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ID 101763

John Bragg

Founder/CTO at Cozy

ID 146081

Harsh Doshi

Engineer @facebook. Previously @brightroll , @zynga, @yahoo • Studied at University of Utah

ID 106358

John Smart

Cofounder of @prescreen and, Chief Software Architect

ID 24358

Sam Street

Co-founder of @postmates. Front-End / iOS Engineer

ID 67555

Nicolas Grenié

Intern Hacker in residence at @3scale Co founder of @cerealize Web, g33k, fun, frogs and snails !

ID 279547

Derek Minter

Founder @honeybadgr • Bitcoin • Previously @google, @Coderwall, @appdynamics, @virool • Studied at @point-loma-nazarene-university

ID 150159

Yan Lhert

Cofounder of Zen99, YC Alumni

ID 32933

Dominik Balogh

Co-founder at @m-dot, CEO, interface designer. Focusing on post-PC era UX. Previously co-founded @powerybase-1, also worked at McCann-Erickson as art director.

ID 121583

Matt Boyd

Co-Founder of @sqwiggle. Past UI/UX Designer at @zillow, Co-founder of, Previously Head of Product @urthecast

ID 278794

John Gonzalez

President & CEO of Strong Entrepreneurial and Product Management skills. Passionate about UX and Front-end Development.

ID 64878

Chris Sharkey

CTO at Bislr, the intelligent website marketing platform. Drive more qualified leads from your website and campaigns.

ID 17350

Kai Gradert


Designer @angellist · UX/Design @adobe-1 Lightroom mobile · Previously @google · Founder @cheers · Owner @hingeheads

ID 133299

Abraham Williams

Gentle giant, pugnacious panda, and foundər of @addvocate. Built the most popular PHP library for the Twitter REST API.

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