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ID 37330

Eric Ferraro


Corporate/venture capital lawyer, angel investor and digital media company founder. Advisor to software, mobile, social and digital media companies.

ID 12

Jeff Fluhr


Co-Founder & Former CEO of @stubhub. Founder and CEO of @spreecast . @blackstone , @stanford-graduate-school-of-business-1 , @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 270303

Ben Levi


Founder at @incloudcounsel, @tembo and @dashmob. Lawyered at @kirkland-ellis-llp. Schooled at @yale-university & @harvard-law-school. Mostly pleasant.

ID 265446

Alda Dennis


worked at Airtime and several investment funds

ID 33955

Peter Werner

Partner at @CooleyLLP, working primarily with technology companies (including @angellist) and investors.

ID 48

Alexander Lloyd


Worked at Apple, Activision, SGI, Microsoft. Have been helping seed stage companies since 1998

ID 42319

Joel E. Resnicow

Mobile Product Lead @live-nation. CEO / Co-Founder of @rexly (acquired by LN). Digital media veteran. ABC Digital, @hulu, @twitter. @stanford-graduate-school-of-business / Yale grad.

ID 133209

Gil Silberman


Computer engineer (@princeton-university BSE), venture lawyer (@university-of-california-berkeley JD), operations guy. Early participant @ Craigslist, @opentable, and @linkedin.

ID 119556

Yen Fu


London NY; investor @fundersclub @yourmechanic @life360 @jawbone @beep @spatch @equityzen @airhelp @vastrm , [email protected] BarclaysAccel @fundersclub panel

ID 24815

Andrew Lee


Co-Founder of @firebase.

ID 43116

Jeff Schox


Patent Attorney. Professor at Stanford Law School. First investor in @twilio and @tactus-technology.

ID 6102

Kevin Hartz


Founder and CEO at @eventbrite

ID 39003

Chris Petrovic


Senior digital exec, entrepreneur, advisor, mentor. Over 15 years of industry experience; Strong business and strategy acumen - all about growing revenue.

ID 657

Steve Lee


Investor in @styleseat, @yardbarker, @green-patch.

ID 11582

Victoria Levine


principal @ @lightbank - scrabble master - indie music aficionado - yoga enthusiast - cheese lover - physics buff

ID 18834

Gregory Miller


Co-founder, Former investments, grants & legal lead and corporate partner, Gunderson Dettmer law firm.

ID 46924

Millie Tadewaldt


Venture Hacker @angellist. Founded @cakestyle, @doggyloot. Previously at @sandboxind, @bcg, @harvard-law-school.

ID 24762

Walter Chen

Founder of @idonethis. Corporate lawyer. Federal appellate law clerk. Math and computer science at @Cornell.

ID 164485

Alana Aldag Ackerson


Worked at @morgan-stanley, @clarium • Investor @patheos, @sofi-1 • Studied at @stanford-university, @graduate-theological-union

ID 4898

Antone Johnson

Startup lawyer immersed in social/digital media/mobile • Advisor, Board member, investor • Fmr @eharmony VP/GC, @myspace Legal • Contrib WSJ, @forbes, TC, Gust

ID 83596

Ryan Klimczak


Senior Advisor at Novak Druce + Quigg LLP; Partner at @halberdcross; JD PhD (Neurobiology)

ID 17350

Kai Gradert


Designer @angellist · UX/Design @adobe-1 Lightroom mobile · Previously @google · Founder @cheers · Owner @hingeheads

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