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Map of the local innovation industry.
Meet some of the best and newest startups based in San Francisco.

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ID 603

Ryan Merket

Investor (acquired by InMobi), (acquired by @seesmic),Partner Engineer at @facebook, Product guy with UI/UX and coding chops.

ID 77038

Sina Shekou


Current: @sparked-1. Past: President, LeaseStar and SMB Division at @realpage, Founder @propertyware to @realpage, CRM @Oracle and early team

ID 98638

Brian Sugar


Director Everlane Founder/CEO POPSUGAR VP/GM @2wire (sold AT&T) Founder/CEO @SugarMedia (sold 2Wire) Chief Web Officer @bluelight-com VP eCommerce at @j-crew

ID 35404

George Ishii

Current Co-founder and Head of Design of @betterworks. Co-founder of and @yammer. Pre-IPO @paypal, software engineer Adobe, @kiva Fellow.

ID 96459

Kyle Sollenberger


Co-founder, VP Design @seesaw-decisions-corp. Previously of @cotweet. Entrepreneuring, Advising, and generally working on things.

ID 66999

Philip Rosedale


Founder @coffee-power, @linden-lab • Worked at @real-networks, @realnetworks • Studied at University of California, San Diego

ID 112113

Chad Hurley


Co-Founder & Former CEO of @youtube; Founder & CEO of @MixBitApp.

ID 15521

Craig Mod


Writer, designer. Previously product designer for @flipboard. Advisor for @medium, @955dreams. Mentor at @500startups & @designer-fund. Investor in @oyster, @editorially, @tokyo-otaku-mode, @timbuktu-labs. 2011 TechFellow. 2012 MacDowell fellow.

ID 168478

Kevin Hale


Partner at @y-combinator. Founded @wufoo (Acquired by @surveymonkey).

ID 3589

Jason Putorti


VP of Design at @brigade • Co-founder of @votizen • Designer-in-Residence at @bessemer-venture-partners • Lead Designer at @mint

ID 36308

Rahul Vohra


CEO of @rapportive. Computer Scientist, Gamer, Entrepreneur.

ID 1925

Graham Jenkin


Product, Design, COO @angellist

ID 29549

Josh Williams


Designer / Entrepreneur; Co-founder @gowalla; Former PM @facebook; Maker of the finest margarita in Noe Valley.

ID 92475

Yves Behar


Founder Chief Designer fuseproject, CCO @jawbone, Co-Founder Kease, Creative Co-Founder OUYA

ID 74069

Mike Macadaan

Partner at @science Studio. Specialize in User Experience, Design, Brand and Identity. Product and UX Advisor, Co-Founder @urbandig, Founder @twiistup

ID 25206

Janice Fraser

Founder, @luxr-co. Leader in the Lean Startup world. Entrepreneur. Co-founder and former CEO of @adaptive-path.

ID 50

Satya Patel


Partner @homebrew. Formerly VP Product at @twitter, ex-Google PM, ex-Partner at @battery-ventures. Penn educated. Vegas raised.

ID 12250

Bobby Goodlatte


Startup investor and product designer. Formerly @facebook

ID 17350

Kai Gradert


Designer @angellist · UX/Design @adobe-1 Lightroom mobile · Previously @google · Founder @cheers · Owner @hingeheads

ID 73873

Frédéric della Faille


CEO at Frontback. Previously founded a leading belgian digital agency and a social network for creative people. PhD in graffiti.

ID 188257



Design @angellist · @university-of-chicago '12

ID 64897

Jeffrey Wescott

Passionate internet entrepreneur. Relentlessly pragmatic and solution focused. Passionate about data-informed design, lean thinking, and agile development.

ID 1595

Paul Stamatiou

Designer at Twitter.

ID 50089

John Shahidi

CEO and Co-Founder of Shots. Join Shots today!

ID 35201

Chris Messina


Invented the #hashtag. Previously designer at Google. Advisor to @tagboard, @neonmob, @urban-airship, @tonx-coffee, @get-satisfaction, @babylist.

ID 170128

Roger Wagner


Software designer, programmer, former owner of rare book auction house, private pilot, active in K-12 educational technology.

ID 7847

Brent Fitzgerald

Founding team (sold to PayPal). Founding team Sifteo. Also MIT Media Lab, Stanford SymSys.

ID 15821

Tim Chae


EIR at @500startups. Founded @postrocket. Tech Entrepreneurship and Design at @babson-college College. Lifetime student in building companies.

ID 131808

Kenn R


Currently at @gobbler • Worked at @apple, @line-6 • Studied at @berklee-college-of-music, @azusa-pacific-university

ID 1173

Patrick Riley


Founder / CEO of @ark (YC W12) @university-of-california-berkeley Ph.D. in CS focused on search. Previously worked at leading search and social media companies as Product & UX Director.

ID 12431

Brenden Mulligan


Entrepreneur, designer, & developer. Co-founder of Cluster. Creator of @onesheet (acquired), TipList, MorningPics, PhotoPile, @artistdata (acquired).

ID 45224

Joel Gascoigne


Co-founder and CEO at @buffer. Took idea to revenue in 7 weeks. Now used to share 500K posts/day, with $4.3m ARR. Blogger, speaker, advisor. @angelpad alum.

ID 11547

Maria Alegre


Co-founder and CEO @chartboost

ID 90817

Vítor Lourenço


Co-founder @diagram. Advisor @expa. Former @Twitter’s first Designer.

ID 182463

Somik Behera


PM @nicira @vmware, Early Engg. @vmware, Founding Member @openstack-1 Quantum. Broad '1.0' Engg. & Biz exp. @stanford-university MS&E @university-of-texas-at-austin-1 CS

ID 95552

Matte Scheinker


Chief Product Officer at @hightail-2. Formerly VP of Consumer Experience at @aol & Sr. Dir. UED for Communications & Communities at @yahoo.

ID 4344

Bubs / Darius A Monsef IV


Founder CreativeMarket + COLOURlovers Founder & Board of MSFT / YC Alum. Advisor + Investor.

ID 67812

Victor Young


@uwaterloo Alum. CEO & Founder @flinja. General Partner @X-Fund, Engineer by trade, built largest insurance eApp and CRM, hired over 500 people, Grew ARR to 50M

ID 184425

Julian Bialowas

Lead Designer @everest. Previously: Founder of 16HOURS Magazine and 365q. Adventure Photographer, Designer & Explorer.

ID 61882

BJ Heinley

Founder / Inventor - Investor at STAG - Provisions for Men Founder - @base-fine-art-gallery Founder - @verde-camp Board Member - Texas Sculpture Group

ID 18559

John Manoogian III


Founder, CTO: @140-proof, advisor to startups. Coder / designer since forever. Have raised money from @bluerun-ventures , @founders-fund, and @sv-angel.

ID 158379

Noah Hayes


Co-founder & VP of Product @radius-4 and Advisor @better-voice

ID 35017

Alexa Andrzejewski

Cofounder of @foodspotting-part-of-opentable. Formerly a UX consultant at @adaptive-path & Lextant.

ID 1912

Chris McCann

Community @greylock-partners. Founded @startupdigest @grouptie. Mentor @thiel-fellowship-20-under-20

ID 98695

Daniel Goldfarb


Partner at Greenstart

ID 260986

Joshua Scott


Co-founder @shyp. Dev & design background. Previous: Lead product & UX designer at @attachments-me, @ibm, startup founder.

ID 100233

Martin Ringlein


Veteran creative director and entrepreneur, holding extensive experience building and managing creative teams within start-ups, in-house and agency cultures.

ID 15995

Dan Parham


Co-founder @neighborland. Product Designer. Former Director of User Experience @yahoo.

ID 224903

Ti Chang

Founder @crave , @incoqnito • Worked at @trek-bicycle-corp @zeo • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology, @Royal College of Art

ID 118421

Nathanael Smith

B.A. University of California Los Angeles School of Design | Media-Arts. Former Entrepreneur at Startup Chile. Currently UX/UI Designer and Co-founder at URX

ID 749

Gary Chou


Worked at @union-square-ventures, @cisco • Investor @union-square-ventures • Studied at @princeton-university

ID 50411

Jonathan Woolf

@500Startups Mentor, Founder at @assistant-to, Marketing Machine, Product Enthusiast, User Experience Designer

ID 317566

Tim Van Damme


Designer at @dropbox. Previously at @instagram and @gowalla.

ID 21733

Eric Bieller

Co-founder of @sqwiggle. Previously Lead UI Designer at @tapjoy and Head of Product at @urthecast. I make web things.

ID 74415

Jason Culbertson


I design products and create brands. Creative Director @ Rewarder. Former Creative Director @yammer. Mentor @ Startup Monthly. Advisor @ Soldsie and @ringadoc.

ID 39539

Garrett Gee

Set genius world record for Tetris at 13. Collegiate soccer for @brigham-young-university at 20. Now going to try this startup thing.

ID 70056

Adam Michela


Designer & Developer · Made things at @dropbox, @facebook, @gowalla, @new-york-times, etc.

ID 7130

Dean Fankhauser

Founder of @nuji. Previously worked at @yahoo, @havas and various digital agencies in @london and abroad in @strategy and @user Experience Design

ID 96532

Gino Zahnd

Co-founder & CEO of Cozy. Previously founded Seabright Studios, led UX at @flickr, @splunk, and @kosmix.

ID 170869

Vlad Margulis

CEO and Co-founder at Hot5. User Experience and Product @airbnb, @pandora, @google, @adobe

ID 6754

Aaron Hall


Founder of @boatbound & avid boater. @university of Arizona. 3 previous exits.

ID 212537

Suresh Venkateswaran

VP of Product & Tech - StaffRanker, multichannel commerce, retail & Internet Media. Strong product background(PayPal/eBay, Yahoo!), MBA Pepperdine

ID 105221

Nate Mihalovich

VP of Biz Dev @buildingconnected, Founder of @vektr-io, Studied at @berkeley, started @rock-to-relief at 16 that generated $100K for non-profits.

ID 206792

Marwan Roushdy

Co-Founder @complex-polygon @tag

ID 28282

Howard Marks


co-founder Activision ATVI $14B cap, founder @acclaim-games (sold to @playdom). Founder and managing partner @startenginela LA's largest accelerator.

ID 310605

Morgan Springer

Cofounder + Product Lead @sprig . Designer @Catapult Design, @tellme-networks (via @microsoft). Stanford Symbolic Systems, Fulbright.

ID 2893

Andrew Crump


CEO - @mitoo - Serial entrepreneur and UX Designer. Loosely a Mentor at Tech Stars London, 500, Seecamp and others.

ID 243554

John McGuire

CEO. Background in Big Data and various behavioral psychologies as applied to sports. Worked at @nortel-networks. Went to @university-of-limerick.

ID 119611

Nicholas (Nick) Thomas


Founder @finicity-1 , @nordmark-group • Worked at @3com, @USRobotics, @Megahertz • Investor @visually, @circa, @myrooms • Studied at @BYU, @UofU

ID 7005

Jeffrey Kalmikoff

Designer of things. Husband. Total weirdo. Avid fan: scary movies, loud music, lists. Helping Authors be awesome at @blurb . Past life: @threadless

ID 231532

Cat Perez

Founder @healthcarelove , @doctory • Worked at @the-climate-corporation, @paypal • Strong design and product background

ID 48055

Alexander Wolfe

Head of Product Design & Front End Development. I love building great products with incredible user experiences. I have successfully managed teams and grown startups into thriving companies with world class products.

ID 211924

Jennifer Bilotta

Founder @avocado • Worked at @youtube, @google • Studied at @georgia-institute-of-technology

ID 262845

George Hayes

UX Designer who worked at Netflix, redesigned their web search; Worked at Yahoo! and prototyped an AR mobile app; UC Berkeley I School Masters; UPenn Undergrad.

ID 108678

Vinay Ramani

Lead product teams at Adobe, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Openwave. Mobile, Web, Developer Platforms guru. 3 jobs in 1: CEO, UI Designer, Front End Engineer

ID 31590

Eoghan McCabe

CEO of @intercom

ID 1330

Paul Veugen

Co-founder @human. Founded @usabilla. Product guy, designer, and data junky. Avid cyclist.

ID 182106

Jeremy Richardson

Co-Founder & Director of Product @womply; Formerly @mixpanel, @apple, and @massachusetts-institute-of-technology

ID 2212

Sina Khanifar


Currently a tech activist. Co-Founder at @opensignal and @repeaterstore.

ID 23324

Matthew Moore


Founder & iCEO @crowdmob, @thrivesmart • Worked at @google, interned at @ibm Extreme Blue • BS in CSE from @university-of-california-san-diego

ID 276335

Wiebke Poerschke

Designer and Co-founder at Hothouse Labs leading design and research. Passionate about all things User Experience.

ID 147013

Naveed Lalani

Founder & CEO @portable-boutique-inc, Advisor @thiel-fellowship. Formerly - CSO @donornation , Co-Founder @rally, Investor (Acquired by Facebook).

ID 159886

Alex Halliday

Entrepreneur, product manager, designer, front-end dev. Founder at @lawpal and @socialgo. 10 years experience in startups, SaaS, community, marketing.

ID 6573

Ben Mathes

@angellist, @greylock-partners, @rockyou when it was #1, @athenahealth at IPO. @brandeis-university CS Masters 2 years early.

ID 86352

Justin Kruger

Software Architect, Designer and Leader at heart. For a decade developed, games, frameworks and SDKs. A true polymath that loves to learn and solve problems.

ID 63855

Loren Baxter

founder & designer at stealth startup. formerly @readyforzero. mentor at @designer-fund .

ID 104350

caitlyn mccarthy

Visual Designer at 23andMe. Past: Gilt, Bonobos, HowAboutWe, Chloe & Isabel, Beauty Army, JewelMint.

ID 323990

Brian Truong


Currently @rothenberg-ventures. Previously @bessemer-venture-partners and @downtime. Studied Biology/CS @harvard-university.

ID 48179

Danny Trinh

Worked at @path, @digg

ID 169679

Jason Aramburu


Founder @edyn. Founder re:char. Forbes 30 under 30. Ashoka Fellow. Echoing Green Fellow. Gates Foundation Grantee. Studied Ecology @princeton-university

ID 54298

Chris Lloyd

Founder Assembly, Minefold • Worked at @opera-software • Studied at @university-of-sydney

ID 208445

David Lee

UI Designer & Fullstack developer, previously at Punchtab and Pulse; recently launched

ID 49108

Sean McCullough

Just a dude making it happen.

ID 127866

Matt Crumrine

Founder | CEO | Product Lead // @ Atmospheir

ID 35330

Dave Baggeroer

Co-Founder of @blockboard (acquired by Klout), Consulting Professor at @stanford-university dschool, mobile product designer

ID 4089

Vitaly M. Golomb

CEO @printmo-by-keen // CEO @europe Venture Summit // Mentor @500startups @happy-farm @innovation-nest // Award-winning designer // Speaker

ID 42145

Ian Nieves

(Apple, LEGO, Samsung, eBay/PayPal, CMU) Founding Partner @untangle (CMEA, Rustic Canyon Partners) Founder StuCo (@carnegie-mellon-university) MS BS Computer Science BS Economics @carnegie-mellon-university

ID 58267

Rikk Carey

Eng/prod designer+leader+coder. Deep in consumer internet/mobile, social, u/x, 2d/3d, games. Founder @plaxo Worked @egroups-com @yahoo! @silicon-graphics

ID 122423

Josh Brewer

Previously Principal Designer @twitter, Director of UX @socialcast. Advisor/mentor at The Designer Fund.

ID 6432

Adam Benayoun

CEO & co-founder at @binpress, @500startups, Formerly @lionite, @octabox. Animation at Minshar School of Arts. Strong UI/UX & Design. Sales & Marketing drone.

ID 42131

William Hsu


Director at HireVue, ex-founder @codeeval (Acquired 2012), @textbo (Acquired 2011)

ID 32933

Dominik Balogh

Co-founder at @m-dot, CEO, interface designer. Focusing on post-PC era UX. Previously co-founded @powerybase-1, also worked at McCann-Erickson as art director.

ID 72071

Ivan Kim

Co-founder of Simpler. Formerly, COO @tinyco. Designer at MailChimp. Parsons @the-new-school School for Design.

ID 129726

Om Pathipaka

UX Designer at Aol, Inc

ID 14322

Greg Cooper

Designer at Stripe. Lead Designer straight out of High School. Had a #1 trending topic on @twitter with Tweet O'Clock.

ID 204762

Walter Punsapy

Worked at @edmodo, @yahoo, @raptr, @trialpay, @razorfish.

ID 95508

Nick Punt

EdTech entrepreneur - @edsurge Founder & President, former VP Products at @uversity-1, Stanford MBA/MA Education.

ID 151349

Dave Lu


Founder/CEO @fanpop • Worked at @apple, @ebay • Studied at @stanford-graduate-school-of-business, @university-of-pennsylvania

ID 4371

Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas is the Founder of @jess3 – a creative interactive agency specializing in Social Media Data Visualization.

ID 1618

Alex Baldwin

Designer @thoughtbot, co-creator @hack-design, alumni @500startups @techstars

ID 279547

Derek Minter

Founder @honeybadgr • Bitcoin • Previously @google, @Coderwall, @appdynamics, @virool • Studied at @point-loma-nazarene-university

ID 54122

Michael Jackson

UX designer, JavaScript/Ruby developer. Worked at Path, now at @twitter.

ID 31951

Des Traynor

Co-Founder at @intercom-1. Co-founder of Exceptional (acquired). Director at Contrast (design consultancy). Popular writer & regular conference speaker.

ID 97009

Miha Rebernik

I design, build and ship products. All the time.

ID 58961

Mark Strehlow

Advisor. Creative thinker. Accomplished designer. Former head of UX @flip-video. Led teams at @cisco @yahoo, @vuze, @razorfish. Passion for all things simple.

ID 189808

Nick Baum


Founder @whereberry • Worked at @youtube, @google • Studied at @dartmouth-college

ID 207545

Jeremy Blalock


Berkeley EECS Undergraduate. Software engineer & designer @synack. Former Founder, Chief of Product @outline . Lead Designer & CTO at Politify.

ID 374112

Chris Grant

Worked at @lyft, @square • Studied at @carnegie-mellon-university •

ID 106034

Dave Feldman

Designer, product manager, coder. Co-founder of Emu. EIR at CrunchFund. Alumnus of @yahoo and @aol. @harvard-university CS 1998. Lover of food, drink, and travel.

ID 119315

Christopher Lam

Product Designer @taskrabbit. Working on Billie Labs. Formerly @mozilla and @amazon.

ID 41697

Joe Preston

Design extraordinaire with a passion for product and business

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