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ID 98638

Brian Sugar


Director Everlane Founder/CEO POPSUGAR VP/GM @2wire (sold AT&T) Founder/CEO @SugarMedia (sold 2Wire) Chief Web Officer @bluelight-com VP eCommerce at @j-crew

ID 99041

Bram Cohen

@bittorrent inventor. Founder of @bittorrent Inc. Veteran of many startups.

ID 56025

Amos Elliston


Founder @pocket-change. CTO @geni. Engineering @yammer.

ID 1510

Walter Lee


Product at @leanplum. Former @google product manager and software engineer. @princeton-university BSE computer science.

ID 168478

Kevin Hale


Partner at @y-combinator. Founded @wufoo (Acquired by @surveymonkey).

ID 19040

Allan Grant


Co-Founder & CTO at @hired-1. Co-Founder & CEO at @curebit. Founded @webmasters-international (bootstrapped & profitable 50 employee). @georgia-institute-of-technology CS

ID 1219

Mike Greenfield


Entrepreneur + a little advising/investing. Founded @circle-of-moms, @team-rankings. First data scientist at both @linkedin and @paypal.

ID 78291

Chris Wanstrath

Co-Founder and CEO of @github.

ID 67163

Jason Citron


Founded @openfeint. Programmed the first version myself. Grew the company as CEO to 7,000 games and 120,000,000 users. Sold it for $104 million after 3 years.

ID 66999

Philip Rosedale


Founder @coffee-power, @linden-lab • Worked at @real-networks, @realnetworks • Studied at University of California, San Diego

ID 69186

Aaron Batalion


Cofounder/1st CTO, @livingsocial. Investor: @betable, Bevel, @mediaspike, @retargeter, @shyp, @altschool... Advisor: @everlane, @brilliant, @bountysource...

ID 213565

Ding Zhou


[email protected]

ID 13716

Leah Culver

Founder and CEO of @grove ( Former technical co-founder of @pownce (sold to @six-apart). Co-author of OAuth and OEmbed.

ID 46924

Millie Tadewaldt


Venture Hacker @angellist. Founded @cakestyle, @doggyloot. Previously at @sandboxind, @bcg, @harvard-law-school.

ID 10228

Patrick Collison

Cofounder of @stripe. Previously: MIT, Auctomatic, reverse engineering iPhone apps, reading books.

ID 997

John Pettitt


CEO Free Range Content Inc. Ex: VP of Engr. @bittorrent. CTO/Founder @cybersource (IPO $2bn exit) & @beyond-com (IPO)

ID 150767

Saran Chari


Founder, CTO @flixster and RottenTomatoes

ID 212894

Brent Goldman


Co-Founder @standard-treasury • Worked at @facebook • Investor in @doordash, @instacart • Studied at @california-institute-of-technology

ID 155

Naval Ravikant


Sweat: @angellist , @venture-hacks @vast @epinions ; Money: @twitter @heyzap @snaplogic

ID 1385

Tikhon Bernstam


Co-founder, and @parseit

ID 212608

Rahul Dewan

Working on the weekend. Formerly @apple @stanford-university, Engineer.

ID 34464

Evan Reiser

Product at TellApart. CEO/Co-Founder @adstack-acquired-by-tellapart. Co-Founder @bloomspot-acquired-by-jpm-chase. Expert in ad optimization+personalization

ID 235051

Ajit Sancheti


Co-founder @preempt-security ; Co-founder @taskit; Co-founded Mu Dynamics (acquired by @Spirent Communications)

ID 26495

Robert Zeches


Founder @trubric • Investor @pinterest, @facebook, @nanoholdings, @AlphabetEnergy, @MomentumMachines , @simplestar • Ph.D. Nanoscale Science & Engineering, @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 53532

Darwin Ling


Founder @thump-games •Chief Architect at @jaxtr, Sr Director @skyfire ( Acquired by Opera ), Hacker/Data Nerd, BS/MS @purdue-university , MBA @university-of-chicago-booth-school-of-business

ID 65492

Renaud Visage


Co-Founder & CTO of Eventbrite. Mentor at seedcamp, startupbootcamp, lecamping, techpeaks. Advisor to European startups.

ID 246582

Philip Fung


CTO @operator-inc , Early Engineer @facebook

ID 39564

Kirk Ouimet


Founder at @scan, grew web traffic from 0 to 2.5+ million monthly uniques. Helped take our app to over 80 million installs on iOS, Android, and Windows.

ID 81

Jim Young


Currently: founder of @perceptual-networks. Before: founder of HotOrNot, @i-o-ventures, Megatasty. PhD, UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS.

ID 309596

Dheeraj Sanka


Product Manager @intuit. Investor @reesio, @lob ,@zesty-1

ID 41044

Chris Arsenault


Founder @inovia-capital, @sit-europe • Worked at @telesystems-ltd, @msbi-inc • Studied at @university-of-laval

ID 413069

David Blado


Founder @vendop • Worked at @redhat-1, @decarta, @ebay, @cadence-design-systems, @nortel • Studied at @clarkson-university

ID 142889

Keith Lee


Former Founder/CEO of @booyah, Programmer, Lead Producer for @Diablo at Blizzard, Lead Engineer @InsomniacGames

ID 104629

Jon Dahl


Co-founder/CEO of @zencoder - video infrastructure in the cloud. Sold to Brightcove in 2012. Founder, developer, investor, philosophy nerd. YC 2010.

ID 39188

Manish Shah


Co-Founder @mpact, Co-Founder @rapleaf • Advisor @code-for-america • Studied Computer Science @university-of-california-berkeley • Advisor to tech founders & engineers

ID 5176

Cuong Do


Former @youtube (early scalability/infrastructure guy, manager of @youtube front-end feature development), Former manager/software engineer at @paypal and @inktomi

ID 126942

Florian Leibert


Tech lead at @airbnb. Former Software Engineer, @twitter. Former platform engineer, @ning.

ID 108738

Nathan Schmidt


Facebook Engineering, Cofounder and CTO of Gaston Labs, founding CTO of @pbworks. Depth in web backend, mobile, and geo technologies.

ID 78013

Dave Johnson


Co-founder/CTO @nitobi-software (acq'd by @adobe). Worked on @phonegap-1 and @robotreplay (acq'd by @foresee-results). PhD, investor, father, and lover of beer.

ID 121619

Jonathan Downey


CEO at @airware, @y-combinator alum, extensive experience with @unmanned-air-systems, UAS flight controls @boeing, commercial pilot, studied EECS @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 11546

Steven Roussey


Platform @weebly ; Commerce @weebly ; Secret Weapon @weebly . Firebug contributor. Creator of Illuminations. Founder of Network54. Advisor. Investor. Hacker.

ID 51417

Adam Gries

Hustler • Founder OKpanda • Founder @social-expeditions: Sold to Kama Games '11 • Founder, Nicknames: Sold to @sgn '08 • Founder NishNash: Sold to DiningIn '07

ID 170995

Ryan King


Technology Executive & Entrepeneur. Co-founder/CTO of a stealth startup. Early employee / VP Eng of @plaxo, MSCS @stanford, Angel Investor

ID 71277

Scott Raymond

Mobile @ Airbnb. Co-founder / CTO of @gowalla; acqui-hired by @facebook. Mobile product guy. iOS developer, early Rails hacker, O'Reilly author.

ID 209994

Chris Wetherell

Founder @avocado • Worked at @google, @twitter • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 37082

Ozan Onay

Co-founder and CTO of @vida, previously @topguest

ID 67812

Victor Young


@uwaterloo Alum. CEO & Founder @flinja. General Partner @X-Fund, Engineer by trade, built largest insurance eApp and CRM, hired over 500 people, Grew ARR to 50M

ID 1

Brandon Leonardo


Founder @instacart. Early @angellist engineer. Hack of all trades, master of awesome.

ID 182463

Somik Behera


PM @nicira @vmware, Early Engg. @vmware, Founding Member @openstack-1 Quantum. Broad '1.0' Engg. & Biz exp. @stanford-university MS&E @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 CS

ID 100873

Brian Armstrong

CEO of @coinbase • Software engineer at @airbnb and @carwoo-1 • Masters in CS and BA in Economics at @rice-university University

ID 42678

Joshua Greenough


Founder @bankons (Launched May 2011). 1st hire @ PowerReviews. Both acquired in 2012, currently at Capital One Labs. My career is a big CS & Business mash-up

ID 110813

Henry Tirri

Interim CTO @nokia, PhD + Professor of Comp Sci @university-of-helsinki, Frmly SVP Research at @nokia

ID 1173

Patrick Riley


Founder / CEO of @ark (YC W12) @university-of-california-berkeley Ph.D. in CS focused on search. Previously worked at leading search and social media companies as Product & UX Director.

ID 42758

Nurzhas Makishev


Investor, Entrepreneur, Developer, @StartupChile Judge, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS Econ Math, @wharton-school MBA, @harvard MPA

ID 249062

Michael Agustin

i build expressive products. co-founder & ceo of @weaver-labs. co-founder of @gamesalad, responsible for 21% of app store monthly game uploads. masters from @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 1828

Mathew Spolin


Founder @sproutling, Noosh, @doubledutch. VP Eng at @one-medical-group, CTO @rateitall

ID 236122

Gary Tsang


Worked at @twitter, @serious-business • Studied at @university-of-texas-at-austin-1

ID 139265

Ted Grubb

ID 29939

Avichal Garg


PM - Facebook; CEO - @spool (acquired by Facebook); CTO - @prepme (acquired by Daily Mail Group (LON:DMGT); PM - @google; MS/BS - @stanford-university

ID 1595

Paul Stamatiou

Designer at Twitter.

ID 111690

Vijay Karunamurthy


Seen in coffeshops in the Mission, @university-of-california-berkeley, and lands to the south (co-founder @ AVOS, previously Confluent, @stanford-university, @youtube, @google)

ID 2902

Vamsi Sistla


CEO @telvetto CTO @offerboard, Angel @TIESV @arcfund @eniac-ventures Mentor @microsoft-ventures-accelerator-seattle @the Unreasonable Institute @springboard

ID 12096

Stefano Bernardi


Employee #1 at @betable • Previously at @500startups and at TechCrunch • BSc Computer Science

ID 10002

Josh Fraser


Co-founder & CTO at Forage. Previously founded @torbit (acquired by Walmart) and @eventvue. Computer Science @clemson-university.

ID 53078

Vladimir Giverts

CTO at @identified-3. Team builder and scalability expert.

ID 64897

Jeffrey Wescott

Passionate internet entrepreneur. Relentlessly pragmatic and solution focused. Passionate about data-informed design, lean thinking, and agile development.

ID 63484

Kevin Gibbon


Co-founder, CEO of @shyp . Canadian.

ID 8789

Chris Smoak


Founder Volume11 Media. @y-combinator W06. Worked at @amazon, @nvidia , @microsoft. Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 23667

Zac Witte

Founder of @handup, first employee at @pubnub, worked at @castlight-health, data-obsessed computer scientist

ID 35450

Aaron Gotwalt

Co-founded @cotweet (sold to ExactTarget), @seesaw-decisions-corp (sold to @byliner-inc). At the intersection of people, products, and technology.

ID 183974

Ken MacInnis

Co-founder Distill. Formerly Lead Architect Search and Infrastructure @stumbleupon, Sr. Tech Lead Webmap and Search at @yahoo • CE at @university-of-michigan, @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 2198

Ben Finkel

Co-founder and CTO of Jelly. Previously, @fluther (acquired by Twitter), @twitter (Growth).

ID 11547

Maria Alegre


Co-founder and CEO @chartboost

ID 19867

Paul Bohm


Game Theory Enthusiast

ID 113779

Jean Bredeche

co-founder, CTO at @quantopian

ID 363948

Guillermo Rauch

Cloudup CTO

ID 18559

John Manoogian III


Founder, CTO: @140-proof, advisor to startups. Coder / designer since forever. Have raised money from @bluerun-ventures , @founders-fund, and @sv-angel.

ID 36009

Collin Jackson

Founder @apportable • Worked at @google, @betable • Studied at @stanford-university, @yale-university

ID 138547

Russ d'Sa


Worked at @twitter, @23andme • YC Summer 2007

ID 13917

Daniel Undurraga


Entrepreneur, Software engineer and seed investor. Co-founder @seahorse. Previously founded @needish and sold to @groupon in 2010.

ID 42706

Rajesh Chandran

CEO/Founder, @tinker; CTO/Founder, (Nextag); Lead, pre-IPO NetSuite; Architect, Closedloop (Lawson). Team/Product/Tech Assembler.

ID 283326

Max Gutman

Early engineer at @eventbrite helped company grow to over 200 employees and $700M/year in revenue, @adteractive • @red-mccombs-media • Studies at @berkeley and @carnegie-mellon-university-2 • Lives in San Francisco

ID 131808

Kenn R


Currently at @gobbler • Worked at @apple, @line-6 • Studied at @berklee-college-of-music, @azusa-pacific-university

ID 104838

Ryan Romanchuk

Gnarlar at @ostrovok. Studied at @santa-clara-university

ID 75419

Paul Biggar


CEO of @circleci ( @y-combinator alumnus, former @mozilla senior engineer, former @lookout principal engineer, PhD in Computer Science (compilers, @trinity-college College Dublin)

ID 146371

Victor Ghitescu


Venture Hacker at @angellist. Previous startup experience with @topguest. Worked at @goldman-sachs and @ubs. @university-of-sydney-1 Finance & Law

ID 2159

Mircea Pasoi

Growth Hacker @twitter, Co-founder @summify, @balaurro

ID 140353

Scott Snibbe

Founder @eyegroove , @snibbe-studio • Worked at @adobe-systems, @interval-research • Studied at @brown-university, @rhode-island-school-of-design

ID 309985

Matt Kent

Co-founder @sprig. Built and launched initial products for venture-backed startups @reactualize. Co-creator of @radrails RoR IDE.

ID 228065

Rupert Ralston


Founder, Developer, Angel investor

ID 163916

Leore Avidar

Co-founder @lob. Worked at @aws, @citigroup, @google , @motorola • Studied at @university-of-michigan

ID 2645

Jon Crawford

Founder & CEO of @storenvy. Technical, design, and product-savvy. Former small biz e-commerce engineer and consultant. Loves a good API and a good IPA.

ID 1260

Jonathan Pines

Founder @giftrocket • Worked at @facebook Investor @comprehend, @splitwise Studied at @stanford-university, @harvard-university

ID 30608

Larry Halff


Founder @gnolia-systems-llc, @Contrast LLC • Investor @apptimize, @zuli • Studied at @university-of-british-columbia, @earlham-college

ID 98361

Richard Crowley

Operations engineer @betable, founder of @devstructure, and equal-opportunity technology hater.

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne


Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now used to share 500K posts/day, with $4.3m ARR. Blogger, speaker, advisor. @angelpad alum.

ID 6754

Aaron Hall


Founder of @boatbound & avid boater. @university of Arizona. 3 previous exits.

ID 7941

Apoorva Mehta

CEO @ Instacart Previously @ @amazon, RIM & Qualcomm, UWaterloo Engineering Grad

ID 74677

Ryan King


Worked at @twitter, @technorati.

ID 128860

Jean-Paul Cozzatti

VP of Engineering @ @rally Product Manager @ @twitter Director of Product/Engineering at @bebo

ID 7847

Brent Fitzgerald

Founding team (sold to PayPal). Founding team Sifteo. Also MIT Media Lab, Stanford SymSys.

ID 6238

Kyle Wild


Wisdom seeker. Student of social, cognitive, and computer systems. Co-founder & CEO of @keen-io

ID 115952

Christopher Gooley

Making @preact the industry leader in predictive customer behavior. Previously: @earbits-yc-w11, @foliohd, @humantelligence

ID 26203

Christian Sanz

Founder & CEO at @skycatch. DroneGames founder and Chief Organizer. Cofounded @geeklist , Engineer @ Disney, Built from the ground up. Military vet

ID 107360

Arjun Banker


Former engineer @facebook on platform and tools. Previously @zillow, @microsoft.

ID 54636

Rob Phillips

Former iOS Lead at @everest. Created and sold a hunting app company. Created @brevidy, an open source video social network.

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 230491

Adam Derewecki

Founder of CameraLends. Former Director of Engineering at ApartmentList, technical lead at Yelp and Causes.

ID 110199

Nisheeth Ranjan

Co-Founder/CTO at @brightfunnel, @introrocket. Built @zamanzar-com tech/business, Worked at @trulia, @liveops, Netscape. @stanford-university MSCS in AI, @cornell-university BSCS.

ID 60722

David Recordon


Builder at @facebook • Investor @onbeep, @upverter, @spark, @viacycle • Advisor @superfeedr • Ex- @six-apart, @verisign and OAuth/OpenID

ID 101763

John Bragg

Founder/CTO at Cozy

ID 123390

Brad Griffith

Eng / CEO at Gametime. Studied at Stanford. Helped build Google and Zappedy (acquired by Groupon). iOS developer. Love scalable creative distribution.

ID 35179

Stephen Hood

Co-Founder of @blockboard, formerly head of product for @del-icio-us, PM for @yahoo Search and @bea-systems.

ID 39539

Garrett Gee

Set genius world record for Tetris at 13. Collegiate soccer for @brigham-young-university at 20. Now going to try this startup thing.

ID 48574

Sean Ahrens

Product CEO of Crohnology • @y-combinator Alum (2x) • @votizen, @1000memories, @messageparty • @uc-berkeley Business, Comp Sci

ID 124285

John Sheehan


Founder and CEO of @runscope. Previously Platform Lead at IFTTT and Developer Evangelism Lead and Developer Experience Product Manager at Twilio.

ID 260986

Joshua Scott


Co-founder @shyp. Dev & design background. Previous: Lead product & UX designer at @attachments-me, @ibm, startup founder.

ID 2404

Aren Sandersen


Stanford CS, 15 years in industry. Experience scaling early technology and teams.

ID 162066

George Su


Founder @whathavei • Worked at @salesforce, @infoseek • Studied at @university-of-california-berkeley

ID 206983

Russ Heddleston


Co-founder and CEO at DocSend

ID 210273

Frank Stratton

Founder Runscope • Former API Tech-Lead @twilio • Worked at @Pelago, @amazon • Studied at @university-of-illinois-urbana-champaign

ID 129821

Craig Harper

Founder @irisnote, @apisphere, @avasta exec team as CTO/VP Eng • Worked at @interactyx • Studied at @babson-college, University of California, San Diego

ID 38089

Jonathon Kresner


Founder at @airpair

ID 83835

Matt Pakes

Product at @facebook • Founder @miso (sold to @dijit-media)

ID 70056

Adam Michela


Designer & Developer · Made things at @dropbox, @facebook, @gowalla, @new-york-times, etc.

ID 35822

Josh Whiting

Technical Co-Founder at @blockboard. Formerly: senior engineer at @craigslist, ran engineering team at @delicious-part-of-avos. Technical background but always product-focused

ID 79237

Anuja Doshi

Product Manager at @identified-3. EE/CS Bachelors and Masters from @massachusetts-institute-of-technology. MBA from @stanford-university. Experience in tech, consulting, and private equity. Love data.

ID 176543


Specialize in managing technology strategies and new product portfolios.Founder BrightBytes • Worked at @zynga, @moody-s • Studied at @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 82089

Rod Begbie

Co-founder & CTO at @sosh • • Seeking super-smart engineers, passionate about products • Previous Lives: @slide, @bose-corporation, @sapient

ID 36605

Buster Benson

Co-founder/CTO at Habit Labs/Health Month. Co-founder Robot Co-op (sold to @amazon). Creator of Locavore (sold to Local Dirt/Hevva). Creator of

ID 36820

Dave Fowler

Founder @chartio (YC s10) and previously SocialBrowse (YC w08). One of IBM's most patented interns ever. Forbes 30 under 30 in 2012 and 2013.

ID 30840

Davy Kestens


Founder and CEO at Sparkcentral. Developer since age 13. Public speaker. Enjoying life.

ID 61649

Vu Nguyen

Co-founder of @beautylish

ID 182554

Kevin Bong

Founded @auditfile ; studied @ucla; worked @deloitte

ID 38510

Erik Smith

Partner at @shuffle-interactive; Co-founder / Director of Product; Consultant at the Council for Economic Education; Advisor at Class Badges

ID 24843

Jason Crawford

Co-founder & CEO, @fieldbook. Previously: Co-founder & CTO, @kima-labs (sold to @groupon); team lead @amazon; built supercomputers @d-e-shaw; CS @carnegie-mellon-university.

ID 7277

Peter Boctor


CTO & Co-founder @skedadel

ID 45465

Zach Perret


Co-Founder of @plaid

ID 152119

William Hockey

Founder @plaid • Worked at @bain-company • Studied at @emory-university

ID 671

Joshua Slayton


Venture Hacker @angellist. Previously @super-rewards, acquired by @adknowledge.

ID 190213

Ty Amell

Founder @stackmob, the original Backend-As-A-Service. Now at @paypal and a former engineer at @imeem

ID 95581

John Beatty


Founder @clover • EIR at Sutter Hill Ventures • Software engineer @ Sun, BEA/WebLogic, Yahoo • Studied Computer Science at @brigham-young-university

ID 2050

matt hunter


Founder EightBit, textslide • Worked at @simplegeo, @jawbone

ID 57325

Arun Thampi

Co-founder at @nitrous-io. Previously: Early Engineer wego (2.5M+ MUV), Palm & Motorola. EE @ NUS with Entrepreneurship Minor from @stanford-university. Started Addressgate.

ID 17862

Brandon Ballinger

Co-Founder @sift-science, Software Engineer @google

ID 263356

Andrew Look

Co-Founder and CTO @URX_tech. Vancouver-born, SF Bay Area-raised, UCLA alumni. Obsessed with BigData and Machine Learning

ID 48055

Alexander Wolfe

Head of Product Design & Front End Development. I love building great products with incredible user experiences. I have successfully managed teams and grown startups into thriving companies with world class products.

ID 206792

Marwan Roushdy

Co-Founder @complex-polygon @tag

ID 264908

James Lawrence Turner

Founder @urx • Studied at @university-of-california-los-angeles

ID 60679

Ben Morse

Machine Learning, Software Engineering. @carnegie-mellon-university Electrical and Computer Engineering BS & Robotics MS w/ 4.0 GPA.

ID 39191

Pierre-Olivier Latour

Founded @everpix. Sold motion graphics tech to @apple. Founded game company @french-touch-sarl. Built award-winning #1 ranking free iPad app for @cooliris.

ID 16846

Jessica Mah


Co-Founder/CEO, Y Combinator Alum, member of Young Presidents' Organization (YPO). Making selective angel investments.

ID 40814

Ernest W. Semerda


a^2 + b^2 = c^2

ID 149230

Amit Sasturkar

Founder/CEO of stealth startup, CTO of Twurler. 2nd Engineer @lexity. Web Search @google and @Yahoo. Strong background in large-scale systems, algorithms, and data mining.

ID 61500


Software Engineer

ID 35891

Gaurav Sharma

Co-Founder and Engineer

ID 45954

Tom Whipple

Software engineer & entrepreneur.

ID 72852

Steven Ou

Founder @touchofmodern • Studied at @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 3003

Marc Held

CEO of @weft; Co-founded @zazu (a @masschallenge finalist and PepsiCo10 winner); Dir. Mobile @boxfish; National Cyber Defense Champion; Six Sigma Yellow Belt

ID 170335


CTO of 5th Finger, transformed business operations enabling a successful exit for our VC in 2012.

ID 152844

Vivek Tatineni

Founder @messageme • Worked at @lolapps • Studied at University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

ID 121133

Brian Upton

Cofounder and CTO of @rally. Developer, admirer of storytelling mediums, tech nerd.

ID 152841

Justin Rosenthal

Founder @messageme • Worked at @lolapps • Studied at @university-of-wisconsin-madison

ID 83952

Dave Maestri


Invented Mob Wars. Co-founded @metamoki. Angel investor here and there.

ID 160133

Allen Rohner

Founder, CTO, @circle-4. Machine Learning background. Clojure contributor. 2nd time entrepreneur. Tech Lead of 4 products and 30 engineers @crossroads-systems .

ID 106334

Dan Rummel

CTO @shyp Prev: Dir. Eng. @live-nation-labs, CoFndr @pundit-rally, CoFndr of @prescreen, CoFndr @Seero, Flight Dynamics Manuver Specialist @nasa for THEMIS

ID 185542

Prabhdeep Gill

Co-Founder Umano • Worked at @google, @yahoo, @tagged @socialdeck (acquired by @google) • @university-of-waterloo @software-engineering Grad

ID 76351

Peter Jihoon Kim

Co-Founder & CTO at @nitrous-io. Previously: Lead Engineer at @viki (10M+ MUV), @decisivebits, GameVentures, and @apple. CS @ @national-university-of-singapore

ID 165155

Brad Whitaker

Co-Founder @tugboat-yards • Worked at @six-apart, @livejournal

ID 23324

Matthew Moore


Founder & iCEO @crowdmob, @thrivesmart • Worked at @google, interned at @ibm Extreme Blue • BS in CSE from @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 12238

Brandon Goldman


Co-Founder at @freshpay. Worked at @miso-media, @box-com.

ID 34763

Mike Lee

Cofounder @edshelf. Ex-mobile product director @tripit (acquired by Concur in 2011). Ex-technical manager & software engineer @yahoo.

ID 175714

Jed Denlea

Software Engineer/SRE @google

ID 56287

Kyan Pardiwalla


ID 304802

cooper bethea

Software engineer and site reliability expert. Currently: Google SRE; formerly primary oncall for Twitter, Foursquare, Sift Science.

ID 244410

Jose Gonzalez

Worked at J&J, @yahoo, @yammer, and @microsoft. BS-CS and MS-MIS @florida-international-university; CS PhD dropout; founded two companies; Fitness and sports junkie.

ID 323706

Roger Pincombe

Chronic inventor, professional hackathonner, proud Glasshole. Past: Co-founder of @augur ( @techstars Boulder 2013) , dev at @microsoft , @yahoo , @ark.

ID 28282

Howard Marks


co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @acclaim-games (sold to @playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.

ID 148376

Tejas Kotecha

Co-Founder @shopquick • Architect at @paypal • Engineer at @zuora, @wepay, @kreditfly • Studied at @university-of-southern-california

ID 57699

Doug Wormhoudt

Founder and President of @lovely, 2nd startup • Started developing professionally before I could vote • Worked at @tyco-international, @sogeti-usa

ID 62237

Brian Woods


Co-founder/CTO Hellobit. 20+ years product dev. Founded 3 startups, involved in 8. 9 patents. Four11 alum (sold to Yahoo), head of viral Bebo (sold to AOL)

ID 42118

Bradley Greenwood

Founder at @scal-io and @shotlist. Ex-Yahoo. Hacker, Designer, Bootstrapper.

ID 50372

Matt Howland


Looking to start something new. Successes as both CTO and CEO, a geek with business sense who loves to build.

ID 46351

Ben Standefer

Product Manager at @urban-airship. Co-founded @fantasybook (acquired by Citizen Sports/Yahoo! Sports). Early engineer at @eventbrite, @digg, and @simplegeo.

ID 2809

Peter Nixey

YC Alum - I sold previous company in 2010. Degree in Physics from Oxford, Rails engineer, UX and team obsessive, full stack engineer & writer at

ID 76679

Chris Sun


* Wrote @facebook applications that reached 20+ million users. Used PHP and MySQL * 3.5 Years at @yahoo as C++ programmer on Ad Servers (display ads)

ID 133209

Gil Silberman


Computer engineer (@princeton-university BSE), venture lawyer (@university-of-california-berkeley JD), operations guy. Early participant @ Craigslist, @opentable, and @linkedin.

ID 78015

Ritik Malhotra


Co-Founder & CEO at @streem (YC S12; acq. by @box) • 2012 Thiel Fellow • Previously at @twitter, @intel • UC @university-of-california-berkeley EE/CS

ID 34758

Evan Prodromou

I build Open Source startups.

ID 24159

Dustin Whittle

Developer Evangelist @ AppDynamics

ID 393634

Marko Gargenta


Founder of @marakana, acquired by @twitter • Investor in @spire, @accio-energy-inc, @matterfab • Studied at @university-of-waterloo

ID 28498

Eric Florenzano

Founded (YC, sold to Twitter in 2012), and Convore (YC, also sold in 2012). Developer (iOS, Android, Python, Go). B.S. Comp. Sci. (Iowa State, 2008).

ID 3365

Ronald Mannak

Inventor of the #1 best selling music toys on Amazon UK, early Kickstarter success story and creator of several successful iPhone apps.

ID 99334

Tommy Griffith

SEO at @airbnb, previously SEO @paypal. Side project is @clickminded, digital marketing training for startups.

ID 162659

Ryan Jackson

Founder @theorem. Developer @visible. Founded @microeval. Product Manager @ooyala. B.S. & M.Eng. from MIT.

ID 11534

Matt Hatoun

Founder @wholeshare, East Transit. Computer Scientist at @adobe-systems. Computer Science @brown-university University.

ID 34594

Susheel Daswani


Start-up guy. Experienced engineer & IP Lawyer. Can code, define product & strategy, churn through IP agreements, and negotiate deals and M&A.

ID 53497

Adeel Ahmad

Founder @shopseen. Worked at @context-optional acq. by @efficient-frontier acq. by @adobe. @university-of-waterloo EE.

ID 53938

Darren Nix

Founder and engineer at @42floors. Founder of @silver-financial and @leaky.

ID 53274

David Turner

Head of Technology at @unified | Former cofounder at @pagelever

ID 68747

Yash Kumar


Founder of Worked at & Cisco Systems. Full stack hacker and engineer

ID 249129

Eddie Siegel


Co-Founder / CTO @tapfwd

ID 76668

Brian Rue

Co-founder/CEO @rollbar. Previously: Co-founder/CTO @lolapps, @stanford-university undergrad dropout.

ID 113175

Sam Gharabally


iTunes Mobile Store Engineering Manager

ID 211251

Nachiketas Ramanujam

Hacker with strong background in User experience, UX Research, Product Design, and HCI. 2X Entrepreneur • Worked at @paypal, @microsoft, @amazon • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology @mit-media-lab

ID 253561

Andrew Benton

Founder @bolt. Former Lead Software Engineer @twilio. Former DNS junkie @infoblox. Half of an Econ PhD from @princeton-university. Math BA from @university-of-pennsylvania.

ID 3869

Montgomery Kosma


Innovator on business models, marketing & discovery in noisy long tail markets.

ID 45946

Mike Demers

professional complainer, amateur fixer… Previously @captureproof, @mixbook (Mosaic), @yobongo, @amazon, @thomsonreuters

ID 208445

David Lee

UI Designer & Fullstack developer, previously at Punchtab and Pulse; recently launched

ID 31629

Nick ONeill

I founded Social Times Inc. in 2007 and sold it to WebMediaBrands (parent company behind in 2010. Now I'm building my next company...

ID 42145

Ian Nieves

(Apple, LEGO, Samsung, eBay/PayPal, CMU) Founding Partner @untangle (CMEA, Rustic Canyon Partners) Founder StuCo (@carnegie-mellon-university) MS BS Computer Science BS Economics @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 12957

Zack Liscio

Founder @naytev - YC (S14) - Former Googler - SF and DC - front-end developer, sales hustler

ID 115264

Spenser Skates

Cofounder of @amplitude-1 (YC W12). Former Algorithmic Trader at DRW Trading. Two time winner of @massachusetts-institute-of-technology's biggest programming competition, Battlecode.

ID 54298

Chris Lloyd

Founder Assembly, Minefold • Worked at @opera-software • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 42910

Seth Blank

Founder @yourtrove-acquired-by-live-nation. Former CEO @dbix, COO @simpli-hosting. Helped scale @gdgt, @songkick, @justin-tv. Advisor @pubnub and @indinero.

ID 172165

Justin Zhu


Co-founder & CEO of @iterable. Ex @twitter engineer on Growth & API. Stint at @google. CS @carnegie-mellon-university-2.

ID 4290

Henry Liu

Co-Founder of @familyleaf (YC W12). Previously at @hunch. 18 years old and youngest Y Combinator alum. Currently on a leave of absence.

ID 170060

Simon Maynard

Co-founder @bugsnag, ex @heyzap. 10 years of product development experience.

ID 16793

Eric Nakagawa

Co-founder of @simplehoney, shopping simplified. Founder of @icanhascheezburger. Millions of lols.

ID 111375

Pavel Serbajlo

@m-dot, @powerybase-1 Co-Founder and CTO. Entrepreneur, investor and developer with focus on mobile-first solutions.

ID 225229

Chris Kline

Co-Founder @shelf-com • Engineering manager, DevOps at @liveramp, @rapleaf • @texas-a-m-university

ID 12170

Jean Sini


CTO @fountain @onekingslane @twelvefold-media @blogrovr • VP Engineering @mint • Worked at @oracle-corporation • Investor @boxbee, @canva, @treasure-data

ID 8162

Clay Loveless


Co-founded @mashery (acquired by Intel). Founded @jexy (failed). Learning in progress.

ID 90116

Konrad Listwan-Ciesielski

Co-Founder Kira Talent • Worked at @minted, @nuance-communications • Studied at @university-of-waterloo • Next36 Entrepreneur

ID 58267

Rikk Carey

Eng/prod designer+leader+coder. Deep in consumer internet/mobile, social, u/x, 2d/3d, games. Founder @plaxo Worked @egroups-com @yahoo! @silicon-graphics

ID 115504

Curtis Liu

Cofounder of @amplitude-1 (YC W12). Former software engineer at @google.

ID 167383

Stan P. van de Burgt


Entrepreneur, Angel; Co-founder of @watchmouse (acquired by CA Technologies), @q-go (acquired by Rightnow/Oracle), DMO, @cloudspeakers, Geobrand;

ID 324111

David Byttow

Co-founder of Secret. Formerly Google, Square, Medium.

ID 6573

Ben Mathes

@angellist, @greylock-partners, @rockyou when it was #1, @athenahealth at IPO. @brandeis-university CS Masters 2 years early.

ID 362585

Jon McKay

Co-founder of Technical Machine, 1st startup out of school. Majored in computing at Olin College. Interned at Hangtime, Microsoft, and Pico-Digital.

ID 160378

Dafeng Guo

Founder • Worked at @yahoo, @goldman-sachs, @morgan-stanley

ID 86352

Justin Kruger

Software Architect, Designer and Leader at heart. For a decade developed, games, frameworks and SDKs. A true polymath that loves to learn and solve problems.

ID 124203

Aleem Mawani


Founder @, Engineer, ex-Google, Waterloo + HBS alumn

ID 31961

Pete Soderling


3x tech entrepreneur, hacker, geek. founder of & 500 startups mentor. living the bi-coastal dream.

ID 107083

Dan Levine

Using technology to disrupt industries I love: early employee at @current-tv and @emi-music Digital, founded @styleseat to revolutionize personal beauty.

ID 97403

Aaron Blackledge MD


Founder & CEO of Care Practice ( one the most innovative private clinic in the US. Aaron is an MD, health hacker, designer and dancer.

ID 67555

Nicolas Grenié

Intern Hacker in residence at @3scale Co founder of @cerealize Web, g33k, fun, frogs and snails !

ID 134572

Brian Norton

co-founder at @shoto. iOS and Rails Engineer and with an eye for immersive design. UC Berkeley CS grad. Previously @involver @salesforce @oracle-corporation

ID 129917

Mohit Sabharwal

ID 211347

Derek Tia

Software Engineer at @vurb, @salesforce alumni, @berkeley EECS, Rails side projects

ID 23545

Matt Wallington

Technical cofounder of @cargo. Previously cofounded @cpusage & @gridvid-me-1, launched distributed cloud compute platform at TechCrunch Disrupt. 10 yrs @intel.

ID 58179

Zack Shapiro

Co-founder of @luna. Engineer. Worked at @taskrabbit, @path, @techstars, and @next-big-sound. Studied @university-of-colorado-boulder. Turned Colorado into a basketball school.

ID 57483

Chris Bruce


Founder & CEO @sproutling • Worked at @rupture, @electronic-arts, @wellnessfx, @one-medical-group

ID 203335

Gilles Devaux

Senior Software engineer working on highly scalable systems with a strong emphasis on product quality and operational excellence.

ID 194497

Stephen Huenneke

Tech Founder @jobulous • Worked at @opower, @hubspot • Studied at @university-of-massachusetts-boston

ID 5236

Steven Clarke-Martin

Technical CEO. Expert Software Architect. ATG Dynamo Java Application Server vet. Ad Tech vet at Goto, Overture -> @yahoo. Patents on media monetization. @worcester-polytechnic-institute

ID 48448

Hannah Fouasnon

Co-Founder & Developer at DJZ | Maker of companies and code | Mathematics, B.A., Reed College 2010

ID 97009

Miha Rebernik

I design, build and ship products. All the time.

ID 145011

Edward Dowling

Co-Founder & engineer @app-io. Always creating awesome products and teams that are never boring and always exciting.

ID 363819

Patrik Outericky


Founder and CTO @simplelegal YC S13. 10 years in litigation management and billing analytics through prior company. Second time founder.

ID 184408

Roderic Campbell

Lots of iOS experience at high profile companies. Tons of passion for making iOS apps look and feel great.

ID 282477

Barney Govan

Senior software engineer with 14 years development experience. Expertise lies at the intersection of software, data science, and statistics.

ID 38584

Mark Quezada

Co-founder @minded. Previously co-founder/CTO of @fastcustomer and founding engineer at @peer-news.

ID 64964

Andreas Klinger

CTO at Product Hunt Tech/Product/Metrics kind of guy Mentor at several accelerators

ID 275179

Jonathan Claybaugh

Systems and Network Operations Architect and Leader. 17 years of industry experience. Key contributor to technology solutions and teams to enable and transform business execution.

ID 93161

Manolo Diaz

CEO & Co-founder 500 Startups Batch 4. Mexican Entrepreneur.

ID 11735

Navin Kumar

@weotta. Former Lead Eng. @mpact. Founder and Geek. Former CTO of @socialwok, former Venture Hacker @angellist

ID 79533

Austin Cooley

Co-Founder & CEO at Tripstr. CEO of Nerd Swagger Inc (@quilt). CEO of Youtorial, Ed Tech startup. Kauffman EVP Fellow. @university-of-florida Comp Eng 2008

ID 129727

Shash Joshi

CTO who specializes in architecting web-based, high availability, scalable systems which incorporate lean-Agile practices. Big-data, simplifying complexity.

ID 520130

Alexander Davis

Frames delivered in under 16 ms

ID 49108

Sean McCullough

Just a dude making it happen.

ID 24815

Andrew Lee


Co-Founder of @firebase.

ID 99404

Eric Simons

Cofounder of @songhop and @thinkster-1. Lived in Aol's headquarters for a few months.

ID 98162

Valentin Squirelo

Hackerloop co-founder. Product designer, software + hardware. I've previously worked @owni and co-founded @tactilize

ID 151307

Chris Maddox

Typist, Philosopher. Humanist with a penchant for dystopian novels, St. George gin enthusiast, and wearer of colorful pants.

ID 107381

Brennen Byrne

Founder @clef, • Worked at @adobe-systems, @h-bloom • Studied at @pomona-college

ID 250061

Mike Deerkoski


CTO/VP Eng @ EAT Club, former head of engineering of Flickr

ID 37382

Michael West

Founder/CTO @socrative; Founder PreazyPrep. R&D team leader; BS/M.Eng @cornell-university

ID 183742

Chris Raethke

Over 10 years full stack dev, 7 years commercial product experience. Cert scrum master + lean advocate. Bachelor of IT/Bach of Microelectronic Eng. Ex Army Eng.

ID 106083

Todd Sullivan

Co-Founder at @flightfox. Co-Founder at @globetrooper (sold 2011). Lead developer at @raytheon and @defence-1.

ID 118200

Stanley Tang

Co-founder of DoorDash. Stanford CS. Author of eMillions

ID 1808

Amol Kher


CTO of Wello. Previously founded HealthMobs. Netflix, Google, Microsoft. Passion for Health and Wellness software.

ID 204762

Walter Punsapy

Worked at @edmodo, @yahoo, @raptr, @trialpay, @razorfish.

ID 66945

Kurt Ericson

Hacker & Craftsman

ID 191202

Eli Tucker

Co-Founder of @vizify and alumni of @techstars & @PDXSeedFund. Software developer, entrepreneur, and amateur photographer.

ID 47640

Brian Leung

VP of Engineering at @circle-of-moms, Senior Information Retrieval Engineer at @spock, ex-MSFT, @massachusetts-institute-of-technology EECS graduate

ID 343461

Oliver Nicholas


Engineering product and team builder trained @Ooga Labs, honed @yelp, managing Infrastructure @uber

ID 54122

Michael Jackson

UX designer, JavaScript/Ruby developer. Worked at Path, now at @twitter.

ID 146081

Harsh Doshi

Engineer @facebook. Previously @brightroll , @zynga, @yahoo • Studied at University of Utah

ID 121152

Dane Hurtubise

Co-founder, @parklet Product Director at @rally Co-founder of @jobspice (YC S09)

ID 83667

Joey Shurtleff


Cofounder, CTO at @instaedu (acquired by @chegg). Previously at @aerospike-1, getTalent (Cofounder), and Aggregate Knowledge. B.A. in Economics from Stanford.

ID 155770

Maia Bittner

Co-founder / CTO at @rocksbox

ID 2594

Nick Lane-Smith


Co-founder & CTO of @damntheradio (acquired by @fanbridge). ∞ Hustler. exHacker @apple. Past: math+compsci

ID 38849

Malcolm Ong

EIR @500startups. Co-founder @skillshare. Advisor @unwind-me , @crossfader . Mentor @founder-institute, @launchpadla. Prev: @omgpop, @razorfish, @ibm. CMU '05

ID 497119

Peter Cummings (MIoD)


Founder & Owner @socomo, @Borealis IT Ltd • Co-Owner & CTO @masterbranch

ID 113524

Anand Henry

Co-founder @dopios • Data engineer at @eventbrite, Search engineer @salesforce • @carnegie-mellon-university graduate

ID 84121

Tony Bako

Technology Leader. CTO at @mosaic-2, formerly VP of Engineering at @chegg, @cramster.

ID 300943

Frost Li

Connecting talented developers with best-matched jobs with top companies in tech!

ID 393673

Nuo Yan

Software Engineer at @pinterest • Worked at @chef-2 and @Livestar (acquired by Pinterest) • Studied at @UW

ID 66262

Jeff Schenck

Co-founder and CTO at @chewse. Formerly Senior Engineer at @adly.

ID 111000

Bret Kittle

Web Engineer and early team member at both and Full-stack developer with entrepreneurial spirit.

ID 59052

Bart Myers


Founder and CEO @countable - Direct Democracy Sold @sidereel to Rovi Corp • Worked at @ibm • Angel Investor and startup Advisor

ID 33704

Pius Uzamere

Lead Engineer at @the-information. @becouply co-founder. @massachusetts-institute-of-technology CS grad and student body president. Open source hacker. Featured on CNN's Black in America.

ID 112168

Andy Agrawal

Freelancer; Coding since 8; Rails expert; Built largest Facebook connect implementation on web; Worked at @Oracle @marklogic; Carnegie Mellon CS 2001.

ID 39369

Ravi Srivatsav

CEO, Founder @elasticbox. @microsoft and @ibm Alum, Director of Platform at @myspace and VP product and strategy @sgn @mindjolt

ID 156938

Anthony Mayer

Created @habinate • @ning, @glam-media • University of Washington

ID 159268

Michael Christopher


Entrepreneur, Tinkerer, Lover of all things tech. Currently @otoy. Formerly @appslingr @zencoder @brightcove @schooltube

ID 198123

Scott Fleckenstein

Back-end developer at multiple startups; Experience leading development teams; Experience scaling a product to hundreds of millions of users.

ID 64934

Cherian Thomas

@cucumbertown CEO; Early @zynga India Employee - multiple roles (Engineer, PM, Producer etc.); RedHat scholarship recipient; @support-com

ID 110056

Sahin Boydas

Founder at @movielala-1, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of @emoda-beyazkutu (exited)

ID 150159

Yan Lhert

Cofounder of Zen99, YC Alumni

ID 25573

Arrel Gray

Coder, designer, and co-founder of Soldsie, making tech for the people.

ID 80815

Michael Herman

Full Stack Generalist. Experienced in Python/Django and Python/Flask and ROR. Currently learning Node, Meteor, Angular.

ID 189808

Nick Baum


Founder @whereberry • Worked at @youtube, @google • Studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 369296

Brian Sunter

Hacker @snapup Co-Founded @partender Love mobile, startups, tech, travel and adventure. Native iOS apps are my specialty

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