focus-ventures @oracle-corporation, @ncr-corporation @siebel-systems • Studied at @wharton-school, @emory-university

ID 9861

Jason A. Hoffman


Head of Digital Strategy @ericsson. Founder and former CTO at @joyent. I specialize in revenue generation, and all activities required to make it happen.

ID 9259

Niren Hiro


co-founder @searchman, Investor & Advisor @ several cool companies, ceo @crowdstar, ground zero @admob, GM Mobile @yahoo

ID 5355

Yee Lee


4x founder, over 20 angel investments, 8 acquisition exits and an IPO. Prior teams: @paypal, @slide, @skype , @google , @taskrabbit

ID 2671

Ruchi Sanghvi


PM at @facebook; Launched News Feed & new homepage. Led dev of APIs, Platform, Connect, Stream APIs & social widgets. Led Privacy, Notes, Homepage, Profiles.

ID 1572

Hiten Shah


Co-Founder of @kissmetrics. Previously started CrazyEgg and ACS. My hobby is helping entrepreneurs create something out of nothing.

ID 2975

Ross Fubini


Advisor at Kapor Capital for seed/A investments. Advisor Palantir, @facebook @causes,.. Founded @cubetree, sold to @successfactors. Fmr exec SYMC, @tellme, @netscape

ID 3376

Arjun Dev Arora


Chairman & Founder @retargeter. BizDev @yahoo. IBanking experience. Passionate about leadership, growth, startups & marketing. Life rule: Pay it forward.

ID 1521

Bruno Bowden


Data Collective for Big Data investing. Formerly worked on Enterprise Gmail, Google Earth, TED Speaker (twice). Computer Science degree from Cambridge.

ID 5192

Ross Mayfield


CEO and Co-founder of @pingpad. @socialtext @ratexchange @slideshare @linkedin

ID 1914

Charles Hudson


Partner at @softtech-vc (with @jeff), CEO and Co-Founder of @bionic-panda-games. BD roles at @serious-business (now part of @zynga), @google, and Gaia Online

ID 4647

Jonathan D. Kibera


Founded Shopping Express @google • Founded @mercantila (sold to @google) • Labored @epinions • Rowed @harvard-university

ID 2000

Mark Kingdon


Angel Investor. Former CEO of @linden-lab (Second Life) and @organic; Entrepreneur in Residence at @idealab! Partner at @pwc-1. Investor in 20+ companies.

ID 4801

Elliot Loh


Designed Yammer, Geni, Tribe, many others. Mentor, advisor, investor. Currently co-founder at @the-giant-pixel-corporation and Antenna Radio.

ID 6001

Alex Bard


Ceo @campaign-monitor Formerly EVP and GM @salesforce Career entrepreneur and dreamer. Angel investor.

ID 3851

Rafael Corrales


VC at @crv-1. Previously: Founding CEO of @learnboost (acq. WordPress), formerly at @rentjuice (acq. Zillow) and @hubspot ($HUBS)

ID 4933

Dalton Caldwell


Partner @y-combinator Previously founder/CEO of @imeem and @stanford-university SymSys '03.

ID 2058

David Bill


Founding advisor for @freestyle-capital. CTO & co-founder @cotweet (acquired by @exacttarget) , CTO @spinner-com-1 (acquired by @aol).

ID 2130

Sundeep Ahuja


AL Syndicator; CoFounder @blissmo @richrelevance; helped launch @kiva; Investor @goodreads @counsyl; Advisor @indiegogo @change-org; BS in CS from Stanford.

ID 1805

Tim Chang


Managing Director - Mayfield. Forbes Midas List 2010, 2011 (Top 100 VCs). @stanford-university MBA, Univ of Michigan MSEE/BSEE. Bassist in BlackMahal and CoverFlow

ID 4130

Jay Adelson


Founder of @equinix, @revision3, @opsmatic. CEO of @digg, @revision3, @simplegeo. Board member at, @newaer, etc.

ID 1760

Michael Tanne


Entrepreneur, investor. Founder, @adforce, @wink. Worked @ Verity, @apple. Investor/Advisor: @linkedin, @cloudmark, @wikia, ICONAircraft, @brightroll, @fundly, GAINFitness

ID 3234

Andrew Chen


Startup guy, occassional writer on metrics/marketing. @angellist investor. Previously EIR at @mohr-davidow-ventures.

ID 1219

Mike Greenfield


Entrepreneur + a little advising/investing. Founded @circle-of-moms, @team-rankings. First data scientist at both @linkedin and @paypal.

ID 744

Dustin Dolginow


Rethinking seed funding @maiden-lane-ventures. Venture partner @atlas-venture. Founded and killed Social Swipe. Retail + SMB in my DNA.

ID 81

Jim Young


Currently: founder of @perceptual-networks. Before: founder of HotOrNot, @i-o-ventures, Megatasty. PhD, UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS.

ID 219

Tim Ferriss


Advisor: Uber, Evernote, Shopify, Automattic, etc. Early investor: Twitter, Facebook, Alibaba, Duolingo, etc. Blog with 1M+ readers/month. Author of three #1 NYT/WSJ bestsellers. Featured by 100+ media outlets (NYT, Dr. Oz, etc.).

ID 603

Ryan Merket

Investor (acquired by InMobi), (acquired by @seesmic),Partner Engineer at @facebook, Product guy with UI/UX and coding chops.

ID 1470

David Rusenko


Founder, @weebly

ID 208

Scott And Cyan Banister


Investor @zappos, @uber; Founder @ironport; Board Member @paypal

ID 143

David Cohen


Founder/CEO of @techstars. Investor in Amazing Startups. Geeky to the bone.

ID 216

Kenny Van Zant


Business lead for @asana, entrepreneur, angel investor. Former Chief Product officer at @solarwinds (SWI).

ID 1078

Roger Dickey


Mafia Wars founder (Zynga), Investor

ID 309

Eghosa Omoigui


Angel investor (Consumer, Mobile, Media, SemTech); @intel-capital; Investor in dots before they become lines; Plot/execute daily assaults on conventional wisdom

ID 488

Shayan Zadeh


Entrepreneur (cofounder of @zoosk), Angel Investor, Geek, and a Global Citizen.

ID 1373

Yan-David Erlich


Founder / CEO @wearable-intelligence , Partner @mucker-lab . Founded @choicevendor (LNKD). Worked @google , @microsoft. Invested @thumbtack , @mixer-labs .

ID 669

Sam Shank


CEO at @hoteltonight. Founded @dealbase, @travelpost • Worked at @sidestep, @nextag

ID 879

Christina A. Brodbeck


Founding team member of @youtube, @youtube's first UI designer, Design Lead of @youtube Mobile, Co-Founder/CEO of @theicebreak, mentor/advisor, and angel investor.

ID 155

Naval Ravikant


Sweat: @angellist , @venture-hacks @vast @epinions ; Money: @twitter @heyzap @snaplogic

ID 117

Joe Greenstein


Founder and CEO, @flixster & RottenTomatoes

ID 462

Akash Garg


Eng Director of Growth & International @ @twitter; CTO at @bebo; Co-Founder/CTO of @hi5

ID 273

Adam Jackson


CEO of Doctor On Demand - the largest virtual medical practice in the US.

ID 1274

Paul Singh


Founder of @disruption-corporation & @crystal-tech-fund

ID 27494

Jonathan Bruck


@pocket Juggler. Early Stage Product Discovery for @xoopit, @indextank, Billshrink, @trialpay

ID 64

Jonathan Abrams


Founder & CEO of @nuzzel, co-founder of @FoundersDen, previously founder of @friendster, @socializr, and @hotlinks, software engineer at Netscape and Nortel.

ID 6625

Justin Shaffer


Product @facebook (Groups, Location & Events, Photos Composer, Video/Brand Advertising) • CEO/Founder @hot-potato • SVP, New Media @mlb-advanced-media (, Gameday, PitchF/X, Infrastructure) Interests: Building Teams & Products, Social Science, Aerona

ID 4489

David Stewart


Current: @jumpcam . Formerly: VP Product at @yammer; Sr Director of Virality & Acq Marketing at Playdom/Disney; also worked at @youtube and @google.

ID 54

Benjamin Ling


GP at @khosla-ventures, Sr Director Search Products @google • Sr Director of Partnerships, Content & Platforms @youtube • Director of Platform @facebook

ID 1446

Andrew Jenks


Co-Founder Formation Data Systems @formation-data-systems-1 ; angel investments @stage-one-capital; Board Member @bottlenose;

ID 87239

Martin Tantow


Managing Director @scaler. Growth Strategist. Dealmaker. Founded @3scale @cloudtimes. Worked @booz-company @oliver-wyman. Mentor @techstars @sbootcamp

ID 6270

Allen Morgan


Sherpa to startups & active angel investor. Managing Director, @idealab-1 New Ventures Group. Former startup lawyer and @mayfield-fund Partner.

ID 47266

Matt Mickiewicz

Co-Founder @hired @99designs, @sitepoint, @flippa. Forbes 30 under 30 & Inc 30 under 30.

ID 42899

Ephraim Luft


CEO, Founder of @circle-of-moms (acquired by @popsugar Inc). Led prod dev at @massive Inc (acquired by MSFT). @stanford-university CS. Harvard MBA.

ID 119556

Yen Fu


London NY; investor @fundersclub @yourmechanic @life360 @jawbone @beep @spatch @equityzen @airhelp @vastrm , mentor@Techstars BarclaysAccel @fundersclub panel

ID 658

Erick Tseng


Head of Mobile Products at @facebook. Formerly Lead Android PM @ @google; McKinsey. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology, @stanford-university.

ID 34433

Sumit Gupta


Founder CEO @bash Gaming #social #mobile @bitrhymes #saas @business-signatures #Investor @narvar @birdi @mixerbox @leadgenius #mentor @myactivitypal

ID 43

Paul Bragiel


Partner at @i-o-ventures. Previously CEO of @lefora, @meetro & paragon5

ID 140801

Ligaya Tichy


Investor: @true-co, @circa, @prompt-ly. Early team: @yelp, @airbnb. Community developer, gut follower.

ID 119399

Jesse Engle


Entrepreneur. Advisor. Investor. Co-founder @seesaw. Co-founder and CEO of @cotweet.

ID 60

Christoph Janz


Internet entrepreneur turned micro VC, investor in @zendesk, @geckoboard, @positionly, @freeagent, @clio, @unbounce, @momox, @mambu,...

ID 106994

Ash Fontana


Make fundraising happen here on @angellist! Co-founder of @topguest (exited Dec 2011) & more. Startup utility player: BD, JD, VC & PM.

ID 48

Alexander Lloyd


Worked at Apple, Activision, SGI, Microsoft. Have been helping seed stage companies since 1998

ID 105097

David La Placa


ID 340058

Robert Wuttke


Founder and CEO of be2 and C-Date, a profitable $60M+ business. Investor in @airhelp @auditfile @famebit @tradeshift @ubiome @mayvenn @terravion @tripping-com

ID 29116

Igor Shoifot


VC at TMT Investments, convicted serial entrepreneur, investor, teacher (@university-of-california-berkeley, @new-york-university, @stanford-university, @university-of-california-san-francisco), chairman at HappyFarm incubator

ID 10362

Sohail Prasad


Founder, CEO at @equidate. @y-combinator alum. Formerly at @zynga, @hiptype, @google, @chartboost, @carnegie-mellon-university-2. Investor at @coin-2, @zenefits.

ID 23146

Vivek Sodera

Founder: @airseed @Rapleaf/LiveRamp (acq by Acxiom for $310M) | Advisor: @womply @CloseCo @500 Startups | Hiring: backend engineers (

ID 34881

Austin Chang


Founder of Fridge, acquired by @google. Previous life in digital media and gaming @viacom. @y-combinator alum. Currently product management @google

ID 1889

Waynn Lue


Co-founder, President Coliloquy; Co-founder, President unwrap (Sold to @context-optional); built @google's backend billing system; @stanford-university

ID 37218

Jonah Lupton

Founder: Lupton Media Group, Parabolic Ventures, The Greatest Pitch,,, The Lupton Group, InterCapital Group, and

ID 119615

Jay Webster

Co-founder of Choose Energy. 20 yr Silicon Valley veteran with a focus on ad tech and performance marketing.

ID 120527

Joshua B Siegel


General Partner Rubicon VC, Co-Chairman @gtownangels, Worked at @citigroup, @overseas-private-investment-corporation-opic, Studied at @georgetown-university, @boston-university

ID 33977

Gordon Bell


@microsoft Principal Researcher. Invested time/money in over 100 US startups. Wrote a book, High Tech Startup: The Guide to Entrepreneurial Success.

ID 33545

David Bell


Author of "Location Is (Still) Everything", Marketing Prof. (Wharton), Consumer Internet Investor, Stanford GSB PhD.

ID 25203

Ethan Anderson

Founder @red-beacon, @mytime • Worked at @google, @mckinsey-company • Studied at @duke-university, @harvard-business-school

ID 71878

Julie Hanna


Repeat entrepreneur. Product Strategist. Startup & Venture Advisor. Angel Investor. Board Chair at Kiva.

ID 15521

Craig Mod


Writer, designer. Previously product designer for @flipboard. Advisor for @medium, @955dreams. Mentor at @500startups & @designer-fund. Investor in @oyster, @editorially, @tokyo-otaku-mode, @timbuktu-labs. 2011 TechFellow. 2012 MacDowell fellow.

ID 9947

Jonathan Aizen


Founder and CEO at @amitree; Previously founder and COO at @dapper (acquired by @yahoo)

ID 6409

Debbie Landa


CEO/Founder of @dealmaker-media, creators of and Co-founder of @growlab, an early stage accelerator based in Vancouver and SF.

ID 58407

Michael Staton


Partner at Learn Capital. Founder of Uversity. Advisor to Dev Bootcamp, Gap Year

ID 2119

Sean Rad


Founder & CEO of Tinder. Previously Founder of @adly (largest celebrity endorsement platform for social media).

ID 2192

Ravi Belani


Ravi Belani is Fenwick & West Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and Managing Director of the Alchemist Accelerator, an enterprise seed accelerator backed by Cisco, DFJ, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce, SAP Ventures, and USVP.

ID 42530

John Houston


Think 'Hand of the King' but with more operations/sales/hugs and less intrigue/violence. Head of Sales Operations & Strategy @sunrun.

ID 588

Micah Baldwin


Founder @graphicly, @current-wisdom • Worked at @lijit-networks, @kozmo-com • Investor @graphicly, @pocketfuzz • Studied at @university-of-california-davis

ID 23853

Ohad Samet


Chief Risk Officer at @klarna. Co-founder @signifyd and @Analyzd (acq by @klarna). @paypal New Ventures. Head of Analytics at FraudSciences (acq by @paypal).

ID 11131

Lili Stiefel

ID 98458

Rick Natsch


Founder @potrero-media, @presidio-interactive • Worked at @quinstreet, @insweb • Investor @marin-software, @twylah

ID 97460

Amish Shah


Entrepreneur/Investor/Advisor @sierramaya360 @full-color-games @igenapps @paradine @ecampus-ventures @kydaemos @matchpoint-2 @skycatch @fnd

ID 106927

Shanti Bergel


Business & Corporate Development • Founder @qbiquity • Exec roles at @playfish, @gree

ID 64572

Matthew Palevsky


Online organizer and social movement strategist. Citizen journalism @the-huffington-post and strategy @purpose while incubating unPAC and

ID 74069

Mike Macadaan

Partner at @science Studio. Specialize in User Experience, Design, Brand and Identity. Product and UX Advisor, Co-Founder @urbandig, Founder @twiistup

ID 66437

Rahim Fazal


Co-Founder/CEO @involver (acq by Oracle); Executive @oracle-corporation Social Cloud; I like to help founders build great companies.

ID 6738

Sam Zaid

Founder and CEO of @getaround; Advisor and investor in @gazaro; Founder and advisor to Apption; Occasional angel investor.

ID 44850

Tristan Harris


Design Ethics @ Google. CEO of @apture (acquired by @google in '11). ex-Apple. Mayfield Fellow. @stanford-university Computer Science. Always make new mistakes.

ID 7387

Scott Rutherford


Tech Advisor Red Bull Digital,, Previous: Co-Founder COO @uservoice. Founder / CEO @axomic. Creator ActiveScaffold.

ID 347128

Tadaaki Kimura (Tad)


CEO of addlight Inc. / Director of some tech start-ups / Angel Investor

ID 139413

Will Harbin


CEO of @kixeye. Co-founder of @affinity-labs.

ID 9965

Michael Wolfe


Mutiple-time startup founder with 3 successful exits. Advisor or investor in Hail, @contentful, @fliptop and Hipmob.

ID 210937

Jonathan Tam


Investor @superfly, @locality-1, @crowdmob, @down-by-bang-with-friends , @netplenish, @vandal-games,

ID 4805

Raj Singh


CEO of @tempo-ai; Mobilist!

ID 37133

Taz Patel


CRO @republic-project, acquired by Sizmek. Traveler, sports enthusiast & startup junkie. Passionate Advisor & Investor. CAL Alumnus!

ID 502

Cyril Ebersweiler


Visionary Punk, Founder of @haxlr8r ; Partner @sosventures-1. Most prolific investor in hardware (70+). Sometimes cowork w/ coconuts.

ID 94288

Tim Fong


BD @buzzstarter board member @juscollege mentor @500startups and @vegastechfund angel panel @fundersclub

ID 3300

Kent Lindstrom


COO of @nuzzel . Previous CEO of @friendster, and Founder/CEO of @placepop. Co-founder, President of @netread Software and Services

ID 2394

Rob Bailey

Currently CEO @ DataSift. Also advisor to Urban Airship, Softtech VC, Akkadian Ventures. Previously SimpleGeo, Yahoo! & USWeb CKS.

ID 105798

Pat Kinsel


Venture Partner at @polaris-partners-1. Formerly Co-Founder & CEO at @spindle (acquired by @twitter) & @microsoft

ID 13718

Ryan Block


VP Product at @aol, co-founder, @gdgt, @engadget

ID 34464

Evan Reiser

Product at TellApart. CEO/Co-Founder @adstack-acquired-by-tellapart. Co-Founder @bloomspot-acquired-by-jpm-chase. Expert in ad optimization+personalization

ID 32715

Adam Breckler


Co-Founder, @visually Founder, Web Developer

ID 2592

Johnny Hwin

Co-founder & CEO of @damntheradio (acq'd by @fanbridge). Consultant @asana and @dreamworks-animation-skg. BA Psychology & MS Tech Entrepreneurship @stanford-university.

ID 44891

Kevin Cheng

Current: Co-Founder and President, @incredible-labs. Past: Product lead for redesign; Dir Product @raptr; Designed @yahoo Pipes.

ID 4562

Antony Brydon


CEO of Directly. CEO of Visible Path (funded by Kleiner, acquired by Hoovers). VP @emusic (IPO). CEO of IUMA (acquired by EMusic). BOD at ShopWell (IDEO). Yale.

ID 85313

Nick Grandy


Founder @wundrbar • Worked at @airbnb, @clever • Studied at @harvard-university, @oxford-university

ID 39712

Tom Patterson


Chair/Found @tinker, CEO/Found @wize, Pres. @nextag, EIR Mayfield, SVP @markettools, P&G, PeopleSoft,HBS , Board Dale Carnegie, Angel/Advisor Kixeye,IDG....

ID 135427

Thor Muller

Co-founder & former CTO @get-satisfaction. NYTimes best selling author of Get Lucky. Serial tech entrepreneur since 1995. Above all, dad to Quinn & Tesla.

ID 2300

Aunkur Arya


GM Mobile @braintree (acquired by @paypal). Early Director at @admob (acquired by @google). Previously Partnerships for @google Wallet. LP at Accel.

ID 273617

John Hering


Founder and Executive Chairman @lookout

ID 4617

Luc Hardy

> One of first shareholders in Lending Club, @virtuoz, Totsy, @producteev > Based in New York and Paris (France)

ID 9033

Ramana Rao


Founder OwnTown. CEO/Founder, @icurrent (Washington Post), CTO/Founder, @inxight (Business Objects/SAP). Researcher at @xerox-parc. BS/MS from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology.

ID 21865

Even Walser


Early stage employee of and investor in @practice-fusion. Lead go to market strategy leading to first 2,000 customers and 200,000 users.

ID 17350

Kai Gradert


Designer @angellist · UX/Design @adobe-1 Lightroom mobile · Previously @google · Founder @cheers · Owner @hingeheads

ID 7395

Rob Leathern


Founder and CEO of @optimal, Inc.; early at @linkedin, @nextag, Jupiter, CFA holder.

ID 3298

Lloyd Taylor


@ngmoco, @genomera, the Hub, @techshop, @linkedin, @google, Keynote, Digex

ID 46092

Victor Belfor


B2B SaaS GTM Strategy (marketing, BD, sales). Former head of BD @ringcentral. Investor and head of BD @influitive Mentor @500startups Studied at Wharton

ID 270659

Samvit Ramadurgam


Founder @equidate. @y-combinator alum. Previously Co-Founder @streem (Acquired by Box), Engineering @asana, @livemagic. Studied @berkeley EECS

ID 43209

Meg He


Co-founder in stealth w/ @ninafaulhaber . Advisor @better-3 • Previously, @poshmark, @cowboy-ventures, @cloudflare • @stanford-university & @oxford-university

ID 211213

Matt MacInnis


Founder and CEO of @inkling

ID 274838

Charles Moldow

General Partner at Foundation Capital. Ex-entrepreneur turned investor/cheerleader of great entrepreneurs who want to change the world around us.

ID 158956

Terry (Qing) Li

@crunchyroll Product Exec, Co-Founder of @bread-acquired-by-yahoo ; @google Alumni; Worked in Consulting, Eng, PM; NYU Stern MBA + UC Berkeley Engineering

ID 35096

Brady Forrest


Helping hardware startups at PCH Intl & making rockstars at Ignite

ID 51177

Krish Arvapally


Entrepreneur at heart. Passionate Technologist. Founder @dandelion . Previously @mojiva and @mocean-mobile (acquired), raised over $45 million

ID 11979

Justin Moore


Entrepreneur, angel & advisor changing the world one company at a time. Currently Founder/CEO of leading SMB data protection & continuity provider #Axcient.

ID 95552

Matte Scheinker


Chief Product Officer at @hightail-2. Formerly VP of Consumer Experience at @aol & Sr. Dir. UED for Communications & Communities at @yahoo.

ID 67331

Ela Madej


I dream big and I laugh a lot.

ID 291232

Arul Velan


startup veteran at @facebook, @livingsocial, and many more. @northwestern-university engineer, @stanford-graduate-school-of-business mba.

ID 11803

Roy Sehgal


Building startups since 1999. Advisor @homebrew-1, Former VP/GM @zynga (IPO), Ex @atom-entertainment (sold to @viacom), @viacom & other startups.

ID 110813

Henry Tirri

Interim CTO @nokia, PhD + Professor of Comp Sci @university-of-helsinki, Frmly SVP Research at @nokia

ID 165785

Michael Scharff


PreviouslySVP - New Ventures and SVP - Global eCommerce at @toys-r-us. Advisor to various co's. interested in all things related to retail and consumer tech.

ID 6383

Galen Buckwalter


Founder of TidePool, academic, entrepreneur. Original CSO at eHarmony. Advisor to @triptrotting, @payoff, @beachmint, @rexter @codalytics

ID 95546

Brian Brown


Founder, Stealth Startup

ID 54237

Jeff Tangney


Founder/CEO @ @doximity. Previously Founder @ @epocrates (EPOC).

ID 84496

Jason Shellen


Advising @boxer. Previously Founder/CEO @thing-labs @brizzly sold to @aol & ran AIM. Early at Pyra Labs/Blogger sold to @google & founded Google Reader.

ID 20606

Ben Metcalfe


Co-founder of @wp-engine, early @bbc News Website software engineer, founder @bbc Developer Network, occasional angel investor.

ID 123927

Matt Paul

Co-Founder/CTO, @schematic-labs-makers-of-soundtracking Advisor to @threadflip; Angel to @changecoin

ID 23411

Sylvain Carle


Managing Partner @founderfuel & @real-ventures. Was: Senior Developer Advocate @twitter, CTO & co-founder at @needium , @praized, @interstructure , @messagia.

ID 9754

Mark Silva


Founded several companies and have worked with hundreds of startups through my digital marketing career, bringing the Valley to big brands & companies.

ID 222807

Will Aldrich


VP Product at @surveymonkey, former-VP Product at @tripit

ID 98648

Aditya Bali


Co-founder BufferBox (Acquired by Google 2012, YCombinator S'12), University of Waterloo - Mechatronics Engineer. Start-up adviser, investor.

ID 2631

Raj Vemulapalli


Board of Director and Advisor @startups. Vice President @salesforce. Former Head of Engineering for Real Time Communications @yahoo!. Creator of Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Chat, Y! Voice and Video, Yahoo! Mobile Messenger, Y! Avatars. Studied @Whart

ID 104476

Joe Hellerstein

Founder and CEO @trifacta. Chancellor's Professor of Computer Science at @university-of-california-berkeley. Tech advisor.

ID 151285

Andrew Vilcsak


Mobile Engineering Lead and 4th engineering hire at Airbnb. Dropped out of university in 2010 and bought a one-way ticket to SFO, haven't looked back!

ID 82355

Anson Tsai

Founder/CEO of and @anywhere-fm

ID 4516

Daniel Brusilovsky

Digital Initiatives Lead at @golden-state-warriors. Former VC at @highland-capital-partners. Previously ran BD at @ribbon. Founded @teens-in-tech-labs.

ID 22910

Brian Zisk


Founder @sf-musictech-summit , Future of Money & Technology Summit, SF MusicTech Fund, Future of Music Coalition, San FranZiskGo!, Green Witch (sold to CMGI) ++

ID 30265

Suzanne Xie

Founder @hullabalu and @weardrobe (now part of @google) • Worked at @goldman-sachs and @like-com • Studied at @university-of-chicago

ID 530676

Sanjit Biswas


Co-founder of Meraki (acquired by Cisco). On-leave from Ph.D. program at MIT, Stanford undergrad.

ID 67750

Anamitra Banerji


Partner at Foundation. Started @twitter ad platform from scratch. First @twitter PM. Product at Overture, @yahoo. Cofounder PlanetHealth. Cornell. Engineer.

ID 3678

Cheryl Yeoh

Leading Personalization Products @WalmartLabs via @ReclipIt. @500 Family. Mentor @Founding @20Under20 @lean. Love single malts.

ID 5198

Peter Rosberg


CEO @findtrusted, Mentor 500 startups. Prior:CTO @the-realreal, Dir New Ventures, @paypal. CTO (sold), Advisor/CTO esurance, bigwords.

ID 28816

Peter Szulczewski


Currently making the web 10x better as the CEO of @contextlogic and previously a coder at @google, @microsoft, ATI, and @nvidia.

ID 228662

Derek Brown


Versatile leader, immersed in consumer / Marketplace / e-commerce Internet sectors for +15 years; I thrive on connecting dots that others don't see and finding meaningful opportunity / challenge where others see little -- all in the name of growth.

ID 143030

Tina Fitch

Founding CEO @switchfly.Lead Mentor @BlueStartups. Adviser @SKAI Ventures. Startups in Asia, brand building and asset turnarounds in early career.

ID 33823

Higinio O. Maycotte


CEO at @umbel. Founder at @flightlock (acquired by Control Risks), Finetooth (now Mumboe), & most recently founding CTO of @the-texas-tribune.

ID 34227

Randy Breen

Software publishing exec/game industry veteran most recently focussed on social media and mobile games. Former CEO of @sgn, CPO Emotiv, VP PD @lucasarts, EP at EA

ID 58760

Uli Mittermaier


Co-Founder of docTrackr (Techstars 2012) and Brainloop. Worked at Netscape.

ID 71910

Chris Fenster

Serial startup CFO, husband, daddy, armchair cyclist.

ID 72625

Jennifer E. Byrne


President, Quesnay. Former VP @american-express mcommerce; Exec @verizon led innovation, BD, & applications ecosystem. Investor: @vouchr, @lettuce, & CareatHand

ID 26893

Gagan Palrecha


CEO @chirply CEO @the-first-time-records CEO @peekok VP Bus Dev @zattoo Director Product Management @sennari Engineer @vontu Infrastructure @loudcloud

ID 21928

Kent Ho


Co-founder @harbor-pacific-capital, VC, Angel Investor

ID 114716

Andrew Eye


CEO/Founder - Boxer, COO/Founder @ciphent (Acq @accuvant), 2010 Inc. 500 16th Fastest Growing Company In America

ID 10288

Dan Greenberg


Founder & CEO, @sharethrough: the Native Advertising company. We distribute brand content through native ads. @stanford-university + Forbes 30 Under 30 + AdAge Media Maven.

ID 13917

Daniel Undurraga


Entrepreneur, Software engineer and seed investor. Co-founder @seahorse. Previously founded @needish and sold to @groupon in 2010.

ID 72341

Sean Safahi

Founder @bold-4 • Co-Founder @zipzap. Likes coffee.

ID 111712

Robert Fan

Founder & CTO of @sharethrough

ID 25109

Matthew Sechrest


CEO @waterfall-3, angel/advisor @ startups, ex-VC, conservationist/advisor @global_wildlife

ID 231741

Jon Dishotsky


Principal @ Custom Spaces

ID 756

Christopher Golda


Founder of @backtype ( @y-combinator S08, acquired by @twitter). Ex @twitter Ads PM.

ID 18559

John Manoogian III


Founder, CTO: @140-proof, advisor to startups. Coder / designer since forever. Have raised money from @bluerun-ventures , @founders-fund, and @sv-angel.

ID 53734

Tom Serres

Tom is the Founder and CEO of, an online fundraising platform. He is a leading thinker on social giving, the cause economy, & online fundraising.

ID 131609

Jonathan Chizick


COO @ Candy Lab • Founder @walkabout-wireless-inc & @marketingcamp • Mentor @500startups & @thiel-fellowship-20-under-20 • Angel Panel @fundersclub

ID 106252

Ari Newman


Investor @ Techstars / BTV in Boulder, CO. Formerly founder/CEO of Filtrbox (sold to Jive) + 15 years of experience as startup exec/founder.

ID 28467

Alireza Masrour


Managing Partner @ Plug & Play Ventures and Founding Partner @ Plug & Play Startup Camp.

ID 131575

Rafal Han


CEO and Co-Founder at Seed, Inc. Partner at Chance, Co-Founder at Estimote, Inc.

ID 2827

Yu-kai Chou

Rated #1 Gamification Guru ( Gamification Consultant and International Speaker at TEDx, Stanford, Accenture, SxSW, Google, etc.

ID 63094

Adam Broadway


Founder, DesksNear.Me, PeerAnalytics, Founder/CTO and Trainer @business-catalyst (acquired by Adobe);

ID 61981

Jessica Alter


Founder/CEO @founderdating • Led Platforms and BD at @bebo (acquired by @AOL Time Warner ); mentor @500 Startups and @Extreme Startups

ID 5987

Mikko Alasaarela


Creative Entrepreneur. Founder and investor in numerous startups.

ID 74677

Ryan King


Worked at @twitter, @technorati.

ID 98538

David Langer

Founder & CEO, @zesty-1. Co-Founder & former CEO, @groupspaces. Oxford mathematician. CrossFit athlete.

ID 90042

Marcus Whitney


CMO and Co-Founder at @jumpstart-foundry

ID 42517

Brian Backus

Founder @kidlandia, Signal • Worked at @mckinsey-company, @the-walt-disney-company • Studied at @harvard-business-school, @harvard-university

ID 144930

Chris Herndon


Founder @apartment-list • Worked at @goldman-sachs, @gtcr • Studied at Stanford Graduate School of Business, @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 39003

Chris Petrovic


Senior digital exec, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor. Over 15 years of industry experience; Strong business and strategy acumen - all about growing revenue.

ID 36361

Stephanie Hay

Founder, co-founder @fastcustomer +; mentor @500startups + @fortifyvc + Lean Startup Machine; content, UX, operations.

ID 1299

Dan Kurani


Founder & CEO of @photodrop. Previously, founded @thumb - 3 billion opinions & a Top 100 interactive agency that built products for Nike, etc.

ID 20974

Reuven Cohen


Chief Technology Advocate @citrix-systems | xFounder Enomaly & @CloudCamp | co-host @DigitalNibbles by @intel | Mentor @techstars @alchemist-accelerator

ID 116779

Jennifer 8. Lee

CEO of @plympton. Launch team at @upworthy. Reporter at The @New York Times. Bestselling author. Survived Colbert. Applied math at @harvard-university.

ID 388331

Andrew Carton


Founder @mobile-nations, notifyer • Worked at @hapilabs • Investor @rockhealth, @anyperk

ID 184935

Richard Jalichandra


ID 26203

Christian Sanz

Founder & CEO at @skycatch. DroneGames founder and Chief Organizer. Cofounded @geeklist , Engineer @ Disney, Built from the ground up. Military vet

ID 1077

Ankur Nagpal


Founder of Fedora. Formerly largest independent app developer on Facebook with 200M+ users

ID 317566

Tim Van Damme


Designer at @dropbox. Previously at @instagram and @gowalla.

ID 172912

Inessa Obenhuber


Inessa Obenhuber is an Angel Investor, partner at Seraph Group, an Ambassador for the Media Institute for Social Change at the USC Cinematic School.

ID 93804

Zachary Auger


Founding employee and head of SaaS @quid. Seven years experience in building, selling and supporting B2B SaaS products in Silicon Valley.

ID 4463

Sean Byrnes


Founder of @flurry, currently a Free Agent. Active angel and startup advisor. Masters from Cornell, BA from Dartmouth.

ID 158379

Noah Hayes


Co-founder & VP of Product @radius-4 and Advisor @better-voice

ID 35252

Yann Lechelle


Co-founder, CTO & COO @appsfire, pioneer in app reco and app promotion services. Startup angel, mentor. Paris based. Basketball player. @insead-mba

ID 594850

Parakram Khandpur


Monetization products @ LinkedIn | Past: Product Lead, User-Growth @ Twitter; Founder, Jobs33, a B2B marketplace for recruiting | Stanford, IIT Delhi CS alum

ID 133717

Steve Felter

CEO at @gamesalad

ID 1212

Neal Rapoport


Investor in over 20 tech companies. Founder of @dealtaker-com (sold to Media General 2008, bought back 2012), Dude.

ID 172154

Don MacLennan

Co-founder @bluenose-analytics • Worked at @avg-technologies , @rsa-security, @sap • Studied at @acadia-university. Specialties: Big Data analytics, Freemium, SaaS

ID 26828

Anand Chandrasekaran


CPO at Bharti Airtel. Earlier Sr. Director (@yahoo), Advisor (@storm-ventures). @world-economic-forum YGL. Founder, @aeroprise (acq. BMC Software), @openwave.

ID 18488

Ville Miettinen


Founder & CEO at @microtask. Founder & CTO of @hybrid-graphics (@nvidia Finland). HackFwd referrer. Coach at Startup Sauna.

ID 495059

Andrew "Drew" Koven


eCom & Omnichannel Retail Executive @guess, 1st startup @18, Former Exec @SteveMadden, Melissa&Doug, FreshDirect, Geoff&Drew's; Invest/Mentor/Advise/Operate

ID 22671

Will Weisman


Investor | Advisor | Entrepreneur • Run large conferences for Singularity University. Formerly at @intuit, @foundation-capital @maveron @world-wrapps...

ID 92291

Joseph Perla

Investor Facebook. Turntable.FM. Princeton University. Bridgewater Associates.

ID 28466

Shayna Modarresi


Venture Partner at XG Ventures Advisor to start-ups Former DLA Venture Pipeline Former Investment Banker (Lazard) Schooling at @berkeley

ID 60342

Tomaz Stolfa

Founder at @layer. Previously @vox-io

ID 32747

Steven Willmott

CEO and co-founder of @3scale ( Mission to put APIs everywhere.

ID 249918

mac hofeditz


Nearly a quarter century of working with institutional investors to discover outstanding investment opportunities. Private investor, wine collector, UCLA sports fanatic, traveler, husband, and father to 2 amazing kids.

ID 502755

Monica Zent


CEO @ Foxwordy. Founder @ ZentLaw (reps Apple, Facebook, SAP, Intuit, MS, Y!, etc.). Pioneer of Alt+Law model. Former Athlete. Investor. Advisor. Author.

ID 22911

Jack Smith


Jack of all trades, master of some. Advisor to @coin-2 , @addy , @survios Previously Co-Founded @shyp & @vungle.

ID 23404

Adam Besvinick


VC at @deep-fork-capital | Previously @wanelo, @lowercase-capital, @gumroad | @harvard-business-school + @duke-university University alum

ID 117654

Dr. Andrew Brandeis

Founder @sharepractice, @medfinds-com • Worked at @care-practice

ID 43132

Geva Perry

Advisor/board member to @heroku, @twilio, @NewRelic, @totango @sauce-labs, @takipi, @ravello-systems Others. Mentor @techstars, @heavybit

ID 4618

Tom Chi


UX, Strategy and Product Advisor

ID 9152

Jon Bischke

Co-founder of Entelo. Founded four previous companies, three acquisitions (two by publicly traded co's) and a fourth which is profitable. Former EIR at Battery.

ID 184

John Ricci

Founder/President U.S. Angel Investors. VP S&M Trader Media (acquired for $350M). Cofounder @jmc-telecom. VP Sales and Marketing Bull

ID 30437

Noah Tutak


Co-founder of @swim • Formerly General Manager, US for @myheritage • CEO of @geni • Worked at @yammer

ID 184421

Jeffrey Weitzman


Co-founder & CEO of @go-factory. Exec from early startup at @coupons-com , @buysight , Counsel Connect. Early at @yahoo. Investor in @go-factory, @the-mother-company, Empire the Musical.

ID 6497

Renato Valdés Olmos

Co-founder at @human. Previously Co-founder at @cardcloud (acquired 2012). MA Interaction Design. Runner. Ex-fat kid.

ID 152875

Mario Valle


Emerging Markets at @electronic-arts. Mentor at @500startups & @naranya-labs-2 . Investor at @yogome, @unda , @tastespace . Helping startups @ the Emerging World

ID 99956

Thomas Arend, Ph.D.

Creative Thinker, Entrepreneur, Ex-Google, Twitter, Airbnb and Mozilla, Innovator, User Advocate, AI Researcher, Electronic Musician, Swiss Chocolate Addict.

ID 174033

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski


Founder of @upshiftpartners Growth Stage Sales Accelerator Co- Founder @calfinder bootstrapped to 20m • Investor and Advisor. Sales Geek

ID 5549

Vishal Gurbuxani

Founder @mobclix • Investor @drchrono, @talklocal • Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 42011

Darrell Kong


Helping emerging growth companies. @sylvan-ventures. @ex-tent-vc. @fenwick-and-west. Columbia B-School. UCLA. Hockey Player. Runner.

ID 114202

Jeremy Toeman

SVP of @viggle . Former: Dijit (acq 01/14), Legacy Locker, NudgeMail, Slingbox, Boxee, Mediabolic. Product/mktg background. @carnegie-mellon-university alum.

ID 23324

Matthew Moore


Founder & iCEO @crowdmob, @thrivesmart • Worked at @google, interned at @ibm Extreme Blue • BS in CSE from @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 26861

Mike Sigal


CEO of Agile Credit. Exec Producer of #InnotribeStartupChallenge. NSF Grantee. 1st startup out of college. Strategist, BD advisor and pitch coach to hundreds.

ID 25220

James Tamplin


Co-Founder & CEO @firebase

ID 9634

Geoffrey Clapp

Entrepreneur. Advisor @Rock_Health. Former COO/CTO of @health-hero-network, leading company from funding through major M&A exit. Worked at @apple, Kodak

ID 7005

Jeffrey Kalmikoff

Designer of things. Husband. Total weirdo. Avid fan: scary movies, loud music, lists. Helping Authors be awesome at @blurb . Past life: @threadless

ID 232381

Rick Armbrust


VP BD @famo-us. Advisor to early stage companies. Built key partnerships @facebook: including @instagram @MSFT @waze. Coder in previous life. Studied HBS & NWU.

ID 59736

Carlos Cashman


CEO of @cuenotes, Managing Director ConstellationCK, Director: @secretbuilders, Asset Performance Technologies, 5 time founder of tech companies.

ID 78015

Ritik Malhotra


Co-Founder & CEO at @streem (YC S12; acq. by @box) • 2012 Thiel Fellow • Previously at @twitter, @intel • UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS

ID 3468

Nathan Beckord


Founder of Foundersuite, VentureArchetypes, and and; Consultant / Advisor / Investor in 13 funded startups with 5 exits.

ID 121764

Tuhin Roy


Co-Founder of @fanzy. Founded @digital-rights-agency, a digital content distributor, and grew it to $10M revenue organically and $50M via combinations.

ID 40563

Pete Warden

CTO at @jetpac. Sold a company to and worked at @apple, O'Reilly author, uncovered iPhone Tracking, wrote for NYT, ReadWriteWeb, created OpenHeatMap.

ID 31322

Bardia Housman


Founder & CEO, @business-catalyst (acquired by Adobe); Founder & CEO, (Australia's first free web-based email, acquired by Looksmart)

ID 25009

George Favvas

CEO @perkhub Coded @ age 8, empl TotalNet (Acq BCE), Radialpoint ($300M exit). Fndr Reflexity (0-$2M in 2yrs), SmartHippo (acq RateZip), @founderfuel mentor

ID 400467

Brian Grey


CEO Bleacher Report, SF based @ intersection of digital media and sports biz, fitness, wellness and education minded

ID 37330

Eric Ferraro


Corporate/venture capital lawyer, angel investor and digital media company founder. Advisor to software, mobile, social and digital media companies.

ID 84615

John Ramey


Founder CEO of @isocket. Raised $17M top tier in my 20s. Awarded one of top US entrepreneurs under 30. 3x successful founder. Worldwide startup mentor / speaker

ID 4308

Brian Clark

Partner @hudson-crossing. Sr Exec, investor, advisor in online travel, mobile, loyalty, and social media. Founding Officer at @virgin-america, • Investor @klout, @hotel-hoje-1 • Advisor @social-rewards

ID 87987

Dan Bomze


Founder @mileiq @cleanwell, @scout-electromedia, Innovation Arbitrage • Investing @ideo • Rider @Freebord • PD @stanford-university • CEO + Dad + Advisor + Walnut Farmer

ID 42455

Ido Leffler


Co-Founder Yes To Inc (Yes To Carrots)

ID 4898

Antone Johnson

Startup lawyer immersed in social/digital media/mobile • Advisor, Board member, investor • Fmr @eharmony VP/GC, @myspace Legal • Contrib WSJ, @forbes, TC, Gust

ID 93167

Falon Fatemi

Strategy Consultant | @fundersclub | @mkii-ventures | Googler @ 19 years old, left as a YouTuber @ 26 | Ex-Head of Business Development @Firespotter Labs

ID 152552

Kris Gale


Third developer at @yammer. VP of Engineering until and through @microsoft acquisition.

ID 64956

Ravi Agarwal


Entrepreneur, Philanthropist & Angel Investor

ID 112394

Dan Abelon


Co-Founded SpeedDate and grew to 20M users. Now running new startup and advising companies. Previously at Stanford, Columbia, and IBM

ID 48247

Ari Tulla


CEO & Co-founder @betterdoctor • Advisor @ovelin @appgyver • Head of app & game studios @nokia • 100M mobile app downloads

ID 356224

Chrys Bader


Co-founder of Secret. Formerly Google. YCombinator alumni.

ID 3869

Montgomery Kosma


Innovator on business models, marketing & discovery in noisy long tail markets.

ID 117260

Redg Snodgrass


Entrepreneur at Skout and The Taploid as well as former Vice President of Innovation at Alcatel-Lucent. I've acquired companies & launched successful products.

ID 2174

Roland Siebelink

Head of Quality at @rocketfuel, founder of @topicmarks, @avalu, @allmansland. Advisor to @levera-ge, @wondershake.

ID 2241

Andy Bartley

Currently VP of New Market Development at One Medical Group. Previously Co-Founder and CEO of

ID 50678

Gonzalo Costa


Founding Partner at @nxtp-labs

ID 32726

Mate Zgombic

Founded Venture Paralegal Inc.

ID 182524

Bradford Stephens

Founder and CEO of @drawn-to-scale, a distributed database company. Deep enterprise tech and open source love. Did SQL Server @microsoft, OSCON @o-reilly-media.

ID 150672

Anne Dorman

Serial Consulting CFO for venture backed startup companies.

ID 76668

Brian Rue

Co-founder/CEO @rollbar. Previously: Co-founder/CTO @lolapps, @stanford-university undergrad dropout.

ID 176154

Daniel Neukomm


Investor @ongig @swarm-mobile @boost-vc @structure-capital Advisor @readypulse @greenhouse-capital-partners CEO @LaJollaGroup

ID 42910

Seth Blank

Founder @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation. Former CEO @dbix, COO @simpli-hosting. Helped scale @gdgt, @songkick, @justin-tv. Advisor @pubnub and @indinero.

ID 31961

Pete Soderling


3x tech entrepreneur, hacker, geek. founder of & 500 startups mentor. living the bi-coastal dream.

ID 3787

Scott Orn


Partner at Lighthouse Capital & Co-Founder of Ben's Friends, an Internet Non Profit for Patients with Rare Diseases

ID 2082

Eric Chan


COO @ @embee-mobile. BS & MS @carnegie-mellon-university. Worked at @inktomi, Pixo, Sun. Financial services, mobile & internet background. Founded 3 startups, 2 acquired. Angel Investor.

ID 148176

Matt Nemenman


Heading engineering @apartment-list. Formerly Director of Engineering @mixamo-1. Worked at @inktomi and @yahoo on web search and advertisement.

ID 22208

Matt Ewing


Cofounder & Chief Community Officer at @scoot-networks. National Field Director at MoveOn, founding director of @new-media-ventures, co-founder of @rewire.

ID 376831

Brian Sheng


Founder Fresh VC • Worked at China's #1 VC firm @SCGC • Investor @fiscalnote, @vessel @eaze • 1100 lbs Club at @princeton

ID 10930

Kushal Chakrabarti

Founder, @vittana (Khosla, Google-backed). Advisor, @experiment, @benetech. Former @amazon, @university-of-california-berkeley. 2x Ironman, 2x TED speaker.

ID 102794

Matt Hersh


Head of Enterprise Sales @factual • Founding member @jetblue • Worked at @yodlee, @apple, @redpoint-ventures @originate • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles Anderson School of Management, @boston College

ID 162020

Bradley Kam


ID 196619

Lynee Luque

Worked at @twitter, @intel • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley, @university-of-michigan

ID 11310

Matt Cutler

Founder & CEO of @collaborate. Formerly CMO of @visible-measures. Founder of @netgenesis. @techstars-1 Mentor.

ID 1984

Craig Davis


CEO of @relevvant-1 • Built/sold first advertising tech company in 2007 • Ex-Quant • CS and Econ from UC @university-of-california-berkeley • Creative • ADD

ID 2211

Brendan Gill


Co-Founder and CEO @opensignal. Investor at @techstars London. Founded e-commerce company @repeaterstore. Physics/Philosophy at @oxford-university.

ID 169920

Jesper Noehr


I wrote @bitbucket-1. Now the lead architect for it. Travel a lot.

ID 20211

Reuben Katz


Ceo, Founder & investor @geeklist. Built some things. Successful exits in internet & education

ID 12427

Ian Johnstone

co-founder @gunbygun, formerly co-founder @blissmo, strategy consultant @pwc, political campaigns. Startup Ops/Biz Dev/Product. Passionate about tech for good

ID 101599

Thomas Chung


Founder @verdigris-technologies • COO @the-playforge • Worked @digital-chocolate • BSCS @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 57432

Tim Falls

Vice President of Community at Keen IO.

ID 40134

Shannon Bavaro


I represent a European investment group focused on technology investments. I source and evaluate early-stage opportunities.

ID 59034

Toyna Chin

I'm a serial entrepreneur with more than a decade of emphasis on women’s health and children’s education.

ID 16716

Ali Moiz

Co-Founder: @peanut-labs (acquired by eRewards), Xuqa

ID 167770

Andrew Wright


Worked at @apple, @microsoft • Investor @leanplum, @pinnatta • Studied at @queen-s-university

ID 52959

Jonathan McNulty

Bringing products into focus

ID 37188

Nick Crocker


Product @myfitnesspal . Founder @sessions-2 (Acq. '13) & @we-are-hunted (acq. Twitter '11). @rock_health '12. Team @ @boxee & @startmate-exploration-fund .

ID 209068

Zach Hanna


ID 32638

Ben Levy


Partner @bootstraplabs, Coach, Startups, Strategic Biz Dev, Funding, M&A expert, software eats the world, windsurfer, snowboarder, husband, father of 2.

ID 75932

Gabriel Chan

Serial Entrepreneur • uWaterloo Engineer • Founder, Product CEO, @coursemodo • Tech Startups Advisor: web, mobile, education, gamification, bigdata

ID 39369

Ravi Srivatsav

CEO, Founder @elasticbox. @microsoft and @ibm Alum, Director of Platform at @myspace and VP product and strategy @sgn @mindjolt

ID 98464

Phil Dillard

Entrepreneur and educator building healthy CleanTech companies through research, strategy, planning, business development and professional development.

ID 250061

Mike Deerkoski


CTO/VP Eng @ EAT Club, former head of engineering of Flickr

ID 34461

Volker Heistermann


@yushan Ventures co-founder. Based in Taiwan, Silicon Valley and Vienna/Austria

ID 35732

Vincent Turner


Founded Pisces as 21yo, lending platform processing $4bn/month via 90% of AU banks, new startup for consumers, @planwise - run & SF fintech meetup

ID 31690

Dylan Collins


CEO @superawesome-1 | Chairman @potato-2 | VC @hoxton-ventures | Board @BrownBagFilms | Founder Jolt (acq GameStop) + DemonWare (acq Activision Blizzard)

ID 166369

Danny Espinoza

Founder @blush-messenger and @cardstar (acquired by Constant Contact)

ID 34351

Diane (Bisgeier) Tate


Program Manager of @mozilla's Developer Relations group and previously its WebFWD accelerator. Prev Charles Schwab, @sun-microsystems, Stanford BA, Berkeley MBA

ID 186845

Karan Bhangui

Technology entrepreneur.

ID 229378

Christopher Aubuchon


Investor @instamotor @authy @zuli | Partner @CoteCapital | Founder @exajoule | M&A $TSRA | @stanford-university Ph.D., @westmont-college BS. I know patents!

ID 398952

Nick Strachan


Originally from Georgia, transplanted to Chico to join

ID 98311

Miguel Ángel Díez Ferreira

Founder & CEO @red-karaoke

ID 96726

John Assalian


Founder and CEO Viewstream Inc.

ID 238732

Stuart Landesberg


Founder/CEO @epantry; 1st employee: @toro-investment-partners & @vincraft-group; ex-investor @tpg-capital; behavioral psych/econ @amherst-college

ID 42891

Eryc Branham

Chief Revenue Officer at @rocketspace | former exec at @salesforce @oracle-2 @appirio @acumen-solutions @ngenera-corporation | serial entrepreneur & advisor

ID 152567

Shaun Cooley


Distinguished Engineer, @cisco Collaboration • Investor

ID 59052

Bart Myers


Founder and CEO @countable - Direct Democracy Sold @sidereel to Rovi Corp • Worked at @ibm • Angel Investor and startup Advisor

ID 230309

Edward Fletcher Eyster, M.D.


Neurosurgeon, Entrepreneur, Investor, Advisor

ID 151349

Dave Lu


Founder/CEO @fanpop • Worked at @apple, @ebay • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @university-of-pennsylvania

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