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ID 57926

Mark Hatch

CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop. Launched 3 Fortune 500 websites: Avery, Kinkos (ecommerce), & HealthNet's benefits ASP. Author, Speaker, MBA, Green Beret.

ID 83555

David Weisburd

Founder & CEO @roomhunt. Dartmouth MBA.

ID 4203

Mat Johnson


Distribution-Hacker-In-Residence @500startups

ID 23411

Sylvain Carle


Managing Partner @founderfuel & @real-ventures. Was: Senior Developer Advocate @twitter, CTO & co-founder at @needium , @praized, @interstructure , @messagia.

ID 3419

Elias Bizannes


Founder @startupbus, @startuphouse • Worked at @crv-1, @vast, @pwc-1

ID 744

Dustin Dolginow


Rethinking seed funding @maiden-lane-ventures. Venture partner @atlas-venture. Founded and killed Social Swipe. Retail + SMB in my DNA.

ID 18559

John Manoogian III


Founder, CTO: @140-proof, advisor to startups. Coder / designer since forever. Have raised money from @bluerun-ventures , @founders-fund, and @sv-angel.

ID 40134

Shannon Bavaro


I represent a European investment group focused on technology investments. I source and evaluate early-stage opportunities.

ID 27399

Gagan Biyani


CEO @sprig. Co-Founder, @udemy. Co-founder Growth Hackers Conference. Ran demand marketing at @lyft, wrote Lyft's original "expansion playbook".

ID 1905

Matt Mireles


Serial entrepreneur.

ID 276

Brendan Baker


Currently @ Greylock. Was 2nd in at @angellist (managed dealflow through 8K startups), @oxford-university MBA, Cambridge Eng.

ID 88009

Justin Overdorff


Head of Mobile BD @yelp. Former @techstars NYC & Late-Stage VC investor @ Summit Partners. Focused on Mobile-enabled businesses. Experienced w/ BD & Product

ID 21918

Daisuke Minamide


Managing Partner @cyberagent-ventures-u-s • Worked at @DOCOMO Capital• Investor @evernote @urx @vidora @valetanywhere

ID 4158

Brett Welch

Cofounder @switchcam (500S F11). Cofounder @goodbarry (sold to Adobe). Software engineer. Fun fact: speaks Chinese.

ID 9260

Nick Frost

Business Development Manager at @mattermark Founder of @startuplist, Former VP of BizDev & Sales at @advsor. US Navy Veteran

ID 177175

Robert Rabang

Worked at @yahoo, @airbnb • Studied at @san-jose-state-university

ID 26236

Jeff Slobotski

Founder of @silicon-prairie-news, digital media company dedicated to the region's entrepreneurs & startups, in addition to the "Big Series" events.

ID 36580

Anand Agarawala


Founded @bumptop (sold to @google), now Product Manager at Google+.

ID 6890

Farbood Nivi


I'm an entrepreneur working on the problems of education, geeking out on tech and practicing agile software and customer development.

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